If you've read the headline of this article, that's about where the story both starts and stops. Simogo, the guys behind classics such as Bumpy Road [$2.99], Year Walk [$3.99], and most recently, Device 6 [$3.99] are back to their old tricks of super vague teaser trailers:

When will this game be released? Well, I'd guess 2014, but you never know with these guys. One of my favorite things about Simogo, as well as Simogo games, is just how wildly unpredictable they are. This might not even be a game, but an update to one of their existing titles. Who knows! Here's a 116 word news story that basically amounts to, "Simogo is doing something."

  • AlexsIpad

    very similar to year walk... Maybe a sequel :O

  • AlexsIpad

    Oh wait turns out it's just coming to steam...

    • garret44

      Awww man got all excited for 30 seconds

  • JRaynor

    All that i see there is the font of year walk making a steam logo

    i dont know looks pretty obvious is you ask me

  • JRaynor

    and indeed it is just google "gamereactor year walk steam" and you have all the info

  • otawong

    The little map that appears in the background seems to match the layout of year walk as well.

  • Lazer Kat

    I don't need to hear any more.

  • Lazer Kat

    Ohh, and Simogo also made the highly underrated 'Kosmo Spin'.
    You guys didn't list that one. It's probably my most played Simogo game.

  • m0ncrieff

    Looks like Steam symbol.

  • LOLpbnj14

    Yep. The steam icon with year walk animation, music, and style. Year Walk is coming to steam.

  • AlexsIpad

    If you go on the simogo website on the blog, it has a load of info about improvements they are making for the steam version

  • FRnchFRy

    It has something to do with year walk. Probably the next game. If you stop the video at 8 seconds and look at the BACKGROUND instead of the wheelie thingie (lol) it's actually the map of year walk. So obviously it has to do with year walk. If you played the game you'll know that the original ended with a cliffhanger. SPOILER ALERT* A note and a knife were left in a box with a newspaper article describing the murder of the girl in the game. The note describes something that seems like another dimension with these evil people (the name of which has escaped my mind). Anyways, if the trailer has any thing to do with note then the sequel will definitely be an instabuy for me. I love Simogo and can't wait for anything they're planning. One of my favorite game devs.

    • FRnchFRy

      I also noticed that there's writing in the top left but I can't figure out exactly what it says. And all this is just supposing it doesn't have to do with steam lol

  • pinta_vodki

    yep, definitely looks like Year Walk on Steam.

  • sweetdiss

    I love their puzzle-y storybook games as much as the next dude, but am I the only one who hopes the next thing they do is closer to Bumpy Road or Beat Sneak?

  • FrostyManiac

    Something they're doing is going to steam it looks like

  • JmesHao

    I thinks this just means Year Walk will come to steam in early 2014,just as said in their website:http://simogo.com/blog/

  • http://www.onebagtravel.com/ OneBagTravel

    I miss their games like Beat Sneak and Bumpy Road.

    • Lazer Kat

      Try Kosmo spin

  • gamerman333

    That looks like the steam Symbol

  • gmattergames

    A Valve port .... Half-life?

  • Salsander

    Probably just Yearwalk coming to computers

  • loophole

    Gosh I love simogo...