Hey, here's just a quick heads up that the massive Infinity Blade III [$6.99] update that we detailed last week is now alive and kicking in the App Store. And that's not all, as for the first time since its release in September, Infinity Blade III is currently on sale for just $2.99. The new update, called Ausar Rising, adds tons of new quests, items, a new Infinity weapon, and just so, so much more. It also adds two brand new modes, one of which is called the Deathless Mode and is detailed by Donald Mustard in this new video.

As mentioned, there is a mountain of new content in the Ausar Rising update, so if you've played Infinity Blade III to death since it was released and are craving more, well, you should be pretty busy over the holidays working through all the great new stuff. And if you haven't jumped on the Infinity Blade III bandwagon just yet, now is the time to do it with the very reasonable sale price of $2.99.

  • Dr. Woodenstein

    10 minutes and no comments yet? It would appear Infinity Blade III can't pull people away from KOTOR long enough to post. πŸ˜‰

    • NinjaKitteh

      That, and from what I'm reading on the AppStore this update is deleting everyone's saves and purchased IAPs. Though I still haven't played this one do now may be a good time to purchase it.

      • Dr. Woodenstein

        I'm actually considering purchasing it myself just because it's so cheap. I tried the first Infinity Blade and really didn't care for it, I probably didn't like the second one either because I couldn't get into the first. This however looks like it may actually be an improvement. Probably not, but maybe.

  • FrehleyzComet

    It's a pity that the update is causing all kinds of problems with player's save files.

    • curtneedsaride

      Yup. I had to take it off my iPad a while ago, but thought their cloud had saved my game. Put it back on my iPad yesterday, but it was gone. No save. Then I tried to manually replace files in SAVE folder with my manual backup from a while ago... AND... the app acted as if I was starting the game all over again. Bummer, since I used my manual saves multiple times with IB & IB2 with no problems! Seriously, if their cloud can't save for us like Lunar SSST or Max Payne does, then PLEASE let us back up our own saves manually!

  • FrehleyzComet

    It's a pity that the update has ruined many player's save files. It also did something to the 47 Ronin Clashmob, because it's not appearing on my map now. πŸ™

    • RelientKSoCal

      I downloaded the update on my laptop in iTunes and then synced it to my iPhone, no save file issues here.

  • jdub1970

    Please forgive my ignorance but what does
    KOTOR stand for? Merry christmas and safe and happy new year!!!

    • khann

      Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. It just got a universal update and went on sale.

    • sivad

      Knights of the old republic

    • JD214

      Knights of the Old Republic

    • Dammster

      I'd write Knights of the Old Republic but that would be just silly.

  • falco

    WTF, I paid this game $7 a week ago now Its $3 and everything is gone on the maps...

    • ImJPaul

      Holiday Sales man. You can't really be mad. They were impending....besides it's $4. I can find $4 in my couch.

      • falco

        Did not imagine they would drop the price so soon but Its ok I'm not mad just pissed a little because the new uptade I don't know what happened, I hope I will have the Katana sword from 47 Ronin

      • Edwin Ramirez

        I want your couch. Mine never has money.

  • DtheGOPkiller

    I get to crazy around the holidays with all these sales and great games coming out. I end up buying way more then I can play and confused on what to play first . I sit there at times just looking at my iPad.......... This one! No! This one........ Yeah this one! Then it's been a hour and my wife or kids barge in the bedroom and I ended up playing nothing.

    • ZarieoZ

      Woooow man you are like me but not me..... Me in another part of the world. I can't explain me any better than you did lol thanks for the laugh πŸ™‚

    • curtneedsaride

      Right there with you... Finally got in time with Deus Ex after work and then Republique past midnight when everyone else was asleep!

  • Pivi

    Updated via iTunes too, and no problems so far. My save files are safe. πŸ™‚

    Also, I LOVE the update. πŸ™‚

  • falco

    Yup Its alright now πŸ™‚

  • Durduhdur

    Does this game play ok on the ipad2? Debating on getting it.

  • iMario

    Best game IMO even though the latest update brings good (great new content) and bad (bugs; freezes and crashes on iPhone 5, lots of glitches like money, battle chips and rainbow gem glitch. Hope these bugs will be dealth with soon.