When we posted the latest trailer for Telltale Games' The Walking Dead [Free] Season Two last week, Eli hypothesized that we might actually be seeing the iOS version of the game launching this week just before the iTunes freeze. It was an optimistic guess, as Telltale had previously said the iOS version would come "sometime later." Well, it turns out he was right all along, as Telltale has confirmed on Twitter that Season Two will be coming to the App Store this week, alongside Steam, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. Here is that trailer again, but be warned, if you haven't finished Season One yet you might want to avoid watching it.

I think you know by now that we really loved the first season of Walking Dead The Game, along with practically everyone else in the gaming world. It was a very bold and emotional ride, and I'm hoping for more of that from the Season Two installment. We'll have more on The Walking Dead: Season Two once the first episode hits the App Store later this week.

  • Fangbone

    So I imagine that this will be available as IAP within the existing Walking Dead app.

    • Amenbrother

      I would guess not. But just a guess.

      • Fangbone

        Just thinking that because how else would they know what choices you made in episode 1.

      • sbnewsom

        It could check for an installed app. Only a guess though. I would say its a separate app because of the engine enhancements.

      • Xissoric

        Makes sense, but it could also possibly be a cloud sync.

      • detourne

        On the PC version it intelligently scans previous saves to import. And it works pretty well

  • ste86uk

    Loved the the first and the wolf among us so I guess I'll love this! Really want the Borderlands one now as I love that game.

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  • JustinQ

    The question now is do I buy the game as soon as it comes out, or do I wait for the inevitable "season pass" discount?

    I'm also curious if this will be a it's own app or an in app purchase. Walking dead Season 1 doesn't have cloud saves so I'm not sure how another app could access the choices you made.

  • IMNS

    I liked the game at first but by the end, it all turned out to be nothing more than an interactive movie with your choices barely making any real difference in the outcome.

    • http://matt-curtis.me/ Matt Curtis

      Yep. That's a requirement for the medium, since if you could seriously control the story, there would be 2 versions of season 2 launching, not just 1. Which would be great, actually.

  • http://www.onebagtravel.com/ OneBagTravel

    I'm bad. I still haven't finished the first game.

  • Alexythimia23

    The games are getting better and better, and hopefully season two will give me the same joy ride that i had with season one, things are definitely heating up in the ios kitchen.

  • Ramaz1234

    Omg can't wait! I still havnt beaten season 1 yet ;-;

  • Pete Osborne

    It's out now! Run to the AppStore! 😛

  • http://chrisbrighton.co.uk/ smidg3t

    It's available to download now! I thought it would be tomorrow when new apps are normally released.

  • JD214

    $4.99 with a $14.99 IAP, I think I'll pass.