Podcast-Illustration-0121Hey dudes, sorry for skipping last week but we're back with an XXL Hungry Man sized (and flavored) podcast covering all the games we've been playing recently, the ridiculous amount of news that has been blowing up this week (largely focusing around what's coming out next week) and talked about a developer who apparently really hates Mikey Shorts. It's fun, and again, sorry for the small amount of construction noise, it should be gone by next week.

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  • speedyph

    Welcome back ELI

  • Gamer1st

    I Bought Bardi to keep those sponsors happy.
    And because it looks good.

  • rewind

    If the guy hates Mikey Shorts, he should just keep his mouth shut.

    • Boony Tuesday

      Why? Is it really so unpleasant for someone to disagree with you?

    • https://www.facebook.com/DigitalDistillery Scot Damn

      He admires it. He hates it almost in jealousy because it's much more loved than his games. He says it isn't jealousy but it certainly sounds like it.

  • armilla

    Can't believe that guy wrote an article on how he hated Mikey Shorts (talk about stickin' it to the man). Honestly, if it's not pure jealously it's an attempt to boost sales with a cheap jab for attention. And he's totally missing the point of what MS/MH is: sure I want an awesome and original Mario-styled game, but that doesn't make the Mikey games worse because they don't meet his expectations of a platformer.

  • HansKaosu

    Yay.. New podcast <3

  • vicsark

    FYI, the new podcast did not show up automatically again. I had to search for toucharcade and subscribe anew to the podcast. I already had to do that two weeks ago 🙁

  • Mess

    Don't get the hate about the 'I hate Mikey Shorts' blog post.

    1) it's his opinion; which he, like the rest of us, is allowed to have.
    2) I thought it was an interesting in sight into how a developers mind works when they see a similar game being more successful.
    3) I don't think it's jealousy, it's more that he hates it because of what it represents - people do want games like his, but not his.

  • sonicthunder

    Does anyone have a link to the Angry Birds porn?

    • timmis6010

      Just google the title they gave. It's hilariously terrible and kinda creepy looking.

      • Unfrozen

        I was going for hilarious with a touch of creepy, but good to know.

    • Unfrozen

      Or google Cherry Touch. That's the site it is on.

  • JJE McManus

    What I learned this week:
    -Eli needs a snowblower. I recommend he try and buy during the summer.
    - Angry Birds Go is a disappointment.
    - GTA5 will be on tablets in three years and I'm probably being conservative
    - The first rule of The Room is you don't talk about The Room
    - Star Trek Trexels is what Star Command was supposed to be
    - KOTOR 3 will be resurrected for iOS in three years.
    - I want an Infinity Blade Quad-Trac Fusion Proglide.
    - I'm lucky that there's another person in my house that's into time management games.
    - Mickey Shorts is a video game (apparently) and that just developing a game is 1/3 the job.
    - OFAP (apparently)

    The Countdown to the Shutdown continues.

  • http://www.nafna.com/ nadav bar kama

    great go TA community ... reading the talkbacks is so amusing. just 4 the record: i love both Mikey games, and in general intent to avoid feeling "hate" at all ...

  • Zenfar

    Great podcast as usual keep it up!

  • Zenfar

    Great podcast as usual, keep it up!