Like most Grand Theft Auto games, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [$6.99] launched with loads of fanfare and like many GTA's before it, its release in 2004 marked a significant evolution in the depth, complexity, and overall size of the game. In fact, if the original had any drawbacks, it would've been just how far GTA:SA was pushing the PlayStation 2. The game seemed to use 101% of what the PS2 could do, which meant maximizing all the drawbacks of a console system pushed to its limit. Load times were crazy, draw distance wasn't great, and as someone who was pretty into PC gaming at the time, its low frame rate was hard to deal with. Regardless, GTA:SA was, and still is, an absolutely incredible game.

As the title hints, GTA:SA is set in San Andreas which is a weird mixture of vaguely familiar elements of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas. There's also other familiar geography from the American southwest like an Area 51, Hollywood, the Hoover Dam, and more. You'll play as CJ and the game opens with him returning to his old stomping grounds following the death of his mother. Of course, since he's been gone everything has gone south, and a large part of the game orbits around restoring his gang on Grove Street and then eventually taking over territory from rival gangs. Of course it wouldn't be a GTA game if there weren't also lots of twists, turns, and all sorts of unsavory characters in between.


GTA:SA follows in the footsteps of its predecessors with some of the best open world gameplay available. While the plot of the game itself is actually fantastic, you can choose to completely ignore all of the missions and instead just drive around the city stealing cars and causing general mayhem. In fact, GTA:SA does not skimp on content outside of the story missions. The game is home to too many mini games to list, with everything from playing pool, to getting involved in low rider competitions, to gambling in casinos. RPG-style stats are everywhere, and your actions in game have a direct impact on your character. One of the most visible (and obvious) is that you'll actually get fat if you eat a lot of fast food or get buff if you spend a lot of time at the gym.

What's weird about reviewing a game like this is that there isn't a whole lot to say about it that hasn't already been said at least a hundred times before. Per the most recent stat I can find, there's close to 30 million copies of the game in circulation, and with a near perfect score on Metacritic I'd find it hard to believe that there's many people reading this review who don't already own (or at least have played) San Andreas already.

So, let's focus on the iOS port.


As I mentioned, the game was great on the PS2, but I think the PC release in 2008 was when GTA:SA really hit its stride. All of the problems that came from a console nearing the end of its lifecycle completely vanished on faster PC hardware, and the iOS port is no different. The draw distance is awesome, the frame rate is great, load times between going into and out of buildings are nonexistent past the time it takes for the screen to fade in and out, and CJ actually finally has fingers now instead of the weird fleshy blobs he had for hands before.

If you take 10 seconds to sign up for the Rockstar Social Club, you can log in and gain access to two cloud save slots for the game, which might be the best feature of the iOS port. One thing that always makes me super nervous of getting too involved in these iOS games that feature hundreds of hours of gameplay is having your save data trapped inside of the app, on one device. One botched update can nuke weeks of combined play time, and good luck if you want to play on more than one device. Rockstar's cloud save system mitigate all of these problems. There's even two slots you can alternate between when saving, which I highly recommend doing as having a backup save has saved my butt more times than I can count in GTA games when I find myself saved in a very stupid place or time in game.


There's a number of virtual control options, including digital and analog steering, analog sensitivity, invert look, complete customization of where the buttons are on screen, and tons more. If you've got an iOS game controller the game works with that too… And while it's definitely "better" with physical controls, GTA:SA isn't a game I'd drop $99 on a controller for exclusively- Particularly with how much effort Rockstar put into the touch interface. The default controls are good enough that I haven't really even bothered with strapping my controller in, which I think is exactly what you'd want in a game like this. The only real benefit of using a controller is it feels like the camera becomes a little easier to control, but, again, it's not like it's difficult to control to begin with.

If you own an iOS device that's on the supported device list (Basically, the iPhone 4S and newer.), particularly if you've got something recent, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is as must-have as it gets. I've been playing it on my Retina iPad mini, and it's incredible- To the point that I feel like this is the best the game has ever been. GTA games are conducive to all iOS play styles between loading up the game and playing some mini games for a few minutes to settling in for a long play session through the story mode, San Andreas will keep you busy for weeks to come- Or even longer if you're a completionist into 100%-ing the game. Additionally, at $6.99 its launch price is lower than any other place or platform I can find to buy the game.


Stop what you're doing, find some WiFi, and download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas right now.

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  • VA1N

    My main concern was the controls and after reading this, I think I'm on board. Picking it up now. Thanks Eli!

    • Karen Davis

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      ✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔taking over territory from rival gangs. Of course it wouldn't be a GTA game if there weren't also lots of twists, turns, and all sorts of unsavory characters in between.

      • dariusjr98

        The spambots are evolving...

        Quick! Kill it before it lays eggs!

    • iarepan

      After 4 hours, I love it so far. I despised the wonkiness of the GTA III release and skipped VC because of it. SA seems to address almost all of my frustrations. The only two complaints I have are:

      - Driving, iOS CJ feels inebriated behind the wheel. Granted, I've only used the analog stick of the three control schemes available.

      - Melee, sometimes you gotta put a ho in her place. Just as in real life, people tend to run away when hit with a bat. Maybe I'm missing something, but there doesn't seem to be a way to lock on to a target unless your shooting at them.

      • dalglir

        You can tap targets to lock onto them, else guns will auto target whatever's in front...

      • ysbert97

        The cars drive weird because the suspension is too stiff.

        Also, I'm very disappointed about the fact that there is no button to rotate the Hydra's thrust. It just automatically switches when I pull down

        And why are there no vertical accelerometer controls for airplanes?

        I hope an update fixes all of these soon

        Still, it's obviously worth the money!

  • Mhunt190

    iPhone game of the year!!

  • speedlie

    Formidable !

    • Louis Ace

      No cómo te llamas español

      • BlueFalcN

        Translation :
        No What's Your Name Spanish

      • MisterFalcon

        Real Translation:
        No What do you call yourself Spanish

      • jfrank7

        You dont call yourself, people call you...

  • Weewoo312

    This most likely marks the end of GTA ports to iOS for a while. I'll be playing this one for a long time, though, so I'll be happy.

    • zergslayer69

      GTA4 will eventually come, would probably need an ipad air MINIMUM if even that considering the pc port (really unoptimized port) needed rather beefy specs.

      • Weewoo312

        There's no way IV will come, PS3 and 360 barely ran it at 30FPS, and they're MADE for games like that.

      • Leonardis

        Totally agree..

      • zergslayer69

        One can dream. Supposedly rumors say the A8 will be a lot closer to the previous gen console power. So...never know, maybe this 64 bit thing will help. One can dream right?

      • schuttemartin01

        Remember two years ago when people said the same about vice city and San Andreas?

      • fleshman

        But VC and SA i the same generation, while GTA 4-5 is the latest generation.
        We are still nowhere for those.

      • byoungmoneyyo

        5 years from now, by the 10th anniversary of GTA IV, it is VERY likely that mobile phones will be capable of running these sorts of games.

      • fleshman

        Maybe, but you probably need a MINIMUM something way powerfull the iPad Air.
        Maybe the latest will be capable after five years, maybe not.

      • byoungmoneyyo

        I definitely disagree. They've been sticking pretty closely with the 10 year anniversary. There's a hell of a lot of evolution for technology in 5 years. iPhones will be running these kinds of games. It's just the way our world works.

      • Mhunt190

        GTA 4 for the mobile devices is possible but not at the moment in time maybe about her few years tell we see it on the iPhone

    • dariusjr98

      I love how everyone always forgets about Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories...

      • ltcommander_data

        I'm very curious to see whether Rockstar will actually dio LCS and VCS for mobile. The port from PSP to PS2 was already criticized as being poor so unless they just intend them to be bargain releases just for the sake of bringing them to iOS, it'll be a major remastering process if they intend to charge more than say $1.99 for them.

        Personally, my theory for why we are seeing San Andreas in 2013 instead of the expected 2014 10th anniversary is that Rockstar has something bigger planned for GTA in 2014. GTA V is needing a portable counterpart and with Vita sales not being great and poor Chinatown Wars sales on the DS likely putting Rockstar off the 3DS, I'm thinking 2014 will see the first truly made-for-mobile original GTA game.

      • themostunclean

        I'm on that hope train as well. Rockstar has been an amazing contributor to the mobile scene in just the last 2 years. They're champions of full-fledged, premium games on iOS and should be supported for that alone. Never mind that their games are AWESOME!

      • Out5poken

        Now THATS what I'd like to see, a full on new GTA game for iOS/mobile.

    • David Nguyen

      Well there's gonna be the 10 year anniversary of liberty city stories which isn't half bad. And then Vice city stories after that!

  • surirav

    Great game.
    And i look on android graphics is bad.
    No wonder that developers make for ios. Is easy and graphics are the best.

  • metalmandave83

    I haven't noticed much improvement in graphics going from a 1st gen mini to an iPhone 5S but it does run much smoother on the A7 chip.

  • Yourplague

    Just waiting for someone to say something stupid, like "imma wait for this to go free" or complain about the price.

    • Intendro

      It's just seven dollars for this massive and awesome PS2 game in your pocket. I'm certainly not complaining.
      *runs to wifi to download*

    • lll Anubis lll

      Ehhh I have the other one already so I'm going to wait. I'll get it when it's 99 cents next week.

      • jfrank7

        Ill wait until i finish vice city for ios, then i might buy it cause i have it on pc and im a little bit over half the game, i also had it on ps2 so i dont know if i want to buy it a third time right now

    • Boony Tuesday

      I think I'll wait until the price goes up. $6.99 is too cheap for a game like this. I would buy this twice, if the Apple would let me.

      • dariusjr98

        Gift it to a friend or family member of yours bro, it's the next best thing. Plus, it's the holidays and all, and no one should miss out on this game.

      • Boony Tuesday

        I'll do that. Thanks!

      • Dude.. Welcome..

        I'll do the same! I love that you're not skimping out on paying the full price for quality games (or ports) on iOS. I'd love to see more games like these in the App Store, which is why I won't ever wait for a price drop to buy a game like this one. Cheers!

    • hellscaretaker

      I wait for this to go free :-p

      • MrKershaEsq

        Prob best wait for it to go to 69p like most folks.

      • Raphael Alexander

        Lol hasn't gone free yet, I bought it.

  • basil

    Runs great on my nokia n-gage

    • ᏞᎬᎧ

      Lol. I had that phone when i was in school. Sweet memories. I use to play sonic on that phone.

  • Benjamin Detweiler

    Are there any controllers that work on Ipad 4th gen 7.0.4? I am desperately awaiting a jailbreak to use a PS3 controller but i am willing to buy something else

    • Dman

      If you have a device that has iOS 7 then your game will work with any MFi physical controller. So to answer your question, yes... Your 4th gen iPad will work with any of the MOGA or Logitech controllers that are out now.

      I have to say though, I'm a little surprised that being a reader of this website, you don't know that. But maybe that's just it, maybe ur a new reader of the website and don't even know what a MFi controller is.

      • Benjamin Detweiler

        Thanks for responding! I checked into the Moga and Logitech ones and on the requirements they say Iphone or Ipod only. Don't really want to spend $100.00 on one if they don't work for Ipad. Do you have a link to one that says it works on Ipad?

      • Dman

        Oh, I'm sorry. Your right, they have only released controllers that can incorporate an iPhone / iPod touch into it.

        Ya, I don't think MOGA or Logitech has come out with there stand alone controllers for iOS 7 just yet. According to this website (as well as other information around the web) they will be eventually releasing a standalone controller that doesn't encompass a carrying case for iPhone / iPod touch but they haven't released any specifics as in when that will be.

        If your desperate to have a MFi controller right now, I know from experience that you can use the MOGA Ace Power controller as a standalone controller because of its collapsible design. I've used it for Call of Duty: Strike Team on my iPad 4th gen and it works fine. It's definitely not ideal but it works.

      • Benjamin Detweiler

        Hey thank you i will check into that. I have a Moga for my galaxy S3 and it works great for most games and emulators. I personally like the Moga controllers more. Thanks again for the help.

      • bilboa

        How did you connect it with your iPad? Does it connect via Bluetooth? I thought it had to connect via the lightning port, and it doesn't look like it would fit around an iPad. I suppose you could use an extension cable. Is that what you did?

      • Dman

        MFi controllers have always connected wirelessly via Bluetooth. The Lighting Port connector is for power.

      • bilboad

        I don't believe this is correct. It is definitely not true that MFi controllers are required to use Bluetooth. More specifically, I read several reviews of the Moga Ace Power controller which all said it communicates exclusively through the Lightning port. Look at the reviews on Engadget, 148apps, and right here on TA, they all say this. I wouldn't want people to go out and buy one of these for their iPad based on your comments if it won't actually work. Are you possibly talking about a different controller than the Moga Ace Power?

      • Nick



        Sorry =

      • Dman

        Btw, been playing this game for the last couple of hours and I completely agree with Eli that the touch screen controls are good but I disagree with his assertion that the MFi controllers are not worth it for this game alone. This is the BEST GAME YET for using a MFi controller and it was completely WORTH IT to buy one for this game alone.

        Being able to enjoy using physical controls in a game that has over 70 hours of gameplay, with the added benefit if being able to use that controller with the growing game library that is surely to vastly expand into the future, is worth the price of admission, especially if you are a big iOS gamer, like myself.

      • metalmandave83

        I agree the controls are great but for a dual stick game like this a physical controller would be optimal.. Plus you won't be blocking 1/4 of the screen.

  • Guest

    Double post sorry

  • chuckdoom

    Who came up with the title of this review. Please excuse yourself from making up titles for reviews lol.

  • Lakers_Dodgers310

    This game is an instant classic on iOS. It looks great, runs smooth, and the music is awesome. No issues at all on my iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, or on my iPhone 5s. Make sure to play with headphones or a Bluetooth speaker...adds to the fun.

  • MrKershaEsq

    $7 for a 10 year old game!?! Think I'll wait thanks.

    • Boony Tuesday

      You do that.

      • MrKershaEsq

        Thanks I will. And in the meantime I'll play a more relevant modern game.

      • Boony Tuesday

        Thanks for sharing.

      • Leonardis

        No one cares... If you can't understand the difference between relevance and classic experiences... Then just sshhh

      • rammer

        Can't ask mommy and daddy to gift for you. Boo hoo

      • Leonardis


      • Raphael Alexander

        Modern games suck so bad this thing is a shining jewel.

    • LKR

      Yeah, have a nice wait.

    • Yourplague

      Your Welcome.

    • Gucciipad

      Lol. I'm playing it for the memories. I'm playing it. Cuz it's my home town.

    • B4rl3y


    • Dude.. Welcome..

      Great. Thanks. Cheapskates like you are the reason developers are discouraged from releasing full-scale quality games on mobile devices at premium prices and instead churn out free-to-play, IAP-ridden garbage more often than not. You'd be better off playing flash games on Miniclip or Addicting Games or some other browser-based game site.
      Meanwhile, I'll be paying full-price for this, both because it's a bargain and also to support the developers in their decision to make a quality port of a fantastic games for mobile devices.

      • Endscrypt

        Yeah because Rockstar really need the cash!

      • Dude.. Welcome..

        It's not a matter of Rockstar being short on money, it's a matter of profit made within a certain market. If Rockstar doesn't make a considerable profit off of mobile games, you can bet they won't be making more in the future.

    • dariusjr98

      You're quite the hypocrite, huh?

    • NOEN

      So, what would be a fair price for a 10yr old game?

      • Guest


    • Flamingo

      How about you guys block MrKershaEsq from commenting? I've seen his name pop up a few times, and it's the same whinging and moaning about how he has to pay more than chump change for hundreds of hours of awesome.

      Over listening to you mate! Go do something better with your energy!

    • Callum Prowse

      It may be ten years old but it's definitely the best game to come to ios for a long time. I say it's worth every cent

  • iOSPeace

    Is the hot coffee mod In here?

  • Adams Immersive

    I doubt it has the cheats. Too bad--that's where my friends and I found the most fun.

    But on the off chance... anyone with MFi controller want to try the classic cheat commands? (I won't link--Disqus will hide my post--but you can find them.)

    It would be great if it had some on-screen cheat pad for doing the same thing. Free jetpack as needed!

    • poorwealthyman


      I'm a bit bored of answering this, but I give you benefit of doubt as this I a different thread!

      But no, sadly there's no cheats. I, too, found all the fun to be in the Jetpack cheat - in fact. I never completed the storyline, I just free roamed the skies in my pack!

      I emailed R* to see if they could implement it! and the response seemed relatively positive... The guy said he like the cheats as well. There was no firm ruling out of it.

      • mclifford82

        Just "no" would have done just fine. No one forced you to answer, so stop acting so put out. 🙂

      • Leonardis

        Lol.. Some people eh.

      • Dude.. Welcome..

        I'm pretty glad that he didn't just post "No." It's good to know that the lack of cheats has been expressed as a disappointment to Rockstar, and may be implemented in the future

      • poorwealthyman

        I wasn't! Hence all the exclamation marks, implying a sense of play.

        It just makes me a bit frustrated when people blindly ask the question without looking to see if it's been answered. (But I accepted this one because it's a different thread. But a 30 second search wouldn't go amiss!)

      • Adams Immersive

        I don't think anyone has asked about iOS San Andreas before today, because it wasn't out (nor were any GTA games with MFi controller support). I certainly haven't asked before.

        Glad you demonstrated demand to the devs, in any case. Worth a shot!

      • poorwealthyman

        It's been out for about 30 hours for some places. People have got fairly familiar with it. I already answered the question a few times in the official thread, barely a page apart from eachother! (But again, I recognise that you may not have looked in that tread)

      • rammer

        I've played the other iOS Gta with cheats and it worked. After I beat the game once I'll try on here too. Prob works. You all just noobs.

      • dariusjr98

        Really? We're all noobs?

        Alrighty then.

      • poorwealthyman

        If t were possible, I'm sure the man who works for Rockstar would have told me so!

  • asdtfdr

    does it run at the retina resolution?

    • Leonardis


  • OrangeJews

    Umm, I think SA came out on PC much earlier than 2008.

  • jusadamfal

    It's amazing. I didn't think the touch controls would make it so easy. Thought it was gonna be a bit difficult but they got the controls pretty much spot on! Way to go rockstar!! Yet again!

  • bigjack66

    Played it on PS2 10 years ago and loved it then and am loving it now as you say it struggled a bit on ps2 but was still great and is now even better and I can put it in my pocket. Another little bonus for me is as I'm from Edinburgh Scotland the game features the Forth rail and road bridges which aren't too far from me a nod to the fact that the creators live and work in Edinburgh.

  • Nekku

    erm...horrible framerate on my rMini. Something is fishy. I've the german version btw

  • mclifford82

    I'm probably one of the few people around that didn't play the game back on PS2 or PC, so I'll definitely be picking this version up. At that price it's worthwhile just to cruise around listening to music and running over filthy stinking cops.

  • revolverblue85

    Loving it so far. Not a single problem on my iPad mini. The only gta game I never played or owned. Super stoked

  • TheGrimCreeper

    I really love the game so far.

  • Taeles

    I love Rockstar. I love that many major developers are showing attention to our mobile platforms. I hate that almost all of them are ignoring gamecenter / achievements.

    • MrKershaEsq

      Game center and achievements are for kids though really.

      • Taeles

        Your opinion, not mine or those who like me enjoy gamecenter.

      • Xissoric

        Yeah, never have I understood why people care so much about achievements. I understand leaderboards, however.

  • dancj

    I enjoyed GTA 3 well enough for a few days and then lost interest. Is this one really that much better?

    • Leonardis

      Oh yes...

    • heresandypandy

      There's a LOT more to do in San Andreas; it's the most dense of the entire series in that sense - even bigger than GTA V. The story is also far more complete and engaging than GTA 3 and there's a greater variety to the map with it having vast country (and desert) regions rather than just being a suburban sprawl. If you can get past the rough and blocky graphics it's still, to this day, one of the most feature-complete games available.

      • MrKershaEsq

        But the price entry point is too steep for what is essentially a very old game everyone completed 10 years ago.

      • heresandypandy

        Majority seem to disagree, and obviously there's people who haven't played it as this particular comment thread proves. I personally won't be buying it as I already own it on Mac and 360, but I don't think the price is all that unreasonable if you haven't played it for a long time or have need played it before - in the latter case it's a bargain.

      • Salsander

        I'd rather pay $7 for a classic than $3 for a shovel ware IAP heavy knock off. I don't dislike replicas of games (NOVA was awesome), but Gameloft's marketing has gone downhill. They no longer focus on how to build a console quality game, but rather how to exploit it with annual run-of-the-mill titles and ludicrous IAPs.

      • dancj

        Cool. Thanks!

    • Dude.. Welcome..

      In all seriousness, it is substantially more open-ended and filled with a much greater amount of content and activity than GTA III, but the gameplay style is similar, so if you weren't a fan of the driving/open world aspects of III, I'm not sure you'll find this one to be much more engaging.
      It greatly builds upon the foundation set out by GTA III, but on the other hand, GTA III is its foundation

    • worldcitizen1919

      I found the same thing. They're all basically the same thing and when you've played one you've played them all. I found these games too boring to complete. Setting a bit different, different scenes and missions are generic to all of them. No way I'm getting this.

  • aMc

    This joint is crazy on my iPhone 5. I've played it on every system, Mac and windows mods and all and I must say this has been the best next to the Mac. What's better to me are the HD graphics, the controls feel better than vice city and I can run up on a gang without getting killed in 2 seconds like the original (touch lock aim helps). Rockstar did a great job of making it feel new. I'm still shocked I'm playing it I've wanted it on a mobile or handheld for years and I thought I'd have to wait until this time next year. Good sh*t!!!

  • christopherrocs

    Uhh wish so bad it was iPod 4 compatible

  • GaZ-OiD

    Simple question to anyone who has played Gangstar Vegas, how do these two games compare to each other in terms of gameplay, graphics, missions ect ect? I know this series is a classic series but I have got Gangstar Vegas but not really played it that much.. I was about to dive back in, do I need both games?? Should I keep this on the back burner, or dive headlong into this first??

    Thanks for thoughts and comments 🙂

    • rammer

      Gangsta Vegas more modern. Soundtrack on SA way way better. Story line better and longer game. Gangsta Vegas short game.

      You must be young to ask a question like this.

      • dariusjr98

        You could have left out that part where you called him a kid for asking a simple question.

      • Dephin

        If you've got any interest in completing Gangstar then do it before you play San An. Because if you jump into San Andreas first and go back to Gangstar, the cracks in Gamelofts series will become chasms.

      • GaZ-OiD

        I wish I was young lol 🙂 two games, same genre. One I already have and one I do not on iOS. I was wondering from those that have played both how they compare?

    • fleshman

      You cant compare a low quality ripoff game to a masterpiece. GTA San Andreas is made to be the best, while that garbage is made to have a little piece if cash from GTA fans while there were no real 3D GTA in the store (only GTA:CTW witch was awesome).
      Then GTA3 comes out and most of us forget Gangstars...

      • GaZ-OiD

        Thanks for thoughts and replies 🙂

    • aMc

      Lol I was wondering when this was going to come up!! Let's just say vegas was a option and something new to play over vice city which actually made me put down VC for awhile but rockstar games have more depth. Vegas is very fun and looks great, reminds me of gta 5 a lil'. But the story is short and what keeps me playing is all of the vehicles, weapons and clothing the game has for you to purchase, win and trade with friends via Game Center. Vegas did steal things from gta like swimming and climbing but San Andreas came in with a bang making you realize who's king!! All the other games before GTA SA mobile were just fillers to pass the time until SA came out.

  • JohnnyJ301

    It's pretty amazing that you can get this game on mobile and to think a few years ago, you would have been laughed out of the building 🙂

  • LeeVanQueef

    San Andreas came out for PC in 2005, not 2008.

    • Kane

      I can confirm this, I bought the PC version in 2005.

  • GiHubb

    Does it have a checkpoint system like in GTA 5?

    • dariusjr98

      The original game, for some very dumb reason, does not. But in the GTA III port, you could immediately restart missions that you failed without any penalty, which was a really nice addition that saved me from a lot of frustration.

      Since I don't have this port, I could only assume it uses that same system.

      • Dephin

        Kind of, they have gone back and added in a checkpoint system, so for example in the "OG Loc" mission it will check point after you've collected Loc and dropped him off at the Vago's house, before the epic bike chase.

  • ODMay

    In the Apple AppStore, this game already #1 in the Top Paid category and #12 and the top grossing category

  • fleshman

    I still miss some achievemants with game center from classic Rockstar games, but that won't stop me from buying... and if they make this cloud available to all their titles in most of the platforms, then i will blow my mind... And of course buy the last few:D

  • Muffinheadicus

    And, this is exactly why I long since sold my PS Vita and picked up the new Ipad Mini Retina. I have no regrets whatsoever about this. Everything from Baldurs Gate, XCom, Infinity Blade Series, and now one of the best GTA games all live on my Ipad versus my 'dedicated' game machine that had no games because all of the developers jumped ship.

    Anyways, thanks Apple for making the @$$EFFORT$$ to retain all of the best of the best for your machines.

  • Callum Prowse

    How well does it work on ipad mini 1st gen?

    • revolverblue85

      Works great on mine. No frame rate issue, no crashing. Very smooth IMO. I did read either here or the forum thread someone with a first gen mini was experiencing crashing, but I haven't had a single problem.

      • Callum Prowse

        Thanks I'm about to get it now

    • Gabriel.est

      Just like on iPad 4

    • Brrrice

      Im on iPad mini right now, crashes a little. Annoyed the crap out of me. Only downfall is crashing. Crashes every 8-18 minutes. Still super glad i got it. Recommend it to all.

  • repapermunky

    Really digging the graphics overhaul on this game. Playing on my iPhone 5. I've owned this game on pretty much every platform possible, as it is my favorite GTA (not sure vs 5 yet; close call). You can definitely see the change in graphics though. One minute problem I am having, is with bicycle jumping. You double tap the gas pedal, but you can't build it up like in the real game, so you end up with a useless hop. That's only after 5 minutes of gameplay, we'll see how it goes. Great game. I would've paid more for this one.

  • FledgeFish

    The game is great but it sucks up the battery like its a milkshake. It also makes my 5s quite warm.

  • Anonomation

    Is there crouching? Also I'm pretty mad they couldn't support it for iphone 4, I guess its rockstar being shirt on updates and device support like usual. Even though it's old, I know it can run it smoothly. The new graphics is what slows it. The iPhone 4S and 4 only have slight differences , so why isn't this on iphone 4?

    • Dephin

      Double tap the left hand side of the screen.

    • Nick

      You expect a game this complex to run on hardware that's over 3 years old? That's insane.

      And the 4S had a much faster processor and had double the memory I believe. It was a significant boost from the 4, far from "slight"

    • Salsander

      I wouldn't rule out it being compatible with iPhone 4. I downloaded San Andreas for my iPad. Because my iPhone 4 is connected to my iPad's iCloud, it started downloading SA on there to. Because it had already downloaded, I decided to test it just for the heck of it. I was able to get around 7-8 minutes of gameplay before it crashed. The framerate wasn't ideal, but it was playable. With enough tweaking, Wardrum Studios might be able to pull it off on 4th gen devices. This is just speculation, but you never know

  • Papa Deuce

    Do I have to drive in this game? I suck at driving in games.

    • Salsander

      Yep. They don't call it Grand Theft 'AUTO' for nothing

  • Pillar

    Fooled again into getting one of these Gta ports that's busted once the shooting starts. I guess it can't happen again unless the bring vice/liberty city stories over.

    • MrKershaEsq

      What's busted?

      • Kane

        You're a wasteman, sigh.

      • Pillar

        Sorry, I wasn't clear. The controls are a breeze until it's time to shoot people.

      • themostunclean

        Auto or tap to target work just fine for me. Full manual may be pretty tough but I haven't tried it yet.

  • Gabriel.est

    GTA SA looks cool on my iPad mini but I wonder where is GTA CTW it's been down long time now

    • Salsander

      I think they took it down because of ios 7 issues. If you have bought it, you can still re-download it. I assume it will come back up again. There's no reason not to put it back on the AppStore

  • Dueler

    Grove Street for Life!
    Enough Said.

  • Leo69

    Is there cheats ?????

    • Salsander

      Nope. 🙁

  • Onikage725

    Anyone else play this on Xbox? I'm not noticing as huge of a quality leap as in the review, and that's probably because I only played the PS2 version on rental. The Xbox version had improved visuals, load times, custom soundtrack support, etc. I bet this release is based on that version (or, more likely, the PC version, which is just about the same).

    • Onikage725

      To clarify, if I remember my SA history correctly- the PC version and Xbox version are more or less the same (aside from a handful of improvements given the PC versions later launch). Sony managed to secure temporary exclusivity, so a PS2 port was produced after the other version, but released much earlier.

  • Martin

    I have a Ipod Touch first generation 32GB is it going to lag a lot or even going to work?

    • Desmond

      It's going to lag heavily

      • Martin

        even if my Software is 5.1.1

    • Salsander

      No. Not even fourth generation ITouch devices can run it. You will need at the very least an iPod 5th generation

  • Magnumsally


  • engleprunt

    Great port! However, after playing for more than 15-20 minutes at a time on my iPhone 5s, my eyes get all blurry. Anyone else experience this? Any suggestions?

    • Draven2222


  • colmulhall77

    It's brilliant. Really gets me excited to see what iOS gaming has in store for the next few years 🙂

  • worldcitizen1919

    Controls are abominable and atrocious. I deleted installed again tried tweaking the controls but still unacceptable. You must have a game pad to play this and give fun. I don't know how this passes as a game and five stars? Reputation us not enough reason for 5 stars when font told are horrible. Camera all over he place. I really wanted to play this but just couldn't get the controls tweaked to my liking. Wasted $7.49

  • Eozen

    Guys, just me, or does it seem like the mod garages don't open up? I'm just past the San Fierro missions and can't find any feedback on this anywhere.

  • worldcitizen1919

    The controls are the real problem with this game. It's a great game but I deleted it after 30 minutes fighting with the controls. Tweaking was useless. Just couldn't stand the camera and continually crashing into things while getting shot at. Might give it another try but my patience is very thin with the controls.

  • themostunclean

    No GTA game has ever entertained me for more that a few hours. I should have known better than to get this but I had never played SA and the evil little demon on my shoulder telling me "this one might actually be good, people have never shut up about how awesome it is" won out. Maybe people ten years ago were simply blinded by the scope of this game but it's really not very good.

    Let down again by this franchise. After the initial cool factor wore off, what was left was poor mission design, bad driving controls (and physics), and annoying chores required to further the development of your character. Not to mention horrible writing/voice acting and piss-poor combat. Just deleted it because a game that I have to force myself to play in the hopes it will get better but never does isn't worth the space.

    Hopefully I'll know better in the future but there's already a nagging part of me that thinks I should give GTA 5 a shot. Sigh....

    • thestapler

      I kind of agree. Many of these criticisms have to do with the datedness of this game.

      I constantly marvel about how these games are half the most impressive, expansive, and detailed games ever, but then the other half - the gameplay - is largely frustrating and tedious. These games kind of do everything but they forget the most important part - to make those things enjoyable. So many of the missions are annoyingly time sensitive, you have to play missions over and over and over again from the very beginning or should i say "the last checkpoint." And starting at the beginning usually includes driving 3 miles to get the actual mission in the first place. And those RC missions with David Cross whining in your ear the whole time are the absolute worst!

      One of my favorite things is how there's so many side-missions and tasks you can do, but many of them are undercooked. Like you can go on a string of robberies in houses but the houses are often hard to get to and you have a very limited amount of time to rob them before the sun comes up.

      And I'd say this about all of them from GTA 3 to all of the expansions to GTA 4. I have heard that GTA 5 is the one that finally broke this streak and is not only vast but largely fun as well.

  • Brrrice

    The update solved ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

  • ALLEN WinWizzy

    The pc version of gta sa came out in 2004 not 2008..

  • jonathan

    Does anybody know how to switch weapons using the MOGA POCKET. I can't even use the touchscrene controls to switch weapons now.

  • Blanco

    Bias review. This game needs a gamepad in order to play. It is impossible with the touchpad to react during action. You can redefine the controls how ever you want, there will be a point where it becomes impossible.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Reviewed by Eli Hodapp on . Rating: 5