It's another intense week of new releases as the holiday season gets into full swing. There might not be as many new games out this week compared to recent release weeks, but there's a number of heavy hitters in this list that I'm sure will go down as some of the most notable for the entire year. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and The Room Two, at the very least. Also, don't forget that the Sonic The Hedgehog 2 remastered update is set to hit either later tonight or sometime tomorrow, so don't miss out on that either.

Alice in Wordland

iTunes Description

This original mix of styles by the creators of Letris allows you to discover a new, unusual and relaxing way to play with words. EASY TO PLAY Enter valid words to group the colors together. A RELAXING ADVENTURE
With more than 200 free levels that offer a wide variety of missions 8 LANGUAGES Available in different languages, to allow you to learn new words as you play UNIVERSAL AND FREE With progress synchronization through iCloud WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS 3 new levels every week with prizes for the best What are you waiting for? Try it.

Forum Thread: Alice in Wordland - (by Ivanovich Games) [Universal]

Angry Birds Go!

iTunes Description

Welcome to downhill racing on Piggy Island! Feel the rush as you fling those freewheeling birds and piggies down the track at breakneck speed – with plenty of twists and turns in a thrilling race to the finish line! But beware! Look out for hazardous roads, mischievous opponents riding your tail and special powers to put the race leader behind the pack. Plus, go from soapbox car to supercar by upgrading your ride! Ready…Set…Angry Birds Go!

Forum Thread: Angry Birds Go! (Universal app By Rovio) [Out Worldwide]


iTunes Description

‘AntiSquad’ is a spectacular action game with a rich tactical palette and a substantial arsenal of gaming opportunities. The game takes place nowadays, in locations where an ordinary person is unlikely to have a desire to go ... but precisely where any self-respected player would like to be! The action of the first two campaigns will unfold in the Wild West prairies of the 21st century, where drug cartels call the shots, and in East Asia secret underground bunkers, carefully hiding from the outside world execution of the villains' evil plans...

Forum Thread: AntiSquad - (by Bulkypix) [Universal]

Endless Boss Fight

iTunes Description

Go head-to-head with the all-powerful Boss Robot! However, defeating him will only make him stronger! Experience intense beat em' up action in this FREE FAST PACED ARCADE GAME! Endless Boss Fight is a fast-paced arcade fighter where you battle against an ever-evolving Boss Robot that only gets more cunning and difficult. You can also design your very own Boss and have it wreck havoc against other players as you earn exciting new rewards.

Forum Thread: Endless Boss Fight - (by Kongregate)[Universal]

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


iTunes Description

Rockstar Games brings its biggest release to mobile yet with a vast open-world covering the state of San Andreas and its three major cities – Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas – with enhanced visual fidelity and over 70 hours of gameplay.

Forum Thread: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - (by Rockstar Games) [Universal]


iTunes Description

Save the sleepwalking chickens from deadly peril! Gregg is dozing peacefully in his hole when all of a sudden a chicken stomps right on his head! As you might expect, Gregg’s not happy. He leaps up in a rage only to discover another sleepwalking chicken heading his way. And now his empty hole is a lethal trap! Too late, the chicken tumbles in. Plagued with guilt at the chicken’s demise, Gregg vows never to let another chicken fall to its doom! He will do everything in his power to help them safely through the night!

Forum Thread: Gregg by Namco Bandai [Universal]

Legacy of a Thousand Suns Mobile

iTunes Description

The Sian Empire is under siege, outnumbered and outgunned by old enemies with powerful technologies. Only you can save Princess Illaria from the forces on her trail. Should you fail, the Empire will fall… You are the hero: Let your skills as a pilot and a warrior take you on an epic journey across the stars. Take down galactic threats like interstellar dictators, menacing cyborgs, and psychopathic aliens. Form an Alliance with your friends to take the fight back to the Sian Empire’s enemies. Play with others from around the globe in World Raids to take down heinous enemies and earn powerful new gear. Battle other players in the Galaxydome arena, proving once and for all who is the greatest fighter in the universe.

Forum Thread: Legacy of a Thousand Suns Mobile (by 5th Planet Games)

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga


iTunes Description

LEGO® Star Wars™: The Complete Saga is available on iOS for the first time! Experience the epic adventures of Star Wars™, from Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace to Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, through the fun and whimsical world of LEGO.

Forum Thread: LEGO® Star Wars™: The Complete Saga - (by Warner Bros.) [Universal]

Reiner Knizia's Razzia - The Mafia Board Game


iTunes Description

Set in the 1930's gangster and mafia world, prohibition, financial crisis, gambling, corruption, illegal goods, growth of organized crimes, anything illegal and outlaw is controlled by the mafia families fighting each other. Players will lead on their families fighting each other. There is one goal. Earn as much money as possible before the police takes action. Be aware the police is often on the field. Razzia is a bidding card game. Each player represents the head of a crime family. Using your cheques get as much cards symbolizing various interests for the mafia as possible via the auction, and beware of the police who will try to thwart those plans by all means necessary. A bidding game based on strategy and random events. Razzia is a well known and loved title throughout the world, it's his first touch screen device adaption.

Forum Thread: Reiner Knizia's Razzia - The Mafia Board Game - (by Bulkypix) [Universal]

The Room Two


iTunes Description

Welcome to The Room Two, a physical puzzler, wrapped in a mystery game, inside a beautifully tactile 3D world. The much anticipated sequel to ‘The Room’, Apple’s Game of the Year 2012 and recipient of a BAFTA award, is here at last. Follow a trail of cryptic letters from an enigmatic scientist known only as "AS" into a compelling world of mystery and exploration.

Forum Thread: The Room Two - (by Fireproof Games)

Ski Safari: Adventure Time


iTunes Description

Adventure Time meets Ski Safari! Shred the slopes of Ooo with Finn and his friends in this endlessly fun downhill adventure. SKI WITH YOUR BUTT Slide your way through Ice Kingdom, Candy Kingdom, and the Mystery Mountains to outrun a relentless avalanche! MATHEMATICAL COSTUMES Dress Finn up like a zombie, put on his pajamas, go as Prince Hotbod, and more! Check out the shop for boosts, upgrades, and vehicles. GRAB YOUR FRIENDS Hitch a ride with Jake, LSP, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, Rainicorn, Ice King, Gunter, and many more! STUNT IT UP Perform flippin’ awesome tricks and ride wild animals to build up your combo meter! The fun will never end! It’s SKI SAFARI ADVENTURE TIME!

Forum Thread: Ski safari: Adventure Time - Turner Broadcasting System [NZ] Universal


iTunes Description

Solisqr is a minimalist and stylish board game and puzzle. Based on the classic one player board game of peg solitaire, the aim is to eliminate squares on the board to leave only one in the central position. Play a relaxing game or against the clock.

Forum Thread: Solisqr - (by Parachuting Frog)[Universal]

Starborn Anarkist

iTunes Description

One man's junk is another man's galactic battleship... In this addictive arcade-style twin stick space shooter, you (a disgruntled waste collector) salvage the debris from each round of your destructive rampage to piece by piece transform your humble space-garbage-truck into a starship worthy of your cause. Build increasingly better ships to unleash powerful weapons and gadgetry -- lasers, giant ball-and-chains, anti-gravity orbs, heat seeking missiles, magnets, freeze rays and more -- against endless waves of enemies and huge, modular bosses. You'll never survive. But if you're going down, you're taking as many of them with you as you can. See how long you can continue the anarchy!

Forum Thread: Starborn Anarkist - (by ZeMind Game Studio Ltd)[Universal]

Super Zombie Slots


iTunes Description

The most unique slots experience on the App Store: You won't find another slots game like this one!

Forum Thread: Super Zombie Slots - (by Productions Multimage Inc.) [Universal]

  • CzechCongo

    Whoo hoo!

  • ODMay


  • Louis Ace

    LEGO Star Wars is freemium!? What has this world come to?

    • Scot Damn

      The first episode is free. The rest of the episodes are IAP downloads.

      • Louis Ace

        Thanks. Faith in humanity restored.

      • MkRwilliams

        More like faith in humanity lost!

        I'd rather pay for the full game FULL PRICE than pay for the episodes
        Game producers really need to lost the freemiums!!!

        Some freemiums are exceptional 😉

      • Scarbir

        Whoah, hold your horses. No timers, advertisements and pushy social thingies in this one. Just the first chapter for free, the entire game for 14,99 euros total. Not such a bad deal, considering it's the best playing Lego game on iOS so far and has loads of content.

      • doublezz

        No no no the worst IAP is purchasing consumable "gold" which is truly an endless nightmare. This one at least you know how much you will spend.

      • kiancheong

        Credits goes to Jar Jar Binks!

      • blackout845

        So nobody cares that the graphics are out dated ? And you want me to pay money for that?

      • MrPricklePants

        Graphics don't make the game, so no— nobody cares. Nobody is forcing you to buy it. Get off your high horse and move along.

      • blackout845

        Thought it was 2013 thought I purchased an iphone5s with retina display

      • Dueler

        I know right, I seriously cant play my board games like snakes and ladders or monopoly anymore, till these games get a graphics upgrade i just cant play them. What noob would want to righttttt???

  • redkins54

    GTA and Room 2. Done & Done!

  • ImJPaul

    Can't wait for the room 2 to come to iPhone. Until then ABG, GTA and ski safari should tie me over!

  • Echoen

    GTA is a given but I highly recommend Starborn Anarkist and The Room Two!

  • Samuel Strickland


  • Amenbrother

    What is the room 2 and room 1 like? Some kind of puzzler?

    • AngryBaby

      The Room is an awesome game, I highly recommend. It's a mystery-puzzler with three or four "levels" and each level involves unlocking an intricate device using clues and skills, to solve the larger mystery at hand. It's very intuitive and unlike anything else I've played.

    • dancj

      The Room 1 has just gone free so find out for yourself.

      • mudads

        Is there a way to know if you have the full version? I downloaded it on my iPad, but I never had an option to unlock it like in in the iPhone version.

      • ZarieoZ

        I think the iPad version is the full game, it never had the the "unlock the rest" that is present in the iPhone version. I have the iPad version & I played it all, didn't need to unlock anything.

      • mudads

        Thanks for the clarification.

    • ZarieoZ

      The room 1 was a game changer for me, I stayed stubborn for several months when people were really all over it, I just didn't think I will. Then I tried it. This game set a standard for me, it became a game that I compare other games to. It's one of the best you'll ever play. Go for 1 while it's free & if you like it get 2.

  • Lakers_Dodgers310

    GTA: SA with a Bluetooth speaker or headphones = greatness

  • dariusjr98

    AntiSquad sure does look a lot like RAD Soldiers...

    • Pray For Death

      Except it's single player

  • C. Stubb

    The MOST EXCITING release of the evening!!:
    (Proceeds with story time...)
    A long time ago, there was a small developer team named Cat in a Box Games. They had multiple successes in their "Red vs Blue" series, which contained multiple arcade-style games (Blue Attack, Blue Defense), as well as a RTS (Red Conquest) which I consider to be one of the greatest to ever grace the iOS platform. They also released an Action RPG-side scroller (Fastar!) which was super innovative for its time.

    Well, in late 2009, they went completely dormant. A new episode in "Red conquest" was scheduled for release early the next year, but alas, never arrived. I've the years they drifted into oblivion, seemingly gone forever...

    ...Until tonight.

    ALL of their games have just shockingly received new updates, adding full iOS 7 support, as well as retina and wide-screen graphics for some titles. With their update to"Red conquest", they attached a short yet strong message, which gives great hope to their remaining loyal fans:
    "Making steps towards greatness."

    • Morgan01

      While I see that the developer, Cat in a Box, seems to have updated allot of their games, I don't see any new title released. Isn't this article on new releases tonight and not on game updates?

      • C. Stubb

        That's correct, but this isn't the article, this is the comments section. And in the comments section, Anything Is Possible! Woo-hoo!

        But I apologize is I was off-topic. I just found the news to be noteworthy.

  • epik5

    Gta SA is great but needs a frame limiter or something like that because the game drops hard frames

  • Bowflexman

    Where's quarriors!?

  • avocadobaas

    GTA SA crashes on my ipad 3 when I click start game... Still on ios 5 though, but should work I guess

    • mclifford82

      Should work .... you guess? You're two generations behind, I'm surprised anything works.

  • Drizzt79

    Super Zombie Slots? "You won't find another slots game like this one"??? Except "King Cashing" which we totally ripped off. Lol

    • Womble

      It IS king cashing (2) [freemium]

    • ayuta

      both games are from the same developer .. so technically they cant rip off their own game

    • HansKaosu

      Please check the developer before crying wolf.

    • mclifford82

      How does it feel to look that stupid?

      • Drizzt79

        Wow... That's rude. My bad for failing to realize it's from the same developer, but you could see how I could make that mistake seeing as the title has nothing to do with King Cashing yet it looks like the same game. I jumped the gun in this case but I can assure you I'm not stupid.

  • HansKaosu

    Some good games 😀

  • Taeles

    Ok... selected 7 games from list, removed 1 based on forum comments, removed 2 more that didn't support gamecenter. Will probably pick up Starborn Anarkist, Endless Boss Fight, AntiSquad and already have Angry Birds Go.

    • CzechCongo

      What is it with people dissing games that don't have Gamecenter support? Do you really need achievements? Is it that important to have a leader board? I notice that Room2 isn't on the list of games the parent poster got; I wonder if he's aware that there is no multiplayer so no need to have his Gamecenter friends list to invite people...

  • rich_952000

    I REALLY want Turbo Dismount...

  • Pete Osborne

    I doubt anyone will need my list with GTA SA and The Room 2, but still it's a big 'un!

    Fiz: The Brewery Management Game (£1.49) [U] - Kairosoft-style, pixel brewery management with good humour and polish. Would guess at being my pick of the week.
    When In Rome (£2.99) [iPad] - Another in the series of Roads of Rome, pretty much know what to expect
    Mickey Mouse: Mash-Up (£2.49) [U] - An animation and minigame collection for fans and kids
    Ben 10 Cavern Run (£1.49) [U] - Official platforming game with a twist where you draw the platforms in. Good for fans/children.
    Overeater (69p) [U] - Vertical scrolling arcade game by Alawar. Child-friendly and a nice cartoony style.
    Desert Chase (69p) [U] - Endless Runner. Could have depth to it though, in-game shop looks good. By makers of Charlie, The Steak.
    Ninja Chaos (69p) [U] - Endless take on Epoch's gameplay. Lots of dodging, countering and shooting, could be worthwhile.
    Beat the Boss 3 (Free/69p for 17+) - Third in the series of the de-stress toy
    Zombie Rush Infinite (Free/69p IAP Unlock) - Match 3 game with defense elements. Collect bullets, money and advanced tech to defend against a zombie horde. Very homebrew but worth a try.
    Poppy Kart (Free) [U] - Super Mario Kart on the SNES heavily inspired (I'm sure some would say clone) Has real promise, love the visuals and the mission mode suggests longevity
    Cabela's Big Game Hunter (Free) [U] - Activision's latest in the animal hunting series. You'll probably know if it appeals to you already.
    GOAL 2014 (Free) [U] - Another football management game but my brother ensures me that you can never have too many...
    Ninja Hero Cats (Free) [U] - RTS with a Bastion aesthetic. I'm quite impressed with it, feels like Pikmin as well, could be good.
    X Mutant Puzzle (Free) [U] - Tried and tested combination of Puzzles vs Dragons and Marvel Puzzle Quest. Nothing groundbreaking but reliable.
    Space Repairman (Free) [iPhone] - Very simple but addictive high score casual game with one button gameplay. Worth a trial

    Yeti on Furry (Free) [U] - Castle defence where you throw snowballs, send winds and other attacks to stop enemies climbing your mountain
    Bloxy World (Free/£5.99 to unlock everything) [U] - Lego style set building with sharing and free creation. May appeal to some with inner children. Interface may be too difficult for some kids

    Sensei Wars (Free) [U] - 2K Play RTS with an oriental theme. Seems like another fortress building/defense/attack game but the publisher suggests promise.
    Tekken Arena (Free) [U] - Looks like a Mafia Wars style gameplay spin on Tekken, with character customisation and multiplayer elements. Odd
    Totem Quest HD (Free) [U] - Matching game with traditional gameplay but the aesthetic is nice.
    Battle Islands (Free) [U] - Another fortress building/defense game but it's made by 505 Games, so there may be more to it.
    Dark District (Free) [U] - Another city building/MMO defense game from makers of Kingdoms of Camelot
    Cut the Rope: Time Travel Free (Lite) (U) - Demo version of the very popular third in the series

    Done! Tl;dr: I recommend checking Ninja Hero Cats, Fiz: Brewery Management and Poppy Kart

    • Jake7905

      Damn man, you're like the Touch Arcade Underground! Keep up the good work.

    • ZarieoZ

      And some if those are big names, don't understand why TA didn't have them in their list.

    • ZarieoZ

      Although maybe they are not available in the US cause I couldn't find most of them. And your prices aren't in US so I guess it's not available for the rest if us.

      • Pete Osborne

        At man, that's a pain. If there are any in particular you want, I'll make forum posts on them with the AppStore link, sometimes they don't come up in searches even when they're there so links are the most reliable bet.

        I would post all of them in the New Games thread, but I got told off by a moderator last week for that 😛

      • Pete Osborne

        Oh and I'm happy to post the prices in dollars if that's better for people, I just go with the quickest option for me. Figured I probably should do USD as it's universally recognisable, so cheers!

      • ste86uk

        Downloaded a few off your list to try, mainly all free games. Even paid for Fiz Brewery as I looked into it a bit more and sounds like I should love it.

        As for Battle Islands looks like they were just trying to beat Supercell to worldwide release of Boom Beach? I know it's different but still...been playing Boom Beach since it's first canadian release can't wait for more players to fight in worldwide release.

    • Lazer Kat

      I'd love USD
      Can't find Ben 10
      Anyone have a link

      • Pete Osborne

        I've made a new thread for it, hopefully the link in there will work!
        I'll start doing USD then 😀

      • Lazer Kat

        I appreciate what you do.
        It takes a lot of time and work I know.

        If you have a US App Store account, I'll gift you an app worth $3 or less, as a thank you.
        Just inbox me.

      • Pete Osborne

        Cheers! Very kind of you, but in all honesty, I do the lists because I love iOS games. I'd make the same list just for myself as I've found some real gems so sharing it isn't much more work, plus if it gets sales for games I like it increases the odds of sequels so there's some selfishness!

        I really appreciate the offer though 😀

      • Lazer Kat

        Ben 10 Cavern Run is not available in the US App Store

      • Pete Osborne

        Weird, figured that was a US based game in the first place. I'll post a link in the game's page for an American site that has a link to the game, I doubt that will work but it's worth a shot!

      • ste86uk

        Psh us prices? It's nice to see something in pounds for a change. But either way the price is no big deal I know what dollars are in pounds anyway.

  • Jake7905

    After seeing this list, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

  • RunningWild

    ".. Apps on every device.."

  • paulf58

    Sonic 2 just hit

  • ste86uk

    Any further opinions on Fiz The Brewery Management game? Looks interesting to me on a pretty poor week for me so far. I've downloaded a few free games to try but nothing I want to spend on sadly.

    • Pete Osborne

      Picked it up so I'll leave some impressions too, really looks like my kind of game. It's on a launch special price too so hoping it's good enough to recommend

      • ramon31

        Hey Pete, do you have an AppShopper user name? Would like to add you as a friend, you might have some hidden gems in your list.

      • Pete Osborne

        I have no idea what AppShopper is haha, but it sounds like something I would be interested in! I'll see about setting one up, most likely with the username PeteOzzy - I use it for everything, I'm predictable 😛

  • free2play4eva

    The free games I will pick up but when will these developers learn.....freemium is the future!!!