Temple Run 2 [Free] got a massive update this morning, spreading some holiday cheer into the mysterious temple your dude is running through. Santa is unlockable with gems, and there's loads of holiday artifacts to collect in game that'll earn you santa hats for each of your different characters.

Additionally, as seen in the above trailer, Imangi has added water slide elements to the temple which seems to spice this spicy game up even further. My question is, where does the water come from? It's a temple in the sky. Maybe I'm overthinking this.

Either way, be sure to update.

  • Kane

    Time to re-download, just for Santa!

  • falco

    Just need snow!

  • Darkenroll

    He doesn't shout Ho Ho Ho when he jumps.. Missed opportunity.

    • http://digitalblasphemy.com/ Ryan Bliss

      That might get old pretty quick...

  • raulriera

    It has local notifications to annoy you to play the game. Deleted

    • bilboa

      It pisses me off a little when a paid game does this, but when the game is free, I think they're entitled to try to make money somehow. In any case, unfortunately lots of otherwise good iOS games do this, but fortunately it's very easy to disable, by just going into Settings / Notifications and turning off notifications for that app. Probes fixed, and you can keep playing the game.

      • bilboad

        Aagh, damn mobile app doesn't let you edit. Probes = Problem in last sentence.

  • Jake7905

    And in the spirit of Christmas, Santa for sale!

  • fleshman

    This gamr d boring as hell after the first one, also they don't even support iCloud to transfer my save between my devices. I have better games to play, witch i can continue to play.