bgiiiconHey Baldur's Gate fans, have you been dying to get your hands on Overhaul Games' revamped mobile version of the second entry in the series? Well, good news, as Overhaul's own Trent Oster has confirmed over Twitter that Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition has been sent off to Apple for approval. That means that if we're really lucky, it'll get improved just in the nick of time before the iTunes freeze on December 21st, or if it doesn't make it for that, should be out very soon after the freeze ends on December 27th. Either way, not long to wait now.

If you're the impatient type, then you can already get Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition for both Windows or Mac through Overhaul's digital distribution website Beamdog, and it's recently been approved and is now available from the Mac App Store as well. Additionally, a massive 1.2 update to the first Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition [$9.99] is also being sent off to Apple for approval, again according to Trent's Twitter. The patch vastly improves performance issues in the game, especially the recognition of screen inputs which has been completely overhauled, but it also allows for characters from BGI to be imported into the forthcoming BGII.

We'll give you a heads up when the 1.2 version update for the original Baldur's Gate goes live, as well as when the sequel Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition hits the App Store in the near future.

  • 61050

    hopefully the update includes support for those of us who dont have pockets large enough to hold an ipad...

    • Boony Tuesday

      Magic 8 ball says, "Very Doubtful."

      • brando

        "My sources say no"

    • yippers

      You mean PC and Mac? 😉 I'm going to doubt BG's plethora of UI and mechanics squeezed onto a phone could be much fun. It's doable, but not without significant redesign.

      • 61050

        totally agree, btw

    • ImJPaul

      Wayyyyy too much for te small screen unfortunately.

  • FivepastTA

    Can't wait. I lost countless hours to the PC version back in the day.

  • Morgan01

    As long as they nail the interface, this is an insta-buy.

  • Amenbrother

    Man o man.

  • jamessh1

    Even with the occasional glitch and slowdown I LOVED BGEE 1 on my iPad 🙂

    Can't wait for #2, and hope it meets the freeze deadline 🙂

  • SoyGreen

    Purchase of #2 will greatly rely on the quality of the patch of #1... that game was frustrating when it first came out - I decided to shelve it until this patch after reading that the last "fix" patch wasn't all we were looking for. Need me some good rpg action on my iPad... here's hoping for some big improvements!

    • Pray For Death

      Man, the first game is perfectly playable, especially after the first patch which greatly increased the touch radius for object interaction.

      I finished the game before that first patch even came out, on version 1.0, and I had a great time.

      • toxiczebra

        I'll have to check that out.

        BGEE was utterly unplayable for me at release, it was so unresponsive I deleted it to free up memory less than an hour after purchasing. Swore never to buy anything else from the developer, too.

        How long after release did this patch come out?

      • Pray For Death

        Roughly two months after release I think? Came out in January

      • SoyGreen

        I'm in the same boat as toxiczebra - I deleted after being frustrated - then heard rumor of this super patch and just decided to wait it out. I'll maybe have some time soon to hit it up again - after I finish a few of the other great titles that have been out here recently. Oceanhorn and Space Hulk being two of them. 🙂

  • lyace21

    I want it on the iPhone.. One can only dream.. u.u

    • Amenbrother

      Man it would be way too small...

      • lyace21

        Yeah i know I just dont have enough money for a decent iPad and I really love these games, Im also sad about Space Hulk being iPad only too

  • falco

    We should have Diablo II for iPad, I wish...

    • anabolicMike

      Yeah man! Moddable though. I never got into regular diablo ii. As soon as I found medianxl however. Hours upon hours upon hours

  • Crimzzen

    Should I grab the pstched BG1 or wait for BG2?

  • GaZ-OiD

    Does this version come with added bugs and glitches and crashes as we'll??

    • cofunguy

      You mean "added" features?? If so, I bet it will since I suspect they tried to get this out by the holiday lockdown and usually when you try to release on a time frame, more features usually are the result of a hurried up process. Still waiting on BG 1 to get patched...

    • jamessh1

      I'll take occasional bugs and crashes and enjoy one of the greatest RPGs of all time. Gladly.

  • Alexythimia23

    Come oooonnnnn!!!

  • Pivi

    Baldur's Gate 1:EE was perfectly playable with the latest patch, so this is an instabuy for me. I really can't wait... 🙂

  • dawizerd

    Also available on steam

  • bretonmj

    Are the sprites higher res in II?

    • Bytebrain

      No, in fact, BG1:EE used sprites from BG2.
      The original BG from the nineties had lower resolution sprites than what we've had in Beamdog's BG:EE.

  • B-Rabbit

    I hope even if Bg2 doesn't squeeze in before the freeze, that maybe the Bg1 patch will make it? Is that possible? I now wish I knew more about the Apple approval process!

  • Ramaz1234

    Can get us some info about and hype up Lands of Armox plzzz. It's an upcoming MMORPG and looks fantastic!

  • GrumpyM

    This looks promising. Has anyone played the Avernum series from SpiderWeb that could compare and contrast? Playing Avernum and it looks like maybe these scratch the same itch.

    • Bool Zero

      You've never played this but you've played Avernum? How does the happen? Anyway, yes, this would scratch your itch very much... This series is held by many, publications included, as one of the best RPG series of all time. If you like western style RPG's (Such as Avernum) then you will love this! Baldur's Gate II is my personal favorite of the two, but both should be owned and played, and hold ranks with games like the Elderscrolls series and the Fallout series, pre-Bethesda!

    • Bool Zero

      ...and by the way that was not meant as a sleight to Spiderweb, they make awesome games and I have been a fan for years, Genforge and every series inbetween! They make great games, but the Baldur's Gate series (as well as Icewind Dale, Planescape Torment and others) are in a whole other league, but if you liked Averum or Avadon, you will love this series!

      • Morgan01

        Much larger than Avernum, not to belittle it. If you liked Avernum, you would definitely like this. BG is a larger game, multiple towns/cities, more areas to explore, more character options and customization. I would put BG more in line with Planescape: Torment than Avernum.

  • anabolicMike

    I'm starting to create voodoo dolls of all the developers of this game. I hate them. I have an iphone 5s obviously the game would be to small on this but I also have a 10" android tablet. Where's this game?? Those arse monkeys have had me going to check on their site daily because they say Android version is coming soon. Just say your not making it already! I hate you all! All you guys in behind the scenes over there! In fact I hate you so much I'm going to leave you with this curse: "May your next game sell like E.T. and you make as much money as the Atari Jaguar!"

    I hate you guys

  • AngryBaby

    I'm an RPG fan and never played the original. Can someone tell me what other games this plays like? I really can't tell from gameplay videos.

    • VoteYES

      It's a single-player RPG adventure game where your characters get better with practice.

  • fifthmoon


  • Reignmaker

    As someone who bought the first Beamdog app for baldurs gate, I'm not impressed. They've left countless bugs and problems unaddressed the first time around. No money for you this time.

  • HansKaosu

    Nice! Still need to beat the first one.

  • Zenfar

    So excited for this one, I like BG1 the best but I am in the minority there. Next we need IceWind Dale

    • Taeles

      Planescape Torment 🙂

  • jForsythe

    Ooh ooh loved this so much on PC so can't wait for this. Sorry for been such a fanboy but hey you know.

  • jForsythe

    On the iPhone couldn't they just have a zoom function when you touch the screen a little magnifying glass would come up and show a zoomed in view of where you are touching. This way you could pick the button you wanted easy I have seen this on so e games before.

  • jForsythe

    BG2 is out now in Australia