cuttherope2After the initial announcement in September, and subsequent teaser in November, ZeptoLab has finally revealed to Polygon that that Cut the Rope 2 is set to launch on the App Store this December 19th, exclusively for iOS devices. The original Cut the Rope became an overnight success back in 2010, as all walks of gamers found a lot to love in strategically slicing ropes to land yummy candy in little OmNom's mouth. That success sprung forth two spinoff titles, Cut the Rope: Experiments in 2011 and Cut the Rope: Time Travel earlier this year. Those spinoffs seemed to do quite well too, and each added brand new elements to the tried and true Cut the Rope formula. Which left us wondering what ZeptoLab would be able to do that makes Cut the Rope 2 feel like a fresh, proper sequel.

In talking to Polygon, ZeptoLab's CEO Misha Lyalin discussed what some of these changes will be, stating "We wanted [Cut the Rope 2] to have very new game mechanics, and we felt that this is a very different game, so it deserves a number 2." The main differences this time around with the sequel seem to center on interactive environments, brand new helper characters in levels, and a greater focus on the storyline.

For example, Polygon played a forest level in Cut the Rope 2 which featured a series of platforms, all hung up by ropes. The goal was to strategically cut the ropes in such a way that the candy sitting on the top platform would be able to roll down the level's other platforms and end up in OmNom's mouth. The forest levels also included things like balloons which could be used to raise a platform, and a helper named Roto whose ability to fly could help OmNom get his cherished candy.

Other examples of helper characters include Toss in the city park levels whose springing ability allows OmNom to jump into the air, a blocky character named Blue in the junkyard levels who can multiply himself in order to change the dynamics of the level, a character named Boo in the underground levels who can frighten OmNom (which, I guess, is helpful somehow), and Lick in the Sandy Dams set of levels who can use its tongue to help out OmNom.

All in all it sounds pretty interesting, and I'm hoping that ZeptoLab is true to their word in that they'll be bringing significant new mechanics into the Cut the Rope formula with the sequel. Time Travel and Experiments were both great games, and more of a good thing is fine by me, but I'm definitely ready for something truly fresh in the Cut the Rope series. We'll find out soon enough though, so mark your calendars for December 19th just before the big iTunes freeze when Cut the Rope 2 lands in the iOS App Store.


  • dribblejam

    "Exclusive to iOS" This is why I love iOS gaming:)

  • TheRybka

    Platform exclusivity isn't good for everyone. Barely means something when you're on the receiving end, stings when you're not. Even if the dev did it for a wad of cash, is it worth it?

    • themostunclean

      It's good because excluding android devices means the game is at least slightly less likely to be freemium. Android app piracy is one if the top reasons developers decide to go FTP.

    • Scape3d

      I think it was worth it for the dev....hence the exclusivity.

    • Jake7905

      Well, considering I'm on the receiving end, and I love IOS exclusives, I have to assume you're (yet another) dissatisfied Android user.

      • miumius

        Exclusives are never a good thing for the consumer. Yes, I express relief when I am on the receiving but to be happy that people with other devices don't have it? That's a little silly. About the FTP argument I think people forget a lot of iOS users pirate apps using a variety of methods.

    • one.sixty.four

      Time to switch to apple, theRybka!

    • abazigal

      I agree. It's like saying "buy our game so you have one more reason to brag to your android-totting friend", not because it's fun. So what if it's ios only? How does that make the game any better?

      • ⭐沛霖⭐㊗

        and the idea of teasing those fandroids for all the good stuff of ios , brings me this perverse amount of joy

  • TeddyNYC

    As long as they don't make it freemium, I'm good.

  • JD214

    I love "Cut the Rope" games, I have all 3 that have been released in the past. Hoping to get this one too!

  • jstein360

    99.9% chance it's temporarily platform exclusive. I bet it appears on Android in January.

    • Jake7905

      Of course it's temporary, but that doesn't change the fact that once again IOS gamers get the best stuff first.

      IOS gamer:

      • jstein360

        No argument here. I love getting things first, even if it is to keep us Apple elitists feeling superior. Or just because we spend money.

      • rewyan

        Question: Why doesn't Google pay for exclusives?

      • Satan's Taint

        Android: 52% Us Market share, 80% World market share, and 70% tablet market. Devs are too busy sucking Apple's dick-like you and the other retarded fanboys do.

      • t0panka

        Yeah those numbers may be right but try to do an app or game for android 😀 SO there is the problem and MOST OF ALL 2/3 of these android devices are outdated and it's impossible to support all of them

      • Jake7905

        So what's your point? That there are more Android users? It's a cheaper product. I'm sure more people drive Toyota's then BMW's, but that doesn't make Toyota a superior brand.

      • ⭐沛霖⭐㊗

        and watching pathetic fandroids like u jealous for all the good stuff of ios , brings me this perverse amount of joy

    • surirav

      No android

  • Kane

    Hopefully this game is universal the first one wasn't, it has a separate HD version.

  • Deixa

    If I see Angry Birds 2 or an Angry birds temple run style game, I will break my phone!

    • NOEN

      Oh, I'm sure it's coming.

    • Kane

      Search for "Hungry Piggy 3" and I guarantee you will break your phone 🙂

  • rewyan

    I wonder how much Apple is paying them. More than they paid EA for PvZ 2? Probably not, since people haven't really been begging for a direct sequel, and there's been plenty of Cut The Rope games over the years.

    It'll also be free to play, obviously. That's almost completely guaranteed with today's market.

    • themostunclean

      Confirmed it isn't.

      • rewyan

        Oh, that's cool. I guess. It means more money from my wallet, because I could probably beat the entire thing without spending any money. I beat the entire Cut The Rope with three stars on everything until the recent update.

      • Satan's Taint

        Your mom must be so proud.

  • bhavukjain1

    It will be a paid game and will cost $0.99. That's cheap. --Confirmedq

  • surirav

    Yes only iOS because graphics is Apple the best.

  • Taclys


  • timborama

    "Exclusive on the 19th", other platforms to follow (likely on the 20th).
    ZeptoLab is not going to pass up ANY opportunity.