One of my favorite little gems released for iOS this year is Pixel Licker Games and FDG Entertainment's Slayin [$0.99]. Released back in April, Slayin is best described as an auto-running-arena-based-action-platformer (whew, that's a long description). You'll play as one of three characters, running back and forth destroying enemies, leveling up and getting better and better loot. It sounds simple, and it is, but it's totally fun.

Slayin hasn't seen a ton of update love since it's been released, but that's about to change as the developers have posted a teaser image in our forums of a forthcoming update which will add three additional characters to play as. In addition to the original three characters of a Knight, Wizard and Knave, the update will include a Ninja, an Archer and a Tamer. You can see a screen of the Archer below.


We loved Slayin in our review and it's still a go-to game on my iPhone even all these months later. It's just one of those games you know you can pop open at any time and have a good time with. Three new characters is just the sort of thing to reignite my obsession with Slayin, which is either a good or bad thing depending on how much you value productivity. If you missed out on Slayin when it originally released then definitely check it out, and keep an eye out for the new update to hit in the near future.

  • Shynn

    Good news because this game is so addictive !

  • cthulhufan

    I suck so bad at this game but it is my pleasure to support the dev. Keep up the good work, and thanks for the update!

  • dribblejam

    Anyone else getting iTunes errors?

  • Dueler

    Can't beleive that, set up new my iphone but didn't back up slayin save on the old one as I haven't played it in forever..

    • Zerol3onheart

      That happened to me. I had mad crazy glory, all the tombstones, and everything else. I still love this game though.

  • Zerol3onheart

    Also, I'm hoping they fix the icon that iOS 7 made a little wonky. That icon is literally the best icon I've seen for a game yet.

    • Korbinian@fdg

      Yes, we will fix the iOS7 icon with slayin' 2.0 ๐Ÿ™‚

  • C. Stubb

    Meh, I've always felt the Knave was a little overpowered compared to the knight. Once you get a good weapon in his hands and establish a steady combo, you almost can't take enough damage to cancel out the massive health boost from the abundance of gold coins flowing from your kills.

    But hooray for new characters anyway! I'll have to start saving up the in-game currency so I can unlock them once they come out. (Assuming they'll be accessible outside of an IAP.)

  • philadendron

    I usually don't go for games that reset your progress every time, but this game is really addicting. Still never beat it, but it was fun and really captured that retro vibe, which is more than just 16-bit graphics and chip tunes.

  • Mark DeNardo

    YES. :B

  • Korbinian@fdg

    btw. this image does not only show the ranger, but also the ninja and tamer in action ๐Ÿ˜€

  • REkzkaRZ

    Based on these comments, I got the game. WTF?!? Feel betrayed!!

    Here's my game summary: twitch ARPG, but no real RPG element. You get coins, dodge a lot, and play grunt waves & bosses until you die -- then repeat & do it again.
    Coin currency for in-game stuff, fame points for non-game affecting stuff, and fame points to unlock new characters.
    Lots of 'level up' pop ups, but unclear if leveling up has any significance in game?!?!

    Compared to what's out there, I'm annoyed that this is a recommended game!!!

    It's cute, Its 8 bit, and its twitchy -- but seriously, who wants a game that emulates a 1/2 screen Nintendo Gameboy and all you do is twitch left/right/ jump?!?

    Hard to imagine people think this game is *great* when compared to other possibilities on iOS for $1. When compared to itself, it might stack up ok.

    • philadendron

      Minor correction, I don't think you could consider these graphics 8-bit. The color depth seems more akin to the 16-bit era.

      I agree with you in that the RPG elements are pretty non-existent. I was super disappointed to find that there was no progression of your character from game to game, but it does take you back to the brutal days of 90's-era gaming when dying could sometimes mean starting over completely.

  • christopherrocs

    Will there be a co-op mode?