Well another pretty big week of new releases, and with iTunes shutting down for the holidays in a couple of weeks I expect it to get even crazier. As always the full list of new releases that are on our radar are listed below, along with videos/screens and forum links so you can find out which games tickle your fancy. Sadly, it doesn't appear that GTA: San Andreas is coming tonight, as Rockstar has stated on Twitter it will be coming later in the month. But don't despair, there's plenty of stuff here to keep you busy until then.

Assassin's Creed Pirates

iTunes Description

Become one of the most feared pirates of the Caribbean in this exclusive Assassin's Creed adventure on smartphones and tablets! Play as Alonzo Batilla, a young and ambitious captain, a pirate eager to take on the fiercest of enemies... Break all the rules, challenge empires and make your own fortune!

Forum Thread: Assassin's Creed Pirates - (by Ubisoft) [Universal]

Bacon - The Game

iTunes Description

Who doesn't love bacon, apart pigs themselves? Seriously, everyone loves those delicious-yummy little slices of meat. Especially you, but being blind doesn't help you in your quest of eating as much bacon as possible! The basics are simple. Tap your character, draw a path and press "Play". But you must manage to avoid all obstacles in order to eat every single slice of bacon in the room! Watch out, you get bigger every time you eat bacon! Cook your own Maple Bacons in order to trade them for ink colors and avatars in the Grocery Store, or to upgrade your Kitchen Tools!

Forum Thread: Bacon - The Game - (by Raphaël Blanchet)[Universal]

Band Stars

iTunes Description

Form a band, hit the studio and start recording! Train up your band and complete challenges as you make your way to the top of the charts. Fame and fortune await! Set your sights on world stardom and make your way to the top of the local, national and global charts. Discover each of the 50 super-cool Band Stars characters and complete over 200 unique challenges!

Forum Thread: Band Stars - (by Halfbrick Studios) [Universal]

Clash of Puppets

iTunes Description

Help Charlie getting out of his own nightmares!
Clash of Puppets is a full 3D hack'n'slash platformer, featuring classic b-movie style.
Adventure through 3 worlds of frantic levels. Use tons of devastating weapons and traps against hordes of puppets!

Forum Thread: Clash of Puppets - (by Crescent Moon Games) [Universal]


iTunes Description

You are a dead, failed video game character wandering through the recesses of the Random Access Memory, trying to find peace in the final moments of your existence before being deleted forever...

...but forget that. The real story is that Continue? is an existential metaphor that explores the finite nature of existence and the beauty and tyranny of our desires within it.

Forum Thread: continue?9876543210 by starvingeyes (Universal)

Double Dragon Trilogy

iTunes Description

A groundbreaking, uber-popular game upon its arcade debut in 1987, Double Dragon is the undisputed godfather of co-op beat ‘em all! Enter Double Dragon Trilogy, a compilation specially optimized for mobiles and which includes all three installments of the beloved arcade series: Double Dragon, Double Dragon 2: The Revenge, and Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone. The first one begins with Billy and his brother Jimmy, two martial arts experts, in a mission to rescue Billy's girlfriend, Marian, who’s been kidnapped by the Black Shadows Gang. All your favorite moves are here: punches, kicks, elbows, knees, head-butts and an assortment of not-exactly-street-legal weapons. Battle your way through all 3 titles and bask in the greatness of one of the ‘80s most popular arcade games!

Forum Thread: Double Dragon Trilogy By DotEmu (Universal)

Galaxy Run

iTunes Description

Suit up to join a crazy adventure to help get Rez home from the deep and dark mysteries of Space on his one way trip to adventure and fun. Rez while getting back to Earth in his space craft gets trapped in an asteroid belt and crashes on an unknown planet. Can you help get Rez back home? Spiel Studios brings to you a brand new action packed space adventure to help get Rez home. An easy, addictive and interesting one-touch, single-screen gameplay, with over 350 levels, called Galaxy Run.

Forum Thread: Galaxy Run - (by Spiel Studios)[Universal]

Gravity Blocks - The Last Rotation

iTunes Description

Henry, Dr. Zoidblock , Blockman and Blox are waiting for you. You are the only one who can control gravity and help the little blocks with their missions. All you have to do is to swipe in a direction you want gravity to affect. Challenge your mind with 140 exciting levels, whose difficulty starts at relaxingly easy and ends with "your brain won't survive it" hard.

Forum Thread: Gravity Blocks - The Last Rotation (Action Puzzle) (Universal)


iTunes Description

Grow your own virtual plants right on your iPhone! Choose from 40 strains, each with their own unique genetic make up, or cross two together to create your own hybrids, it's up to you! 40 Truebreeding Strains - Over 700 Potential Hybrids! Each strain has a unique genetic code determining everything from growth patterns to flavours and activity levels, and everything in between! Cross strains together to produce your own hybrids and then grow those too! Any hybrids you produce will inherit traits from both parents. Want a strain but it's not in the seedbank, blue cheese maybe? Cross some blueberry and cheese together!

Forum Thread: Growbuds (by OmniChrome)

Gun Zombie 2


iTunes Description

After an explosion rocks a major city, zombie hordes started to appear out of nowhere and terrorize the human race. Now you need to infiltrate the zombie-infested city, locate the outbreak, and blast the undead out of existence.

Gun Zombie is back! Bigger, badder and better then ever!

Forum Thread: Gun Zombie 2 by Glu Games Inc. [Universal]

Jack The Ripper: New York 1901


iTunes Description

An immersive and thrilling adventure on the trail of Jack the Ripper in New York in the 1900s.
Explore the city's dark streets, question the inhabitants and get your hands on the scoop of the century! 1901, Jack the Ripper, the famous London killer, is back in New York 13 years after bringing terror to the British capital. At least, that's the rumor doing the rounds following the horrific murders of two prostitutes.
Play the part of James Palmer, a young rookie sent to investigate this dreadful affair.

Forum Thread: Jack The Ripper: New-York 1901 - (by Microids)[Universal]


iTunes Description

After centuries of silence Evil Kingmaker has returned. Together with his ten puppet kings he has invaded Heart Island and shattered the once beautiful place. Delicious but ruthless Muffin King has been placed in guard of the Southern Kingdom and the foul stench of Count Cheese in Castle Grave makes living in the surrounding forest unbearable. The most fearsome of them all, Dino King, keeps its lair on top of an infernal volcano. Slice Kingmaker's armies, unlock fantastic new worlds, and collect magical trinkets to become more powerful than any king!

Forum Thread: KingHunt - The Next Generation Slicing Game (By Mountain Sheep) [Universal]



iTunes Description

The sequel to Guncrafter has arrived! Craft your own monster. Train and care for it. Adventure through harrowing, boss-filled dungeons. Battle online against your friends, your enemies, or anyone in the world. MonsterCrafter is crafting + digital pets + monster battling…and there has never been anything like it.

Forum Thread: MonsterCrafter - (Sequel to Guncrafter! Pokemon + Minecraft + Virtual Pets)

Nightmare: Malaria

iTunes Description

Nightmare: Malaria drops you into the bloodstream of a young girl infected with malaria. Can you make it out alive?

- Survive 18 levels of fever-dream visuals through two worlds: Blood and Brain.
- Save the stranded teddy bears on every level to advance.
- Avoid killer mosquitoes using your wits and the safety of mosquito nets.
- Featuring the voice of Academy Award-winner Susan Sarandon.
- First iOS game created by Emmy award-winning studio Psyop.

Forum Thread: Emmy award-winning studio Psyop creates Nightmare: Malaria

Pretentious Game

iTunes Description

Have you ever realized how words are important? And how they can drive our emotions? Enjoy the uncluttered and peculiar aesthetics of Pretentious Game and plunge wholeheartedly into a poetic and deep story. Follow the adventures of a blue square passionately in love with his pink sweetheart, and help him bring his feelings to light. Read between the lines of Pretentious Game to progress through the story, and let your feelings overcome you…

Forum Thread: Pretentious Game - (by Bulkypix) [Universal]

Quest Defense

iTunes Description

Fight the Evil Dragon! Quest Defense Released! High Quality HD graphics, 3D Characters and Intense Battle awaits you. Improve your mercenaries: Warrior, Archer, Mage, Shaman & etc. Please save the continent from the Forces of Evil Dragon!

Forum Thread: Quest Defense - (by mobcast Korea inc.)[Universal]

Radial Runner


iTunes Description

Phobic Studios presents Radial Runner, a brutal game that will challenge your perception and reflexes. Tap the left and right sides of the screen to avoid death and grab as many points as possible before forcing your way to the next wave. How long can you hold out?

Forum Thread: Radial Runner by Team Phobic [Universal]

RPG Chronus Arc

iTunes Description

The 'Chronus Fragments' are needed to prepare for the 'Time Rewinding', which only takes place once every 10 years. Will you be able to get them? On their way to the Chronus Shrine to get the Fragments, Loka and Teth are surrounded by a mysterious man named Geppel and his gang. They demand the Fragments. While Teth plays for time, Loka, the main character, rushes out of the cave on his own to fetch reinforcements. He is successful, but Teth and Geppel are nowhere to be found. Aiming to gather information about his missing teacher, Teth, and Geppel, who is trying to get his hands on the Fragments, Loka decides to set out on a journey. Accompanying him is Sarna.

Forum Thread: RPG Chronus Arc - (by Kotobuki Solution Co., Ltd.)[Universal]

Sector Zero

iTunes Description

Sector Zero is a story-driven sci-fi survival game with light RPG elements. Software engineer Alex wakes up with no memory in an unfamiliar and hostile environment. Without a weapon he'll have to use his fast reaction and brains to fight the threats that await for him behind every corner.

Forum Thread: Sector Zero - sci-fi survival game [Universal]

Snow Spin

iTunes Description

After years collecting artifacts from the most remote corners of the globe our daring explorer is finally heading home. His trusty airplane is loaded to the brim with priceless treasures destined for his museum. Taking a short-cut over the arctic turns out to be a bad decision when his plane starts to fall apart, scattering his possessions and forcing him to crash land on a mysterious snowy island. Armed only with his trusty snowboard he’ll need to explore the island to recover the missing items and broken parts of his plane. Will he be able to make the necessary repairs and escape? Along the way he’ll meet a cast of crazy characters, make some new friends, go on quests and maybe even find a wooly mammoth or two!

Forum Thread: Snow Spin (Free/Universal by Ezone.com)

Soon Shine

iTunes Description

Harness the power of the sun and moon to fight off relentless hoards of incoming spirits in this fast and frantically fun arcade puzzle game! Build killer combos using speed and strategy and watch your scores skyrocket!

Forum Thread: Soon Shine (by Dahku Creations) [Universal]

Space Hulk

iTunes Description

Get the original board game experience with this digital version of the iconic game. Space Hulk is a difficult, yet rewarding, tactical turn-based game set in Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 universe. This digital version of the board game features a single player campaign, set in a beautiful 3D environment, and comes with cross platform multiplayer functionality, which recreates the classic claustrophobic board game experience.

Forum Thread: Space Hulk - (by Full Control Studios)


iTunes Description

Purpose of this game is fit square to go trough square shaped holes. Just be square!

Forum Thread: SQU4RE - (By Niko Silventoinen)[Universal]

Warlords RTS

iTunes Description

Warlords RTS is a real-time strategy game set in the fantasy world Aldfarne. Upgrade your army, boost your Warlord with magic items and lead your troops to victory! Enjoy hours of gameplay and dare to play Hardcore difficulty mode! On your journey to defeat fierce enemy bosses, you'll face various challenges requiring your strategic and cunning tactics in order to triumph over the land. Choose your army carefully, as each unit has very different abilities and gameplay will vary dramatically upon these choices. By using magical items and upgrading your camps, you can boost your Warlord and army to reach powerful new levels. Watch out for treasure chests on the battlefield and be sure to use your magic scrolls wisely! The battle for Aldfarne will not be easy… so begin your defense preparations and start the conquest today!

Forum Thread: Warlords RTS - (by Armor Games Inc)[Universal]

The Wolf Among Us

iTunes Description

From the makers of the 2012 Game of the Year: The Walking Dead, comes a gritty, violent and mature thriller based on the award-winning Fables comic books (DC Comics/Vertigo). As Bigby Wolf - THE big bad wolf - you will discover that a brutal, bloody murder is just a taste of things to come in a game series where your every decision can have enormous consequences. An evolution of Telltale's ground-breaking choice and consequence game mechanics will ensure the player learns that even as Bigby Wolf, Sheriff of Fabletown, life in the big bad city is bloody, terrifying and dangerous.

Forum Thread: The Wolf Among Us - (by Telltale Inc) [Universal]


iTunes Description

Become a star with Zya, the ultimate music game. Mash-up world-famous songs like Blurred Lines, Hall of Fame and Poker Face. Just pick your favorite genre of music, lay down a beat, and mix your own vocal melodies into a surefire hit... all at the touch of a finger. Share your masterpieces through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more!

Forum Thread: Zya - (by Chillingo Ltd) [Universal]

  • LORE

    Assassins creed!!!!! Pirates!!!!!!!

    • Amenbrother

      Let me know if it's any good, seriously.

      • MiloTheBadKitty

        My first impressions are fairly positive. The way the story kicks things off is downright ridiculous, but it's pretty to look at and the controls are well done. If you played the naval missions in AC3 (I haven't played 4 yet), this will feel very familiar.

        Liking the RPG elements so far. Not super deep into it yet, so don't don't take this as gospel, but I think I'd recommend it! I've been having fun with it, doesn't that still count for something in games? 🙂

      • NBA_Noah

        It looks pretty close (graphics wise) to the actual AC4 game on PS3, which is quite impressive.

    • joaquin_ondamoon

      Yeah, never played any of the AC console games, but this looks pretty sweet. I'm so down with the old school nautical battle thingy, and setting it in the AC universe would seem to be a plus. Plus I like the RPG-ish crew elements.

      Verdict's still out on Space Hulk for me. Need to see more gameplay before I plunk down my cash. I'm an unabashed WH40K fan, but they make this seem run & gun, as opposed to the strategy boards game conversion it is.

    • TheEvilRobot

      Do any of these games work on the iPod touch 4th gen?

      • one.sixty.four

        I don't think so.

  • dribblejam

    Anyone else no longer getting TA notifications?

    • Marvin

      They've seemed to slow a lot

    • Zendorphin

      Not me

  • christopherrocs

    Pretty good week, ima have a great time with king hunt, one of those RPGs might get a download, maybe that old fighter game, a slayin update is coming, and San Andreas is probably coming next week. Lets be happy folks. Great times are among us

    • Amenbrother


    • mudads

      There is a wolf among us as well.

  • Pray For Death

    I'm glad to see Continue?9876543210 mentioned here even though it was released a few days ago. Everyone, do yourself a favor and watch the trailer!

    • gedrow

      Holy Crap! That was a good trailer.

    • addicted2games

      Love the music on that trailer! Very silent hill.

  • revolverblue85

    Wolf among us is fantastic. Love the fables series. Double dragon not too shabby

  • Louis Ace

    Bacon - The Game: both of my weaknesses combined. Why!!!

  • Amenbrother

    Man expensive week....

  • WeMeet

    Heroes of order and chaos is the best game

  • cloudpuff

    I like that you've included releases from the last few days, could you do this each week? It'll help the some titles get a bit more attention instead of getting lost among the big named telesales.

    • Pete Osborne

      Couldn't agree more, Continue? deserves it's own article let alone a mention on this post!

    • cloudpuff

      Telesales? Wtf? Titles not telesales haha.

  • Mess

    Squ4re is a good one to pick up - especially as it's free with no ads or IAP's.

    Win win win

    • Lazer Kat

      If you like broken controls and ZERO sound, it's a great game.

  • Pete Osborne


    Formula Cartoon All-Stars (£1.49) [U] - Super Off Road-style Cartoon Network licensed Kart racer. Seems to be Europe-only ATM

    Lightomania (69p/Free) [U] - Cut the Rope style arcade puzzler, sling cute creatures to pick up stars and reach the objective. Lite version available.

    Hashi Pro (69p) [U] - Sudoku/Pathpix numbers and grids puzzle game. Seen it done before but it looks polished and reasonably priced.
    Cyro (Free) - Gorgeous Kuru Kuru Kururin arcade game with World of Goo touches. Promises no IAPs or Ads. Recommended for that alone
    Steampunk Arcade HD (Free) - Very attractive arty Mario-type platformer. Could be a paid version somewhere, not too sure
    Createrria - craft your games (Free) [U] - Minecraft homage visual-wise but being able to make your own games and share them has me intrigued.
    Armies and Ants (Free) - 3d strategy game with city-building elements. Finally releasing outside Canada soft launch

    Kimi Love Pipes (Free) - Tetris meets Pipe Dream, Looks to be of a higher quality than most free games

    Brake to Win (Free) [U] - Auto-racing time trial where you control the brakes and boost, a bit like Scalextric. Totally free, no ads but lacking in courses
    Jam Run (Free) [U] - Rhythm runner that takes your music and turns it into a game
    Decision 2 (Free) - Flash game port of a twin-stick zombie shooter. Gets very intense and looks promising
    Festive Frenzy (Free) [U] - I normally ignore festive games but this Warioware style minigame amalgamation made me smile more than once - especially tilting the device to keep your drunken dad upright and dancing!

    A Little Viking (Free) [U] - Puzzle adventure where you shift gravity to pick up keys, coins and avoid traps

    Mech Conquest (Free) [U] - Another MMO-type this time with Mechs and spaceships so might interest some

    The Gate (Free) [U] - Mobage CCG. Probably all I need to say to tell if you're interested!

    :Light the Way: (Free) [U] - Memory recall light puzzles, not for all but it's totally free and no ads
    Brain Blitz (Free/normally 69p) [U] - Brain training with multiplayer elements. Free for limited launch window
    Knightmare Tower Free (Lite) [U] - Fantastic Doodle Jump evolution with upgrades and personality. Greatly recommended.

    Phew! If there's anything I can change to make these posts better then let me know 🙂

    • Pete Osborne

      Oh and Kami got a lite version and I *think* Lawless was released (though release notes suggest otherwise), a light gun style Mobage game.

      • Ramaz1234

        Ur amazing Dude thx. Cheers

  • Flamingo

    Good luck reviewing all of these, TouchArcadians!

  • klingon666

    Got to get the 128 gig ipad air soon 🙂

  • Goggles789

    Add Savant to that list!

  • bigjack66

    Crap! When are we going to get a proper Assassins Creed game? We know it can be done, Backstab showed us that it can!

  • echo_pdx

    I had been dying to try Space Hulk but the PC reviews deflated my hype. At $10 that's a wait-and-see...plans to review that one TA?

  • https://www.facebook.com/DigitalDistillery Scot Damn

    Don't forget Savant Ascent is out now too and it is glorious.

  • renatpl

    I bought Continue?9876543210 and its controls are bad, the gameplay is confusing and now it's deleted. The game art looks good though.

  • Dcmac

    Surprised Dokuro wasn't mentioned considering it was a Vita game.