The turn-based card battler called Space Wolf, which is set in the Warhammer 40K universe and was originally announced by Games Workshop and developer HeroCraft back in August, has finally received a gameplay trailer. It's brief, but in it you can see how the game looks in action as well as some of the abilities and characters you'll be able to play with.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf is set for release sometime in Q2 of next year, and it will be a free-to-play title. The touch screens of iOS devices are a perfect place for tactical turn-based strategy games and collectible card games, so we'll be anxious to see how Space Wolf turns out when it's finished. We'll give you a heads up when more details, like a more specific release date, are revealed.

  • steviebwoy

    Freeee to play? Oh.

  • Pagan Fox

    Looks great.

  • klouud

    Instant purchase. Done.

  • NinjaKitteh

    Pardon my naïveté, I'm new to idevices. I've noticed a lot of people grumbling about free-to-play games on this site and was curious why. I've purchased a few games now, my favorite being Plague Inc. but most of the free games I've tried have been rather enjoyable. Am I missing something?

    • diovivente

      Some people don't like free to play because they feel it asks too much for you to pay to win the game from in app purchases. Most people, however, just dislike free to play because it's become to latest "cool thing" to hate, and they are sheep who follow into the hype of hating free to play.

      • NinjaKitteh

        Ah, grumblebutt syndrome. I've found the couple FTP games I'm playing just require a wait time to avoid in-app-purchases. Not really an inconvenience for me.

      • pauldavidmerritt

        No, sorry. I think your question about free 2 play deserves a more intelligent answer than that ^up there^

        We don't like how it has changed gameplay difficulty (and quality) in many releases. Games' difficulties were made specifically to lead you to buy iAP's to play through levels. Heh, talk about who the sheep being led are 🙂

        MANY of us out here believe this to be an unethical, and quality-lacking way of making a game. Not all Free 2 Play games are at the same level of 'stupid', but I'm sure you get our point with F2P games.

        Whichever way you support, I hope it's a thought out choice. For every gamer that makes a decision to support or not, game dev's will be influenced by it. I hope this educates you more so than the one saying people hate it just to hate it--because that's an incorrect, adolescent judgement.

      • CzechCongo

        Some people like hating to hate.

        Some people don't like being influenced to spend more money.

        Some people don't remember (or never knew) arcades with machines that took quarters.

        Some people can enjoy F2P games and not be tempted to buy IAP.

        Some people can delete games and move on.

        Some people play multiple timer games while waiting for timers.

        All people are entitled to have and voice their opinions.

      • ZarieoZ

        Yeah it does need a better answer, we don't just hate for the sake of it, specially for me it seems like the developer doesn't respect its fans & customer base, throwing games at them that keep asking for more money, it's a shame. A game should also never ask you to stop playing so you can play in an hour or next day, what the hell is that?? A game is made to be played not stopped.

        So ultimately I don't even put those free to play games in my TA watch list, never. I did download Asphalt 8 though (after a long debate) and love it, but never real racing even though I was a big fan before monkeys kidnapped mints to the planet of apes.

      • Bool Zero

        I would respectfully disagree, and counter that your claim is a bit dismissive, naïve, and just a little bit two black-and-white pertaining to the issues. The argument is a very complex one with many legitimate issues and counter arguments that can be raised on both sides of the aisle. To be so dismissive and say that is just about whining and "the thing to hate" is more than just dismissive of this issue. Probably the argument is often argued poorly, or like you said whined about to the point that true legitimate arguments aren't heard often times because they are drowned out by all the other incessant complaining like white noise. But to imply that the free to play model isn't affecting gaming in any way in a detrimental sense (or is implicitly some hipster thing to hate on), or affecting the game design, architecture, business model and otherwise mechanics and built along the line to directly manipulate and play on the players psychological fulfillment to want to progress; well you are just turning a blind eye to it. Just look at the recent Forza 5 uproar about the model essentially used in a $60 game...

        On topic: I'm a big Warhammer 40K fan, so I have been waiting for this and the other game for some time! Its one of my highly anticipated games for next year on iOS!

      • Goggles789

        My friend, I can see why you would make the statement about all of us haters being sheep and following the hype, and I can assure you that I am definitely one of those sheep, as you state. However, I can safely trust that you will see the fact that I did indeed make the decision on my own to dislike free to play. For me, it's got everything to do with how inconvenient the games are for gamers like me that enjoy longer play sessions. A free to play game with timers and pay walls, etc, make it hard for people like me to enjoy games like that. Here and there a free game pops up that I enjoy, but there are a few out there that have abused the free to play model so much that it has given the whole thing a kind of sting to it. Perhaps in the future, this point will come to your consideration. In the meantime, a handshake across the internet, for you!

      • Opinion

        I've been hearing this sheep talk everyone, it needs to stop

    • abazigal

      Free to play tends to imply that the game will be designed such that the player has to spend a significant amount on iaps in order to make any progress or have decent fun, as opposed to just paying a flat fee upfront. Just look at the cost of iaps in games like dungeon hunter. Some easily cost over $100, and even more shocking, there are people who actually buy them.

      Not every game is guilty of this, but there have been quite a few notorious offenders, and we hope said game doesn't go down that route.

    • NinjaKitteh

      Holy crap. Sorry for opening such a large can of worms. Looking around the AppStore I can see how certain FTP games could suck a ton of money. I've mainly been playing Tiny Death Star and it doesn't seem to push the IAP thing in your face, but if you didn't want to deal with waiting and what not you could spend a lot of money in that game.

  • Bischi777

    Why is there never a videogame of warhammer which plays like the tabletop gane?

    This one looks neat so far and I hope the FTP model is fair (which from time to time happens).

    • Bischi777

      Oh and can someone please develop warhammer invasion for Ipads? Thank you!

    • Bool Zero

      Because that would make sense! Talk about IAP I would be more than willing to pay; for a base game with the option to buy races and special units like the tabletop game... Throw in the option to custom color various segments of your team... I'd buy that game anyway!

    • wharfrat1979

      I think there isn't a game that plays like real warhammer because they do not want to create a situation where people play the game on computers instead of on a table top. If one could play the same game buy purchasing one game for say 60 bucks they would destroy their sales of a game that costs hundreds of dollars. One warhammer model can cost 60-100 bucks. A computer game that played exactly like the tabletop version could destroy the whole table top market. I guess the closest thing u are going to get is the rts style game dawn of war. These iPhone games games are just marketing for the warhammer/space marine brand.

      • joaquin_ondamoon

        Wharfrat gets it.

      • pauldavidmerritt

        No, incorrect. In Magic The Gathering, there is no replacement for the physical card game. All cult followers of games like this (and Warhammer) I believe would agree to this. The installment of a digital version of said games is for the rest that aren't ever interested in pulling out the game boards. Uno on iPhone? Same thing. It doesn't hurt the families that have always bought the card game to keep in their homes, it just adds a *new* way to sell the same game.

      • dreaddead1

        You forget to mention that the MTG versions are limited to what is in the decks provided. It by no means encompasses every card out there unlike MTG Online or the real game. So if they follow the MTG:DotP (2009) model it would be created with a very low point limit and lock out races with very limited customization.

        TL;DR: Point to Wharfrat!

      • Bool Zero

        Are you implying that they couldn't do the same to a digital version of Warhammer 40K? Honestly, there are new squads that release for the game all the time, it is not like a digital version has to, or could possibly include all of the factions, sub factions and special units that engulf the game. Besides, the demand is there and it comes largely from the already established fanbase. It wouldn't cut into their figure sales because the person looking for this type of game A) has already invested in the models and game at some point and looking for a digital outlet for their love, or B) have no interest I entertaining buying expensive figures but are interested in the lore and game system and want to try it at a reasonable price before considering investing in such an expensive hobby...

      • dreaddead1

        No. You are putting words in my mouth or making your own abstract inference. I am saying they could do so, but it would be highly restrictive. Not to mention for the casual the full, not basic, rules set would be a daunting task. For those that want to get their feet wet in the universe they'd be better off with the Dawn of War franchise.

  • ZarieoZ

    My finger was traveling to the watch list icon till I reached the "free to play" part 🙁 oh needless to say I got my finger back without clicking anything.

  • T-REZ5000

    The gameplay reminds me of Metal Gear Ac!d. Loved that game.

    • otakuzod

      Yeah, but more focused on combat. I hope there's a card like Fortune+