It's been over a year since we first heard about Dancing Anchovy's Team Monster [Free]. In fact, seeing an early version of that game was one of the best things to come out of a trip to Korea. (Aside from authentic Korean BBQ and soju that goes all night, of course.) The game is a combination of a lot of things we really like, with Battleheart [$2.99] style combat and you'll build your party out of collected monsters that you'll come across in a vaguely Pokemon-ish mechanic.

The developers originally were billing the game as a "social MMO," and we're excited to get deeper into this game that we were so stoked for way back when. It sailing under the Mobage flag for its foray into the treacherous seas of the App Store doesn't exactly inspire confidence when it comes to how this free to play game is likely monetized, but, it still seems worth checking out- It was among our top ten most anticipated games last year, after all.

  • Sebastian Gomez

    Mobage... I'll pass even though it's free...

    Because still my internet connection is from stone age and I wouldn't enjoy it as it's supposed to be...

    Still, I'll be waiting for your review.

  • Adsinjapan

    I'm downloading it right now. Not sure what it's going to be like but there's two IAPs set at one and three dollars that seem almost mandatory for continuation of the game.

  • Xissoric

    For anyone with an iPod 4g, you need iOS 7 for this so you can't download it.

  • Revognah

    I remember seeing a video for this in October last year! Been playing since last night and I haven't run into a paywall yet. Hopefully this doesn't become the case, it would be a shame to see such polish and gameplay wasted.

  • FreshCuppa

    Mobage? ...nope.

  • BluClaymore

    You need iOS7 =(

  • PallaZ

    Mobage sucks hard. I've played motor world, and this game is broken as shit.
    There are bugs and glitches everywhere. The things you are receiving for your money is pathetic. It has no worth and I can't understand why anybody is willing to pay shit.
    Btw I won the Green Mangus for being the 7th place in a tournament, because I glitched the shit out of the game.

  • AmethystAlicia

    First, this game uses that obnoxious energy mechanic, which gets it an automatic uninstall right there.

    Second, there's no option to play using a female avatar. Girls play these kinds of games too. Games like this are fun to immerse yourself into and I can't do that playing as a dude.

    I'll stick with Hunter Island.

    • Noam Rathaus

      I shared your feelings, though I am not a woman, I have a daughter that would probably like to play female more than male

    • Vivian Li

      The point of the game is not about having a human avatar or leader on your team. There are quite a few girl human characters that can be found later on in the game and you don't have to focus on the one boy human that they give to you from the start.

  • shade1337

    There is a girl monster/avatar that you can acquire in the long run.

  • ramireo

    Crashes every single time after a few seconds on iPad Mini iOS7

  • gustave154

    Good game except for that stupid energy thing and its only for ios 7