We've been posting about Fates Forever for quite a while now here on TouchArcade. It's been an interesting project to watch for numerous reasons- First off, the creator of the now-defunct iOS in-game leaderboard and pseudo-social network framework OpenFeint, Jason Citron, is behind the wheel. Additionally, it's always fun to follow platform specific games, and they're dumping a lot of effort and cash into the development of this tablet-exclusive MOBA. How much money? Well, the developers just announced that they cleared an additional $8.2 million dollars from Benchmark Capital who was actually the first major investor in Riot- The developers of the massively popular free to play Mac/PC MOBA League of Legends.

The similarities with Riot don't end there, check out the eerily similar Champion Spotlight-style videos they're doing. The above video is revealing their rogue-like rabbit Cottontail. They've even got a YouTube playlist filled with the rest of their champions, which as of this writing are limited to a tanky warthog and a caster mole.

Fates Forever is still in development, and I'm stoked to see what they spend their newfound millions on.

  • defunct32

    Looks good! Keeping my eyes on it!

  • Lazer Kat

    That high if a budget almost ensures me that this will be an IAP fest

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Well, hopefully we can get all of our IAP rage out early so when the game hits we can talk about the game instead of being obsessed with its payment model?

      • nini

        Hah, get it out early... you can't empty a bottomless well.

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        A man can dream. πŸ™

      • FRnchFRy

        I frankly don't care about IAP in a game like this. The IAPs just seem to ruin the challenge which is what I like in a game. I love the challenge so I never buy the IAPs but whatever, if someone wants to complain about how expensive it is to cheat go ahead I guess.

      • Lazer Kat

        No, it isn't about cheating,
        The games that make In-Apps cheating are the minority who are doing it right. They get it. Unfortunately the majority of games now tilt the games balance to a point to where to even have a chance to enjoy it you must rent the game on an hourly basis.

        My fear is that a game with this high of a budget will be forced to do the same in an attempt to profit.

    • Jason Citron

      Hey Lazer - Jason here from the devs behind FF. Thought I'd answer your implied question πŸ™‚

      We actually have no intention to make FF an "IAP Fest." It will be free to play, but much in the same that LoL works. Our goal as a company is to build legit games on tablets. Not cobbled mobile versions. And that means both game production quality AND business model.

      This funding actually gives us the time to do both. We aren't rushing to squeeze money from players because we don't have to. And we can make sure that the quality level of the game stays quite high.

      We have two design tenants at Hammer & Chisel that we follow for monetization design.

      1) pay for options, not for power. The idea here is that since it's a skill based competitive game, an experienced pro should be able to beat someone who spent a lot of money. LoL and MTG work like this.
      2) the game never makes you stop playing. The idea here is that as a gamer, I usually want to to sit down and *play*. The last thing I want is to hit a wall after 5 minutes that makes me stop.

      Hope that helps explains bit of our thinking πŸ™‚

      • FRnchFRy

        Thank you for saying that before it got ugly lol

    • JJE McManus

      The issue isn't IAP. The issue is succumbing to the AppStore money-grab. I admit to being pleasantly excited. A Riot-style "pay as you will" structure is certainly worth giving a try. There are two critical elements with it.
      First, a reasonably large set of Heroes at launch along with a steadily increasing inventory of such over time. One reason LoL succeeds is that owning all the heroes doesn't buy you any strategic advantage.
      Second, correctly managing consumables. I suspect the pay model will be scaled downward for mobile. We are the platform of the impulse buy after all. This means dropping $60-$100 could potentially give one a tremendous advantage. Or to put it another way, a player who enters a match without all the consumables turned on all the way will be at a competitive disadvantage.
      Damn if I don't like what I see so far. Cottontail got some mad skills.

      • Jason Citron

        Hey JJE - Totally understand. We do not intend to sell consumables that make you stronger in a fight. This goes back to our tenant of "pay for options, not power." In no way will you be able to enter a match "stronger" than someone else because you have better consumables.

        We will likely have a small band of customization you can do outside of a match similar to LoL's runes and masteries. But ultimately, those don't decide who wins and loses.

        Glad you like cottontail πŸ™‚ Check out the link towards the end of the article to see two other Champions: Dim and Renwil!

    • Guest

      Citron already repeatedly stated that the business model will be similar to that of LoL, i.e. the game won't ever stop you from playing it.

  • HippoHumper

    This game looks great! But I feel it would be better with a stationary Dpad (which I feel also puts me in the minority). I just have a ridiculously tough time tapping where I want my character to go while simultaneously tapping enemies to target and spamming attacks and spells. May just be me personally.

    • Jason Citron

      Hey Hippo - Jason here from the FF team. We actually went through about 6 controls schemes before settling on one. In our alpha playtest people have really enjoyed the multi touch interface.

      One of the reasons it works really well for FF is that the game is tablet only. So you have a lot more screen real estate to interact with.

      I hope you'll at least give it at try when it launches!

      • HippoHumper

        I'll definitely be trying it. I'm just sure I won't be able to get that far into it without even the option to change control schemes. Gaming controls on tablets comes down to personal preference and I've always felt, and seen from what my friends and people on forums are playing and enjoying, that games with more options and allowing people different ways of configuring controls to better suit them personally are generally much better received

      • Jason Citron

        Fair enough. If it turns out lots of people really want a DPAD we will consider building it.

      • ZarieoZ

        Ye please do, touch controls never click with me, I always use dpad. I know many people don't get used to it, but since I only started gaming when I got the iPad, so I didn't have a mindset to console controls & this fi into place & I got really used to them. When I got orcs vengeance I striped playing it after 10 minutes because if the touch controls, only went back to it when they updated it with dpad controls option.

        Also I might get game case controller for iPad when it comes out (I only play on my iPad not on my iPhone) so I hope you support controllers too πŸ™‚

  • squares

    How do i get involved in beta testing this!? Looks like fun!

    • Jason Citron

      Thanks squares. Right now FF is available in a few European countries. If you happen to be in one of those lucky countries, you can play!

      • squares

        Drat... I'm in North America. I'll have to wait I guess!

  • WeMeet

    When this come out heroes of order and chaos will be dead

  • WeMeet

    Wait is this only one lane or are there three lane games?

    • Jason Citron

      Our first map is actually 2 lanes. The unveiling video is recored in the middle of the jungle, between the lanes.

  • Ramaz1234

    Will I be able to play this on my itouch 5?!!

    • Jason Citron

      No sorry.... Tablets only.

  • TripMX

    ATTN Developers! Please give us a chance to play this game OFFLINE as well as ONLINE (default)!! Thanks!! =)

  • Chicken Zooma

    This looks very cool!

    • Jason Citron


      • Game.PN

        So im from the beta and im not recieving new version of the the beta! I wanted to know if there was offline mode for it! πŸ™‚

  • Gatada

    This game is out now, and seems to have been released several months ago!?

  • Jabba

    Dammit I just wrote I long message on how i'm looking foward to this game and my text is gone...
    Anyways, this game is a relief for me and i just can't wait!
    Just wanted to know approximately when is planned the launch for north america or canada. Thank you!