comment_box_33-1-2Well, this week brought the long, long-awaited arrival of official Made For iPhone game controllers, and it was sort of a mixed bag of emotions. Perhaps it's our own fault for building up the anticipation in our heads between when controllers were officially announced at WWDC in June and now, or perhaps it's simply that these things are far too new to really be able to judge their long-term impact. Either way, I'd say that MFi game controllers arrived with a whimper rather than a bang.

The first two controllers to market are the MOGA Ace Power and Logitech's Powershell, both available this week. Both controllers offer optional charging of your device while they're connected, but each represent one of the two different styles of controllers which Apple is allowing into their MFi program. The Logitech Powershell represents the first style of controller, which features a d-pad but no analog sticks and only two shoulder buttons on top in addition to its four face buttons.

The Moga Ace Power represents the "extended" style of MFi controller. It features everything that the Powershell does but adds dual-analog sticks and extra triggers in addition to the top shoulder buttons, bringing the total number of control inputs on the top of the controller to four, like a PlayStation or Xbox controller.


We received a Moga Ace Power controller and put it through its paces, or rather, as much as we could at this early point in MFi controller history. What we found was that for the games that were made for traditional platforms with physical controllers, like Bastion, the addition of the Moga controller really added to the experience. An original iOS game made from scratch for the touchscreen, like Oceanhorn, didn't really feel any better or worse with physical controls.

Unfortunately, since most developers haven't had actual controller hardware in their hands prior to the units actually releasing, many have simply implemented the API into their games and hoped for the best. What that means is that some games that claim to feature MFi controller support technically do, but not in an ideal way as the button layouts or certain functions like the analog sticks don't work quite as intended.

We are awaiting getting a Logitech Powershell unit in our hands, but after spending a significant amount of time with the Moga Ace Power, we're left somewhat unsure of whether or not to recommend it. Like I said, at this point in time there aren't quite enough games that support the controller properly to make its 99-dollar price tag seem worth it. No doubt that many more games will feature great support for controllers, but right now the pickings are pretty slim. Also, the build quality of the Moga Ace Power leaves a lot to be desired, and its flimsy feel doesn't seem to line up with something that costs a hundred bucks.


The flip side to all this is that Apple mandates how these controllers must perform and be designed, so even moving forward, all new controllers that are released will adhere to one of the two different styles. That means that if you do go out and spring for either the Powershell or Ace Power, they should work as intended pretty much forever, save for a drastic physical change in iOS devices that would cause them not to fit inside the controller housing or something. If you can part with the money, being among the early adopters of one of these controllers wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, and I'm definitely finding myself curious enough that I might end up picking up one of them myself.

We talk about the controllers at length on our podcast this week, so be sure to listen to that for even more, but right now I'm wondering if any of you out there will be picking up either of these controllers now that they're available? If not, are you just waiting for more models to release or more games to be supported, or are you not interested in controllers period? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • LORE

    Yeah buttons are great, but not worth more than 100 bucks

    • Mauiwoweee

      Wow....... What a dissapointment on apple gamepads! That price is really ridiculous. Look at the controllers on the consoles like the "ps3/4, xbox360/1, and wii! They dont cost that much and they have more thing that the ios 7 controllers dont for examples, "bluetooth" is one of em. They also dont have problems with their buttons not workin properly according to the way it should be played on a game! But look at ios 7 controllers. They dont support bluetooth, the buttons dont even fit in to positions when playing certain games, and to make things even worse is its worth $100!
      Even the androids phones have better controllers and a fair price!
      But us apple fans 🙁 we finally get a controller that already is behind schedules on game controllers while android is about to get the oculous rift! And still We got to pay $100 bucks?! Apple, im really dissapointed. Im a big fan of apple but $100 is just ridiculous really.

      • Boony Tuesday

        For close to the same price you could pick up 10-100 iOS games or a PlayStation Vita TV.

      • Makako

        The PSVita TV is not here yet, but for just a bit more I can get a Nintendo 2DS with real games on it.

        The things are a bit too expensive, especially for no-Bluetooth play.

        If this were full gamepads... that may be a different matter. Right now that is what I am waiting for, the controllers that will have Bluetooth, Dual Analog sticks and all that stuff. These? These are absurdly expensive for what they offer, not to mention useless with an iPad.

      • Boony Tuesday

        I agree with you. If I had to choose between a gampad and a 2DS, I'd choose the 2DS. For half that price they could still afford to include Bluetooth connectability. It seems they are trying to cash-in on the novelty of controller before lowering the price.

      • addicted2games

        I share your distress bro, but its not apple letting us down here.
        Apple have done all they can by adding wireless/wired controller support to iOS 7. It's the companies that make the controller that decide the price and build.

      • DW

        I agree, they need to be less expensive, hoping the BT versions are cheaper, however the GameCase, I feel Is a fake marketing ploy to judge market reaction,apple does not list them as an MFi registered company so how are they going to make a controller?

      • Makako

        Agreed. I think these companies figured "these are iPhone users, some of them pay 60 just for a Oterbox case... we can get away with 100!!!"

        I see these things going down in price drastically post-Christmas, and all "extra battery" gimmicks going away in future versions.

      • darkcrayon

        Give it some time. Also, the Oculus Rift isn't even "about" to be introduced on Windows much less "Android". I wouldn't worry about that one too much. It or an equivalent will come to iOS when the time comes, but it's not any time soon anyway.

      • DW

        Lol, I agree, I myself am waiting feverishly for Gameboy oculus rift support.;)

      • Paver

        Gyrotroller has a stereoscopic mode that was intended to be used with the ios controller and the Rift, but the AV adapter washes out the controller signal. Perhaps when a manufacturer makes a bluetooth controller (which apple is supposed to support), the the Rift, the controller, and an iPhone mounted to the front of a Rift will all sing Kumbaya.

      • jfc1976

        It's the external battery that makes this so expensive. Those Mophie battery cases are 70-80 bucks on their own, so the extra 20-30 doesn't seems unreasonable if you're liking for the extra juice during long play sessions (makes sense, I get it).

        For me, I need the iPad compatibility and dual analogs - batteries not necessarily included (for me). Seems like $40-50 (with no battery) would be fair price for that.

      • EffExt

        The article only mentions two styles of controllers, the standard, which is a d-pad and four buttons and the extended, which adds the joysticks and two more shoulder. They probably only mention the two because they're the only ones available at this moment but Apple also includes another version in there framework. The other one is wireless extended, so most likely Bluetooth will be available in the future. The article also mentioned that most developers haven't had any time to use these controllers so that explains why some games may not have the perfect button layout. As time goes by there will be more options of hardware and more developers will actually have a controller in there hands to make sure there game works perfectly with it. I'm with you on the price, to expensive for me to run out and get it. I bet most of the $99 is paying for the internal battery pack that charges your phone while you play. I guess all we can do now is be patient and hope other companies get on board quickly because the more competition there is the lower the price will be.

  • LORE

    Yes! If its less than 50 bucks....

  • LORE


  • Mhunt190

    NO NOT NOW... WAY TO MUCH MONEY FOR A CONTROLLER rather buy some thing useful for $100

    • Alex

      We'll build our own gamepad with blackjack and hookers.

      • DW

        🙂 built it and they will come..

  • Lyndell

    Yes, though since I am a huge fan of my iPad and Airplay through the HDMI Adaptor, I might be waiting out for a stand alone, that doesn't use my lighting port.

  • SpacePenguinBot

    I just want a controller with good build quality that I can use to play games on the iPad. I will pay as much as $60 for such a device.

    • SoyGreen


    • Xissoric

      Seriously, I have no idea why it would cost 100 bucks for an iPhone controller, when it costs 60 dollars for a console controller.

      • Aaron Sullivan

        The battery is strong enough and lasts long enough to charge the phone itself. It's pretty simple actually. It's not just a controller it's a high-powered battery like the kind you can buy for $70 or so _without_ a controller.

        On the other hand, it's true that it would be nice to have one with a cheap battery at a price more people could afford.

      • jfc1976

        What he said -- it's the battery, folks!

      • mclifford82

        I'm pretty sure you have to pay a licensing fee to use the lightning / 30 pin connector. Doubtful it's that much, but it contributes to it.

  • BZoetic

    No. That $100 price point is an insult.

  • spsummer

    Zero chance I'd pay $100 for that piece of hardware, no way.

  • Kane

    I will when a perfect controller comes out. It has to have a good design, dual anolog sticks, all other standard buttons. Digital pad, universal (iPad support) Heaphone Jack, Durable/quality materials. Bluetooth, own power. Less than $60.

    • Brian E

      I'd budge a bit more for the price, but description seems good. Is there a way to get a device to have a good fit for both iPhone/iPad/iPad Mini?

  • wolfie9090

    First party apple, Bluetooth, own power, controller

    • 21tigermike

      Apple has already given you their first party controller. It's the Multitouch screen.

      • Ramaz1234

        Hahahahaha hahahahaha idk why but I laughed a good laugh at this

      • PresidentZer0

        PCP is a hell of a drug!

  • mikelite

    it's interesting to see the price points people assign to these things. Perceived value. Anyways, I ordered a MOGA. Was a little disheartened by the reviews, but I'll make use of the 30 day return policy & see if it's worth it.

  • Retero

    I would be willing to spend $100 provided it was a good controller. It's the cheap build quality that scares me right now. I don't want to be stuck with a controller from the first batch that is shoddy compared to what may be coming soon. I know you take a risk buying new hardware every time, but most things like new iPhone can be fixed with a simple software update. Once you buy one of these controllers, you're pretty much stuck with it.

    Also, the current controllers only work with iPhone, while I would prefer something that would be able to work with both my iPhone and my new iPad Air that is just screaming for a controller. For instance, the Gamecase controllers look like that have the potential to be what I and many other users will be looking for.

    So, in short I will buy a controller even if it is $100 provided it is all that a controller should be.

    • DW

      gamecase is fake.

      I got the moga contoller and it plays good over airplay, don't confuse bad home networking with airplay problems, make sure you are on at least Wifi 80211b/n (300mbit)
      Also I tried using PC airplay which was OK, download a util called "Airplay server" for your mac or windows PC.

  • repapermunky

    Absolutely not. Not for that price. I agree with you all; the makers of these products are insane to put such a high price on said products. No thank you; I'll wait until something comes out for under 50. Until then, I'm good with virtual controls.

  • Adams Immersive

    I'll get one for sure--maybe two! But not one of the first wave. Pricing, features, quality and game support will all improve. My iCade is enough for now!

  • jeffyg3

    Yeah definitely, whenever one comes out that I could put both on my iPad Mini and iPhone. I think the GameCase is suppose to be like that, so that'll be the first MFi controller for me

  • chrisblack22

    Waiting for a Bluetooth controller to use with my iPad.

    • Paver

      why not but a lightning extension cable and give it a try with your iPad?

  • hourglass

    When they release a Bluetooth controller, I will get one. If it is reasonably priced.

    • jabbasoft

      Wii remote is ok but you have to jailbreak - why not allow the use of common gamepads without jailbreak, or is this not revenue-generating?..

      • darkcrayon

        Well Apple also wants to guarantee any controller that works (A or B style aside) will work with any game...

  • Spudboy

    Eventually when the price comes down.

  • davidmdowning42

    They gotta free up the lightning port, or have one of their own on the outside. The reason I want one is to play with the HDMI adapter.

    • darkcrayon

      I think there's too much latency over the HDMI adapter for action games at this point (disappointingly)...

  • HandyMarco2010

    I would pay $100 for a controller but the quality has to worth the money
    and I just don't see it here. For that amount of money it should have
    real analog sticks not slider pads and it shouldn't just be made out of
    cheap plastic. I have no problem with the lighting port but it should
    also have the Bluetooth functionality so people can play with their
    Ipads as well. Also from several videos I watched they didn't work 100%
    and didn't always respond which is unacceptable for that price. I love
    the design and layout but its just poorly executed.

  • Joe Welke

    I'll get one when one comes out that is standalone, form-factor agnostic, has analog sticks, and has Bluetooth capability or, if it's Bluetooth lag that worries most people, its own Lightning cable so you can plug it in and play. It must be comfortable to hold and it must be well-made and durable, but not ridiculously huge.

    I will pay up to $60 for this.

  • Gamer1st

    Not either of these.
    If they release an iPad model maybe.
    If it blocks the lightning port no. I use it too much with the charger connected.
    If it has a pass through port I'll throw my money at the screen.

  • bigjack66

    No! I bought the ipod because it was touch controlled. If I want a controller I'll just use my Xbox. The touch screen is innovative controllers have been around for 30 odd years now.

    • Mauiwoweee

      If your satisfied then thats good for you but we are talking bout the ios7 controllers here. I mean why would they make a game thats meant to be played with controllers on a touchscreen? Its because we who want to play games on the go want better. And by better, i mean better games and better games are all on the consoles and pc's. And that kind of better requires controllers. We do not want 2 fat thumbs blocking out our view. It pains us . We want cool games like that on the GO!

    • DW

      Think the point is it's "mobile", or do you cart your xbox360 with you everywhere?

  • renzy18

    Does anyone know when they arrive to Australia Apple store or retails since they came out on UK and US ? note; I dont care what people think about the price or design and lack of bluetooth, airplay will be laggy and slow and i need it for my FIFA, NBA, LEGO, OceanHorn, ModernCombat etc

  • karnbadjatia

    The price tag is a deterrent as there is talk of a bigger screen size iphone 6..also, i would wait around to get the competition get the best out of the companies going in for this market..if had to buy today..Logitech inspires a lot more confidence in me than Moga...The build quality even in the pictures looks miles apart (Logitech being Superior)...

    • DW

      I agree, Logitech looks a better build.. Problem is no analog sticks,no analog triggers I feel this a must for pushing mobile gaming scene forward..with games like COD,Deadtrigger Ect.
      Only then can Apple start to compete with console / PC gaming scene.
      But maybe your just happy playing free games like pacman and all the iCADE rubbish?..if so go for the Logitech..which is...errrr.. The same price as go figure, don't mean to be offense just feel your not looking at the bigger picture.
      I agree with you on do the price tag on both the formfitting controllers is too high!
      I'm hoping the Bluetooth versions to be less pricey..with the added advantage of being able to use on iPads, freeing up the lightning port for HDMI big screen gaming.

  • wingsofdestiny89

    How bout using the controller in one of the upcoming "TA Plays"?

  • Jerutix

    I'd probably plunk down $30-$40 for a non-case controller, maybe. I don't know. I think it will depend on if we start getting games that are significantly better withe the controller. For now, everything is playable on touch screen since it's a touch device.

  • thebeat07

    Worth every penny. Got mine today. Just wish you can switch orientation to play. Offcourse its $100, cause its new technology and marketing strategy. Its good they even thought about it being an external charger.

    • WarMachine

      There's nothing new about this technology -_- and what marketing strategy?

  • VirtualBoyFreak

    No, I won't buy this controllers. Maybe if I was 20 years less I'd do, but now that I've got two children and play during my free moments, I dig more casual 5-minute session games, which work excellently on touch screens.

  • pauldavidmerritt

    I will not get one. They are a quick-sell fad on the market, and I do not believe any controller will supplement gamers' experiences to the expected extent on this mobile console. Hook, line and sinker, no bite. Many will be swallowing this hook, though--which will explain these controllers' short-lived success.

  • HardyRawls

    Give me a controller, separate or attachable, for my iPad 4 with all the buttons, especially dual-analog sticks and responsive triggers, that feels nice in my hands.
    I will shell out and fly the flag for whoever makes them.

  • senoo

    Too expensive, not worth it. Not buying it.

  • Niclas Johansson

    I'll get one when they're for ipad... and I'd prefer the $60 pricetag.

  • IMNS

    Just give me one as good as the 360 (or even the ps3) controller and I'll get one for my ipad even if its 100 bucks. Virtual controls are no fun!

  • Brett Deadrick

    I'm not turned off by the price point per se, but I want a stand alone controller or at least one that won't be obsolete in a year when I upgrade my phone.

  • wigzisonfire

    I agree with the masses. £99 is just freakin ridiculous. How do these money grabbing arsewipes sleep at night. The controllers look worse than controllers we were using 10 years ago. They look like that one controller that you had to use when you turned up to your mates late for a call of duty 4 player session and the only gamepad left was the cheap ass Logitech pad that no one wanted to use lol! Well and truly disappointed!

  • rockhount

    I consider buying a BT Controller as soon as they're out. I don't like buying new controllers just because my phone won't fit in the controller anymore (larger screens e.g.)

  • scamper

    Symmetrical sticks is a must. Asymmetrical Xbox-like controllers are a show-stopper for me.

  • dancj

    Nah. My iPhone is a portable device and it becomes a it less portable if I have to carry one of those things around with me.

    TBH, part of me hopes this doesn't take off. If games controllers become too popular there's a danger that developers will start getting lazier with their touch-screen controls because they're working primarily for the people with controllers.

    (I do actually own an iCade but I never actually use the thing)

  • derkoi

    Yes. I've already ordered a MOGA. Mainly because I'm a developer and never felt comfortable releasing controller support in my games without testing it. But if I wasn't a dev I'd wait for a Bluetooth version to use with my iPad too.

  • derkoi

    Also, I wonder if you can get an extension cable & plug into an iPad and the controller. No reason why it wouldn't work if you could get hold of a cable.

  • setarrif

    Okay I guess those controllers are more expensive than console controllers because of the included battery that charges the iPhone.
    This may be a cool feature for people traveling a lot, but it's a shame both providers don't come with separate products without that battery, for half the price...

    You cannot blame Apple for prices if the products aren't from Apple, right?
    I would rather blame Apple for not supporting existing console controllers!

    Form factor dependent devices are anyway a terrible idea to begin with, as every new iOS device generation may make such a controller obsolete...

    • Revlution4ever

      The PS4 controller comes with a rechargeable battery...just because it holds a battery doesn't earn it a 100 dollar price tag.

      • setarrif

        You mean the battery that supplies the PS4 controller itself: that's a very small and cheap one, with disappointing longevity as I heard from reviews...
        Here we're talking about a battery the CHARGES UP your phones battery, right?

      • Dman


  • Revlution4ever

    I'm waiting for a better one. I don't mind the lightning support. But, the only reason I want one is for FPS games and I won't pay $100 for something that feels like a happy meal toy (as per polygon.) the Gamecase intrigues me, but, there's limited info about it. It's too bad, I was hoping for a good one to be released before the holidays. Oh well.

    • Kane

      More like a - Fisher-Price toy to be honest..

  • setarrif

    Actually I wonder if the lightning plug on those controllers are for the battery charger feature only OR also for sending input signals to the phone...
    If it's only for charging that would mean they send anyway signals over Bluetooth (or suchlike) and would possibly also work with an iPad (-:

  • Be-Rad

    DOA @ $100

  • Kane

    Not at the moment, but the 'Bladepad' is one to watch. You can use it with iPad, but it will be detached from the device, rather than it being fixed on the device.

  • 72gaz

    Stand alone, Bluetooth controller for iPad with a realistic price point and I'll buy one today, as will many others I should think. Where are they?

  • Clusterdrone

    All we need it's just an ipad pad

  • cloudpuff

    Even when an iPad version comes out I'll not be getting one and not because of the price or because of the design, but because I prefer to use my touchscreen. If they were cheaper I'd probably still not bother.

  • DarkScience

    Personally I will be getting one but only cos I have been waiting ages for one and I want to play FPS games on it inline with no subscription charges!

    Yes the price is ridiculous. What you are paying for here is novelty. But how much satisfaction will u get from it? Tonnes if it changes how you play games on your ios device.

    Xbox and Playstation remotes have been around for ever but these are brand new, this is what ur paying for here!

    I thought about getting a Vita but the games are so expensive it's a joke, not like IOS.

    It's my platform of choice these days so I'm willing to spend money making the experience better.

    Might not be the case for every one, but it is for me!!

  • alawitous

    Bought the moga yesterday and it didn't work. Charged it for 2 hours and it shows it has full battery but won't charge my phone or connect to any of the supported games.

    • DarkScience

      Seriously! That sucks. Take it back to the store, slap them and get a new one!!

  • HansKaosu

    There are only certain games that would be improved with controller. If i would get one it would have to be for my iPad. Still waiting for one to be released.

  • stuartcarnie

    Yes, for development purposes. I am concerned that $100 is too steep and I would rather see a Bluetooth version, so I can use it with iPad and OS X

  • tsargeant3012

    Price to me isn't an issue, but I don't want to buy one that I can only use on one device (not my iPad mini) and that if the size of my phone changes next year, is then going to be incompatible.

  • renatpl

    I will buy for sure no matter what the price is, since i live in Brazil and it will almost certainly cost 3x more than anywhere else, like the iphone 5s which is launching today for 1500 dollars here...

  • cos

    I don't have any interest in a controller at the moment, but it's not really a price point issue. I carry my iPhone everywhere, and it's great for pulling out a simple game that I can get into for a minute or two and then get out. My iPad travels with me less than my iPhone, but I'll usually take it on my commute (which involves sitting for long stretches on a train) as it fits in a bag and is lighter and more portable than a laptop. That means I generally enjoy deeper games on my iPad, but neither situation is really conducive to carrying around an extra controller or action-packed twitch gaming. In my home, where I wouldn't have to worry about transporting or setting up the controller, I'd far prefer to game on a dedicated console.

    Now, if we ever get to the point that our iOS devices become true console replacements - get home, start up Airplay or plug them into the TV and play full console-style games on them - then I would want to keep a controller for my iOS device at home.

    • DarkScience

      I totally see ur point, personally I have almost no available console time through wife n kids, so ios games on phone and iPad are where I spend most gaming time.

      I would like a Bluetooth version to play both, blade pad looks good but not out yet.

      I want one to play with over the holidays. So I'll take the moga for now, then sell and upgrade when something better is out.

      • cos

        And that's a fair point too. Obviously my use case doesn't apply for everyone, with one example being a case like yours, where a person can't afford (in either time or money) gaming on an iOS device AND a console - if it comes down to one, having a phone is more of a necessity, so it would make sense to get a controller for it.

        I personally enjoy playing touch-based game when they're done right and take advantage of the differences between iOS devices and consoles - so usually being simpler or more strategic - and generally feel that consoles are better at "console-style" gaming. But if I didn't have access to a console, I could definitely see getting a controller to scratch that itch.

        As another point, there was a time that I didn't want a camera on my phone, because I figured that my camera was way better for taking pictures than my phone could ever be! Now my phone's camera is "good enough", so I don't even own a dedicated point-and-shoot. I currently find that my consoles are better at "console-style" gaming, so I don't want a controller for my phone - but I wonder how long it will be before phone + controller is "good enough" at console gaming that I find it an adequate substitute, and perhaps eventually don't feel the need to own a dedicated console? Obviously everyone's definition of "good enough" is different (some photographers might think that I'm crazy for not having a dedicated camera), mine just hasn't been reached yet.

        Look at us, having different points of view on the Internet and not getting angry about it!

  • Goggles789

    I'm holding out for the bladepad. It looks the best, has a great compact design, and works on both my iPad and iPhone. I got excited at the prospect of these new controllers that just came out, but was then disappointed that they are iPhone only. For a $99 price point, you should be getting more value and versatility.

  • Chris McNutt

    The price is fine with me... almost all the features are fine... except it doesn't work with the iPad which is where I do almost all my mobile gaming... so.. no sale.

  • zerilos

    I will pay $100 gor a well made BT controller that works with the iPad.

    • zerilos

      With analogue sticks.

  • TexRob406

    Obscenely too expensive to be remotely interested. $30 yes, $50 maybe, anything higher, no way in hell.

  • Dman

    I will be getting a controller but it will be a regular gamepad controller that you can use on both an iDevice AND a Mac.

    Not willing to shell out additional money this round of MFi devices that incorporate the iPhone INTO the controller until they improve their build quality.

  • mclifford82

    Nope. I'm waiting for a bluetooth version that isn't shoehorned onto the shell of the iPhone/iPad. I've grown accustomed to BT_stack and using the Wii Classic Controller

  • Mike

    I'd rather make that $100 rain down on a strip club.

  • JC

    Can't someone just hack the Xbox360 controller to work as MFi? I don't need a battery or a slot for my iPhone for my iPad.

    • Rusty

      Oh I wish this so much

  • Anarkie

    So I have to not use a case? That makes me want to shoot myself. "Chose your weapon" haha

    • Anarkie

      Maybe make a control built as a docking station for the phone. So you can pull the phone out and it still be protected by a case.

  • izzynobre

    I've said it a million times and I'll say it again:

    If iOS gaming was so fundamentally broken that it required a $100 add-on to be fun or engaging or worthwhile, there wouldn't BE an iOS gaming community. So, yeah, I'll pass.

  • DeInit

    Just upgraded from an iPhone 4 to a 5S. I've been gaming on iPad since the 1st model, and even with the new phone model, it's just too damn small. Good for a quick game on a crowded bus I guess, not the platform of choice though. So no controller until it works on an iPad, either through Bluetooth with the device propped on a table, or attached to its sides, in which case they better offer case compatibility. In any other case, no, not getting a controller.

  • Brink House Games

    I think connectivity over bluetooth needs to be included, as you could then pair the controller with an iPad as well, killing two birds with one stone. The game I'm currently developing would benefit greatly from this as it's an iPad only title.

  • Sean Magnoni

    I'll get one once there's one released with a decent dpad and the ability to snap on phones that have cases on.

  • HueyKablooey

    I actually went with Moga Ace Power. I love the functionality of it, I've played a few games with it, I like the fact that it folds up decently small. It seems to function as expected and even playing a game with Moga Ace and then Airplaying to AppleTV works out pretty good with a small bit of lag but nothing too crazy.

    The downfalls though are the lack of bluetooth support and the fact that it doesn't work with a case. When you don't have your phone installed it's a nice little controller and it would be awesome if it had a bluetooth connection, then you could attach the iPhone to the TV through HDMI and get rid of the lag and even better you could use it with an iPad. That would make it much more versatile to me and definitely worth the extra money. I've played Call of Duty: Strike Force with the Moga and it was awesome! Turns my iPhone into a console, maybe not the latest and greatest console, but a decent enough console to make it fun!

    The case issue is the bigger issue to me, I have the Apple leather case for my iPhone and I love it, but it doesn't work with the Moga at all. I have to take the phone out of the case if I want to use the two together, which is a pain! Bluetooth would have helped with this too as it would have given me a way to use the device without having to plug it into the controller, but they really should have taken cases into consideration. I would love to be able to plug in the phone with the case to the controller! Seems like with a tiny bit more planning on the design side they could have covered this with another set of inserts and a little more spacing around the controller. I understand that accommodating all cases would be a pain, but there are a lot of low profile cases out there that could have been covered.

    All in all, I like the controller, but I will be keeping an eye out for something with similar form factor with bluetooth functionality as I think that will be the perfect setup!

    • realitycheck

      the official iphone 5s leather cases are a pain to remove. there is no way the moga was going to work for me if i had to remove the leather case every single time i wanted to use the gamepad.

  • Paver

    I got my MOGA and made my game GyroTroller work with it. Rather than figure out the best mapping scheme, I settled on a good default scheme that worked for me and let the user totally reconfigure their button mapping and sensitivity. And the user can save their scheme between sessions.

  • SerapisB

    I won't be doing it until the design gets a little better and the size of the price makes it apparent that you're paying for the new idea and apple compatibility more than anything else.

  • karnbadjatia

    Gave both a shot and i believe that Logitech is still the better choice..quality, durability, ease of holding, weight and a lot more...

  • realitycheck

    i will get one but all the current designs are still 1.0... they need to consider that over half the iphones out there have CASES on them.

  • Brian Emershaw

    I'd really like a controller for my iOS devices, however I want one that is independent of the device itself. I want to be able to use the same controller with my iPhone as my iPad and hopefully, the Apple TV too. It should be similar to the PS3's controller, which had a battery, but one for itself, not for the device. If I want to play a mobile game for hours, I'll plug it in, thanks. $100 is way too expensive as well. Make a good one for $35. The battery doesn't need to be nearly as powerful as those for a console, and let it recharge off a mini usb cable. The first two out of the gate have too many limitations for the ridiculous prices.

  • krizspec

    Just got my Moga Ace and the only thing bad is that I want more games to support it the ones i'm missing are Streetfighter and Mortal Kombat but the games that do support it rock so far Dungeon Hunter 4, Oceanhorn and Bastion are awesome the extra battery also helps a lot was able to game quite a bit before my iPhones battery even started draining.