I knew we were missing some games last night in that massive release roundup, and it turns out The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - Panem Run [Free] is the first of many titles that released at weird times instead of with the batch of other games. Basically, if you're wild about The Hunger Games in a general sense and you also love Temple Run [Free], this is the game for you.

This does seem like a bit of a disappointing departure from the previous movie game, Hunger Games: Girl on Fire [Free] which not only was a really neat game, but was also essentially made by a dream team of indie devs. A Temple Run clone feels… Awfully uninspired, comparatively.

  • defunct32

    I was exoecting an RPG, lol, I still remember Eragon for the GBA, haha, that was sorta decent. Runner... Eh?

    • defunct32

      Expecting* damn touchscreen.

  • MkRwilliams

    May the evens ever be in your favour

  • http://twitter.com/mjselvig Fredrik Selvig

    Did you see that Castle of Illusion is out for iOS, too?

  • Boris Nguetie

    oh god this is soo original and worth mentioning!!

  • Trent Berlinger

    I tried playing it, but I'll have to try it on my iPad Mini. It lags on iPhone 4

  • eventide

    Oh a runner?? Yyyyyyeeeee..NOPE.

  • rewindx

    One of the best trilogies popular today, and all they can come up with is a dumb endless runner.

    • Taclys

      The main character is an archer and they can't do anything with a bow? Unoriginal.