Well, with all the other straggler new releases we've posted about today, what's the harm in having one more? Extreme Bike Trip [Free], from the creators of the Extreme Road Trip series and Pocket Mine, Roofdog Games, has also finally launched worldwide. It originally popped up on our radar two weeks ago when it launched in New Zealand along with all the other new releases of the week, and we even did a TA Plays video of it which didn't actually make it to our front page. Mostly because that initial launch was just a soft-launch. Well, after testing the waters in a couple of different territories, Extreme Bike Trip is now out everywhere.

If you are familiar with the Extreme Road Trip games then you likely already know what to expect here, and I gather you'll enjoy it as well. Extreme Bike Trip is a side-scrolling racer with loads of different bikes to unlock, customizable characters, and lots of cool power-ups. It also features an online multiplayer component so you can race against friends. It's free to download and try, so give it a look, and check out our forums for even more impressions.

  • Lazer Kat

    Love the gameplay.
    Unfortunately the dual currency system is really unbalanced.
    A $2.99 "cash pack" won't even get me a silly bear head for my rider.

    I can't even imagine how hard its going to get even one more of the many bikes.

    • repapermunky

      I haven't played it much so far, but I have enjoyed the gameplay, just as you said. It's pretty fun, but I'm not even too worried about getting another bike. There are games of the same type that aren't even as fun as this with just the first bike alone.

      • Lazer Kat

        Yeah, don't get me wrong, I love the game...but I see a ton of other bikes, and I know ill probably never use them. That's de motivational and makes me want to quit playing, if they were affordable (even with a grind) I'd keep going.