Last month Foursaken Media announced a long-awaited sequel to their genre-blending 2011 hit Bug Heroes, and this week they've released the first two actual in-game screenshots. The original Bug Heroes was a dual-stick shooter at its core, but featured elements of tower defense and a fairly robust character leveling system. The different gaming aspects blended together to make for an amazing experience, and Bug Heroes 2 looks to expand on that in many ways. The screens below show the new "two heroes on the battlefield at once" feature and the bottom screen shows some dastardly War Slug enemies.



In case you haven't been following along in our forums, Foursaken has been slowly unveiling which characters will be appearing in Bug Heroes 2 along with a small profile about each of their unique abilities. So far we've seen Aphid, Crab Spider, Termite, Moth, Ant and Cicada. And they all look awesome so far. Be sure you're checking out the character profiles and all the additional information Foursaken is dropping in the forum thread. All signs point to an early 2014 release for Bug Heroes 2, but we'll let you know once concrete information is revealed in regards to release and pricing.

  • Vicente Ragal

    This guys are just awesome. Love them, and their games. So much care, commitment and professionalism.

  • PresidentZer0

    Graphics look.. Not so good?

    • nini

      Yeah, I don't mind it so much but I was hoping for something more visually up to date than a game released in the late 90s.

      • nini

        I do mean the character design and builds, not the actual look (though it does look a bit unpolished).

      • DtheGOPkiller

        Play the first one. They have a free version I think. It's awesome. The look is part of its character and charm. The first one was the first iOS game that really got me into iOS gaming. The team of brothers are insanely devoted to their work and are my Fav developers. I really wish a BH game would come out on Xbox or PS arcade. Heroes and Castles is a great game as well. Would love to see them expand on that title as well.

      • Foursaken Media

        Thanks for the comments! But, admittedly the game IS unpolished, naturally. We still have weeks of development and haven't even come close to hitting the polish stage yet :p While the character designs are going to be subjective, many things (most notably the environments) still have a LOT left to be done. Maybe we should be more careful about releasing assets, but we're sometime a bit eager to share with our fans >_<

        Also, things you may not easily notice in the screens are reflections, real time shadows, dynamic lighting, normal maps, and other advanced graphical elements that really only stand out in motion. Not to mention that once again we'll be pushing out 50+ enemies on screen at once, which is a quite a feat in and of itself. Multiplayer base vs base battles will be quite epic!

        Anyway, we're confident once you guys see the game in action in a more finalized trailer, you'll be quite pleased - but more than that we're confident once you PLAY the game, you'll be even moreso 😉

      • LeeDot

        At the risk of sounding pedantic whenever I see people make comments like that I can't help but wonder how much the really remember about what games in the late 90's look liked. At the time 3D acceleration was just starting to take root and and most characters looked like they were made out of cubes. Most people would have shat themselves if they saw the visuals in Bug Heroes 2 back then. For perspective this shows where games were in the late 90's, and this is Quake 2, which was more or less at the bleeding edge of tech at the time.

    • DtheGOPkiller

      Have you played the first one?

    • dariusjr98

      Graphics aren't everything.

      • PresidentZer0

        Yes but ecstatic is kinda important don't you think?

    • WeMeet

      It's all about the gameplay and graphics are not that bad. Otherwise people with 4th gen iPods would be whining ( if it is supported at all,)
      I think the graphics are beautiful screw those gameloft games that have graphics but are absolutely boring

    • Xissoric

      I think that Foursaken Media has always been more about awesome gameplay than their graphics, although I think their games look great and it's kind of part of the charm.

  • DtheGOPkiller

    BH is in my top three all time games. This is awesome!

  • Eseres

    This looks like it might be fun 🙂

  • WeMeet

    Been a loyal follower since BH1

    • 7lilwhitewolf7

      Day dreaming till...