"Second screen experiences," as they've been dubbed, have been pretty lame in previous releases. The Call of Duty and Halo second screen content have been the best that I've seen, but even those were basically just a vaguely relevant web page being shown on your iPad while you play the game. Battlefield 4 Tablet Commander [Free (HD)] seems to change all that in that it actually supplements the game in a really cool way.

You can utilize the in-game voice chat, and actually interact with the battle taking place via unleashing UAVs, sending in support packages, or even calling in missile strikes. I don't have Battlefield 4 just yet, as I'm waiting for my Xbox One next week, so I can't give this a spin… But I'd be super curious of what you guys who do have the console/PC counterpart think of it.

  • MkRwilliams

    Just waiting for the division drone controllers now...

  • Dman

    Ah man, your getting the wrong console Eli. You should be getting the PS4!!! But to answer your question, YES I do like these Second Screen experiences. I believe they make the games on the consoles more interactive and fun. Plus, I
    Always have my tablet laying around with me so it's easy to do

    • Eli Hodapp

      I'm actually leaning towards getting neither. I cancelled my PS4 preorder a couple weeks ago when I realized there was nothing that interested me in the launch window and I'm similarly beginning to realize everything that I want to play on the Xbox One I can either play on my PC or 360.

      Might just cancel my Xbox One preorder too and see how this all plays out.

      • B3nlok

        The question is, how many out there are going through the same thinking process. A lot i would say. Between the ryse of mobile devices as legit gaming platforms, lack of backwards compatibility and small graphical leap compared to previous generations, I really expect a dramatic shrink of console market in the upcoming gen.

      • MiloTheBadKitty

        I think I'm actually bailing out of the console world, too.

        I went with the Retina iPad mini instead of either new console. Truth be told, I get far more excited about most mobile releases than most big console titles nowadays. Is that dumb?

      • lll Anubis lll

        I don't think anyone would think you're dumb after this Thursday. But seriously, ios games tend to have some innovation and are cheap... Nothing wrong with looking forward to them.

      • MiloTheBadKitty

        Agreed on the innovation. Shooting/blowing things up is fun and all, but sometimes something just shows up out of nowhere on iOS and does something new and amazing.

        Currently playing through Device 6, which is a far more interesting experience than Battlefield 4 will likely be, at least for me!

      • MonkeyChunks

        While kind of true, the lack of standardized controller is very important. I mean take closest thing to mobile device, which is one of the Nintendo 3DS (regular, xl, 2ds) , it is selling well and has many people of all ages who like to use real buttons, who like Nintendo franchises, who may also find it to be a better alternative to kids. Kids are by the way still and will ways be huge target customer base for all console makers.

      • Dale McLeskey

        I love my vita games for the same reason! Buttons and touchpad gaming together go awesomely

      • Atomos

        I did the same thing, I may still get the PS4 down the line but this Retina iPad Mini was definitely the better short term choice,.

    • Eric Ma

      The correct console is whichever one you're playing. There is no "wrong" console.

    • MonkeyChunks

      How do you know he isn't getting both consoles? Most of us dedicated gamers either get both now , if we can afford it, or I tend to have both anyways later. I ordered both and I do not find any significant negatives with either console except I would have liked to see more exclusive games for ps4 launch cause Knack looks lame and I don't like a killzone.
      What I am saying is being a "fanboy" is not helping anyone except the company you pick.

      I actually think this time round the consoles will be much closer to each other if not identical in game performance than with 360 and PS3. Precious two were slightly but meaningfully different in hardware, these new two are almost identical except different ram distribution . Same CPU same Video card manufacturer almost same ram size

  • ikari_paul

    Getting my PS4 today. Happy to ditch the Xbox for good. Might check out BF4

    • mysticmaven

      Poor sheep. Buy American.

      • metalmandave83

        Buy American made at Foxconn in China. You sir are brilliant!

      • ikari_paul

        Imo, youre the sheep here. dont buy microsoft crap anymore and the world will be a better place

        And NOT being american, thats another reason not to buy

      • MonkeyChunks

        I believe both systems are manufactured in China and when it came to ps3 and 360 I think it was even the same factory or factories next to each other.
        But most importantly, there is nothing wrong or harmful when American companies export labor to places like China. It helps America because companies get cheap labor and more money stays in the United States where money is concerned. Consumers in turn get lower priced products than they would cost if they were made in US.

        I'd say real issue is that Chinese government intentionally alters the currency value to keep these labor jobs, while USA has too much regulation which inflates wages above the real market cost of labor. Ideally we would have had similar living conditions and standards of the markets were truly free.

    • The_Blue_Sticker

      DAE XBONE h4t3?!?! XD

  • Chuck Ankenbauer

    Tried it this AM for both PC and 360, 20+ attempts, and never connects... damn shame, looks cool.

  • ste86uk

    Wondering why this isn't on iPhone it can't really be high spec or need the giant screen as I often taken over as commander on previous battlefield games and would have loved to do it from my phone.

  • Hampus Jensen

    Wohoo! Awesome!

    *Reads app description*

    "This application requires that you own Battlefield 4 on at least on platform, and that you have an active soldier of rank 10 or higher."

    Meh, whatever then. I always enjoyed playing commander in BF2 and BF2142 so would have been fun to get some of that through this app but there are way more interesting games than BF4 coming out right now, it's quite a way down on my list of games to spend money on.

  • Carl

    I got Battlefield 4 for free. It's too bad it wouldn't work for the 360.

  • 1337brian

    This is easily one of the best companion apps to date! As a fan of the Battlefield franchise I'm really glad they brought back commander this time around. As for the app it runs surprisingly smooth and runs identical to the commander interface on the PC. Voice chat works by selecting a squad and holding the mic button. Giving orders and deploying UAV's is as easy as dragging the icons onto locations on the map.

  • Taclys

    I'm curious to see if EA can make any mobile app that's not a piece of garbage (excluding PvZ2)

  • Phil_Lapineau

    Black Ops II and Ghosts for the WiiU say hello.

  • sivad

    This is an EA product, I wonder when they'll put timers on their console stuff?

    • Holcman

      *cough* stereotype.

      • Taclys

        *cough* truth in stereotypes.

  • spokentruths772

    I still don't understand why people buy consoles when they first come out,The best thing to do is wait maybe 2 or 3 months after the release (it'll be a little cheaper by then) and see what problems are with the console and see if that console has a nice list of games to keep you busy don't be that guy that goes and gets the ps4 or Xbox one just because its your favorite company

    • spokentruths772

      Or you could just get both :3