Mere days away from the launch of the PS4, Sony has updated their PlayStation App [Free] to start completing the massive puzzle of mobile and console interconnectivity. It seems like the killer feature of this is the ability to buy games on the PlayStation Store on to go which triggers them downloading and installing back on your PS4 back home. That seems pretty handy.

Additionally, it has other links to PSN alloying you to view friend activity, chat with friends, get all sorts of alerts, and even use your device as a keyboard for your PS4. The PlayStation App is also going to serve as the hub for their "second screen" functionality, blasting out relevant stuff to your iPhone or iPad along with whatever game you're playing on your TV.

I'm excited to see how second screen content is handled in the new generation of consoles. I was a bit underwhemled with Microsoft's Smart Glass functionality, but that was such an afterthought. The PS4 is launching with second screen functionality in mind, so maybe it'll be a bit more exciting? Either way, if you're getting a PS4 this week and have an iOS device it makes sense to grab this and be ready.

  • Gamer1st

    I'm rapidly losing count of how many second/third? screens I'm dealing with I have a shield and Aveda

    • Gamer1st

      That Should have ended with a Shield, a Vita,and an iPad.

      • iammane

        I am gonna tape all my screens together!!!

  • B3nlok

    People still buy consoles? I mean like a (big) stationary type of box that connects to your tv where you can play games with a joystick, the same way as people used to like 30,40 years ago with an Atari? Hah...

    • Snipyro12

      I hope that's sarcasm cos there are plenty of great console games that mobile games don't even come close to replicating.

      • B3nlok

        Its a sarcastic and facetious way of expressing my frustration with the lack of inovation on the gaming industry. I never suggested $.99 mobile games can overtake AAA quality titles. My criticism is more focused on why in this day and age I still have to buy an old fashion archaic box if i want to enjoy AAA content.

      • themostunclean

        What would you prefer to play on your TV at home? Some cloud device where you don't actually own any if the $60+ games, can't trade or loan, and where support for the game could be dropped at any time? Or use a mobile device that has limited power and 0 backing from big studios?

        That comment is ridiculous. You might as well ask why people still use laptops.

      • rewyan

        I agree with you, the industry is advancing so slowly. The next gen consoles look very much the same as their predecessors and will probably function much like them as well. I understand things are slowing down as gaming can only advance to a certain point, but surely they could do better than this.

      • B3nlok

        Yes! Thats exactly my point. For a moment i thought i was commenting on IGN or N4g forums. Anyway thanks for helping me with better words to explain this feeling of redundancy im getting with this new console gen.

      • Snipyro12

        Yeah, but what innovation are you looking for exactly? In terms of graphics we've reached the point where there isn't a whole lot of point in improving them any more (IMO, anyway).

        If you're looking for other ways of interacting with games - All the consoles are already trying to integrate motion gaming: which doesn't resonate particularly well with hardcore gamers who dont want gimmicky control methods in games like BF4 or COD.

        I mean it's not like any iOS game is particularly innovative - it's heavy limited by the constraints of a touchscreen device.

        My question is - what's the problem with a console being a box you connect to your TV? Are you looking for them to make it a device that you can carry with you at all times? Are you into the new control methods (e.g. Occulus Rift)?

      • B3nlok

        Get rid of the box. Its big, noisy, obtrusive...Feels so 80s/90s. Sell me a smart tv with gaming capabilites built in with a standard bluetooth controller. We already have Lg tvs with g6200 rogue GPUs integrated in the soc. Its not a stretch to expect in a near future a high clocked g6630 inside that should give you the wii u kind of performance.
        The same can be said of Mobile. People on gaming websites always repudiate the notion of mobile as a "real" gaming platform. The usual fallacy is almost always directed towards the lack of buttons or lack of processing power.

        The argument that phones/tablets arent powerfull enough to support AAA gaming is BS. Currently Iphone 5s g6430 scores 26.9 fps on Gfxbench 2.7. Adreno 330 is performing similarly . Thats more than what Intel Hd 2000 scores on the same test (18-22 fps). So theoretically rogue (5s)and adreno 330 (note 3) should outperform hd2000 in real world gaming performance. If you look for hd2000 videos on YT you will see that hd2000 performs decently in a wide range of AAA games. Do you know the "can it run crysis" meme? Yes, Iphone 5s should be able to run Crysis 2 at qhd with 20 fps give or take .Now imagine what we can expect in a year or two, when iphone 6s comes with a multicore rogue gpu and crushes Wii u in graphics.

        So yeah, the tech is (almost) there and gamepad support as well. So my question is, If next gen visuals are attainable on mobile, as my cellphone can technically run the same games my console runs and perform just as well why do i still have to live in the 90s and pretend the only way i can get premium content is on those boxes?

      • Snipyro12

        I own an iPad, and I know it's powerful. But that being said, I think there are plenty of great reasons why people refute the idea of mobile gaming overtaking console gaming.

        1) The direction of phone gaming makes me really sad. You can talk about the potential of the specs all you like, but the sad reality is nearly everyone developing games for phones are moving towards freemium gaming. 99.99% of mobile games don't need an iPhone 5S. For me, that's not the type of game I want to take off. I love my big AAA titles and there are basically no experiences like this on mobile. Oceanhorn looks great, I love that it's premium, but that's the thing - part of the big hype for it is the fact that it's premium. That speaks volumes about the state of mobile gaming.

        2) Controls do matter. Yeah, people complain about touch controls - because they just don't control as well. Granted, some games work amazingly well on touchscreens - e.g. Plants vs Zombies. But the reality is, most of the console experiences I love need a controller. Of course, iOS can have controllers built for it, but until they do, it remains a big problem for me that resulted in me buying a Vita/3DS.

        3) I don't really think the whole box under TV thing is archaic. I don't really get your concerns about it. It stays under your TV, you don't need to carry it around. Does it really matter if it's big? (I disagree that they're noisy, you can't hear your console noises if you're playing a game. I promise.) Why would you prefer the console be integrated in your TV? Unless you need the space, there's no benefit to that whatsoever. If you can't be bothered putting in discs, digital only is already a possibility,

        Anyway, I don't think your ideas are wrong, but as a gamer, I don't like that idea, and evidently, neither does the current generation of gamers. I have an iPad 4, I KNOW it's potential. But I certainly don't want that to become my main console - not without dedicated controllers and certainly not when 99% of major companies don't want to make premium games for mobile. The biggest barrier to iOS gaming getting rid of the console industry are the players themselves. They evidently DO and WANT to spend money in freemium games like Clash of Clans.

        TL;DR - I would prefer mobile gaming and console gaming stay as they are now. I love the fact that they're different. And I don't think there is a problem with a console being in a box. Just my personal opinion - and probably millions others who are hyped for PS4 and Xbox One.

      • Onikage725

        Keep in mind, this is launch wave. You can't judge this generation yet, as most of the games comi are one of two things- up scaled ports of games that were in development for previous gen before they got the new kits (Call of Duty, Dragon Age Inquisition, Titanfall, Crimson dragon, etc) or ports of PC titles that are easier to work with on the new hardware (Warframe comes to mind). It's going to be a yr or two before anyone really cracks open what the systems can do. And as a counterpoint- the same happens on mobile. I've yet to meet a game that my iPad Mini (1st gen) can't run. The devs are not utilizing all this new power, except to up the visual pizzazz for the higher end devices. Shadows here, more realistic water there. That's our "next gen" mobile experience.

    • MonkeyChunks

      I agree with Snipyro12 , mobile games are great and we like them, but console and PC games still cannot be replaced by mobile phones or iPads. I have a gaming PC but I still prefer to play on consoles because consoles make less fan noise and have exclusive games.

  • spike17spiegel

    Is this the supposed second screen experience that's only on iPhone? Where is the iPad version!

    • Deixa

      Forget that, where's the app? Not available where I am. When will this be out globally?

  • JJE McManus

    My itsabubble rant pt 2:
    You know what would make a good article? A count of the number of things that want to get plugged into our home HDMI ports and our private networks in general.
    Sony playing with "second screens" may not seem all that earth shattering. Just another company wanting to own the living room. But I hear amazon wants to sell me TV shows now as well. Something's up.
    Consider, either we're about to hit a renaissance of co-op games "the whole family wants to play" or something else is going on. Who doesn't manufacture a gadget that jacks an HDMI port with the same ton of non-exclusive services every other gadget offers? Seriously, can we compare Netflix with AOL CDs yet?
    This is not a holiday season I would recommend to anyone trying to make a reasonable secondary electronics purchase. Even the old standby "build your own PC if you want ultimate flexibility" seems quaint and outdated; destined for that farm upstate with the dodo and the carrier pigeon.

  • mantenner

    It's not showing up on the Australian store, is this because our release is later than Americas so we will get the update later??

  • Jzracin

    I like the idea of this playstation app where I can manage what I want to download on the go so when I get home its ready to go and i dont have to fool with it after a hard days work
    Thank you Sony

  • NoonLock81

    Greatness Awaits.

  • RunningWild

    It's next week in Europe and Australia.