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Man, there sure are a lot of free to play games on iOS where you build a city and attack other people. Who knew what Civilization would wreak? Well, Game of War: Fire Age [Free] seems to be a pretty popular new entry into the genre, and being a curious fellow, I naturally decided to take a look into it and see what was up. After spending some time with it, what I will say is that while it seems an awful lot like Clash of Clans [Free] and Kingdoms of Camelot [Free] on the surface, the path to success in this one is just different enough to require a slightly modified approach. Rather than give my usual list of tips, I'm instead going to offer you a guide to getting yourself established from scratch, all without spending a cent.

First off, as usual for this type of game, you have a main stat that takes into account your offensive and defensive potential, and building that up is one of your main goals. In this game, it's creatively named Power, and besides the actual troops and defenses you create, it also takes everything you build or upgrade into account. Also as usual for this type of game, you'll be drip-fed a bunch of quests, and if you follow them, your power will naturally build. But you've read to the second paragraph without scrolling down to make a sarcastic comment, and I see that glint in your eye - you want more Power, faster. Well, let's just show you how to do that, while everyone else fools around upgrading their farms because the game told them to.

Join An Alliance

The first tip I'll give you is to join an alliance as soon as you can. Alliances offer many benefits including protection from attacks and helping speed up your timers for construction and research. Until your stronghold reaches level six, you'll have access to a free teleport that you can use to teleport your city to a location nearby your alliance friends. This is important for protection purposes and coordinating attacks. If you've already passed stronghold level six, you can only teleport with the use of a rather costly item found in your alliance's shop, so it's better to do this while it's free.


You have 24 spaces to allocate to resources. There are a few different viable ways to go with dividing things up. Like in other games of this type, food is pretty important if you're going to have a large standing army, and you're going to want a large standing army, but there are some differences here that might lead you to take a different approach. Here are the three best methods I've discovered through experience and polling other players.

mzl.apbmfmra.1136x1136-75High food production: This is probably the most popular choice. With this style, you'll want to build 21 farms and have just one each of the other three resources. While you'll never have a problem with food with this set-up, and it's very effective early on, you're almost definitely going to need to find an alternative way of acquiring the other three resources, and that way is mostly going to be picking fights with others. Luckily, with all that food, you should have a pretty large standing army to do so.

Balanced: Another popular choice, as with this set-up you probably won't be short on anything too often. For this style, you'll want to build 10 farms, and four each of the other resources. This will leave you with two spaces to do with what you will, based on what type of units you favor. This is my preferred approach.

Low food production: This one is kind of risky, but I met a few high-level players that used this to good effect. In this set-up, you have one farm and spend the other spaces on a mix of the other resources. See, the funny thing is, while your army will consume food, they actually won't starve to death if you don't have any food. Naturally, you need food for things other than just feeding your standing army, but food is more easily gathered through completing missions and attacking others than the other resources are.

Planning Your City

Stronghold: As the heart of your city, leveling up your stronghold allows you to level up other vital buildings. As long as you've already found an alliance and cashed in your free teleport, you'll want to get your stronghold level up to level eight as soon as possible.

Villas: You're going to want a lot of these, probably around ten. Besides the four resources you'll generate outside the walls of your city, you'll also need silver. Silver is vital for research and research is vital for the next stage of our plan. Upgrade these villas a few times to make sure the silver is flowing. As silver is the one resource you cannot protect with your storehouse, it's vital to make sure you can re-acquire it quickly in the wake of an attack.

mzl.iuspsqre.1136x1136-75Gymnos: Make sure you have one of these and don't let it fall behind in levels. If the worst happens and you need to replace your hero, a properly leveled gymnos will ensure you aren't starting from scratch.

Hospitals: A lot of beginning players overlook hospitals, but they're absolutely vital. If you're attacked and you have no hospitals, all of the troops that fall in battle will be lost. Hospitals ensure your troops will be back up on their feet and ready to fight again. You'll probably want around six hospitals in the long run.

Barracks: Besides allowing you to train new soldiers, these give a defensive bonus and improve your queue capacity for your troops. You'll probably want about four of these for now.

Storehouse: This protects your resources, except for silver, in the likely event you are attacked. Keep it leveled according to the amount of resources you keep on hand. Don't let it fall too far behind, or you'll regret it.

Academy: Leveling up the academy gives you access to advanced soldiers, defenses, and more. As with the stronghold, you'll want to get your academy up to level eight as soon as possible, so that you can research advanced troops.

As you acquire the advanced buildings, you can tear down some of your extra villas, barracks, or hospitals at your own discretion.

Advanced Troops

The key to building your power more quickly than other players in the early stages of Game of War is to reach the second level troops as soon as possible. In order to unlock them, you'll need a level eight academy, along with a bunch of resources you'll probably already have at the time and 180,000 silver. This is why you want to level up your academy as fast as possible. As research consumes a lot of silver, make sure you aren't throwing your silver away researching any old thing before you unlock at least one of the advanced troop types. As you need to research each type independently, it's probably best to choose one initially and go for that one. Make sure any other research you do complements this goal.

Distributing Hero Skill Points

The top prizes on your hero's skill tree in the beginning are Troop Attack, Research, Troop Training, and Construction. These will give bonuses to your attacking troops and speed up the timers on research, training, and construction. After that, you'll want to make your way down the left side of the skill tree to reach the advanced unit type you decided on in the last section. Max them out, and after that, it's up to you.

Odds And Ends

Make sure you that whenever you play, you take on an alliance quest and a daily quest. They're just timers, so you don't need to do anything, and they'll provide free rewards. Don't forget to claim your rewards from the quest tab of the menu, either, because they expire after a day.

You can change your name, avatar picture, and hero design all via items found in the special tab of your inventory. The game doesn't really tell you this, so I thought I'd throw it out there for everyone who's tired of using the generic handle you start with.

If it looks like an overwhelming force is coming and your troops stand no chance, march them out to anywhere for a while so that they don't get wiped out. You can call them back after the flames have gone out.

After a lot of playing and talking to other players about their approaches, I believe this is a strong approach for beginners in Game of War: Fire Age. If you follow this advice, your Power level should soar, and you'll soon have a powerful army to be reckoned with while others are still wasting their time following the bread crumb trail. Have fun, keep your head down, and your stick on the ice!

  • spokentruths772

    Or you could just delete the game

  • lordyokomoto

    Yep I played a lot of these games out of all of then this one I have enjoy the most... It's very user friendly plus if ya in an alliance with peeps that like to spend money your in lucky cause for every purchase they make you get a free gift and depend in how much they spend in one go the better it is 😉 there's lots of other little free things in there but best to check it out for your self

  • yippers

    In a way, a win-without-spending-money run of F2P games is a self-imposed challenge; ie, low level/no upgrades run, no damage run, pacifist, solo-character, speedrun, etc. Imho, it makes the game more interesting.

  • Wedge598

    Much like U2 I've never been able to understand the attraction to these hugely popular games.

    • KevinZOMG

      I've been playing this a lot recently. Once you join an alliance and start interacting with your colleagues, it's a very enjoyable experience.

  • toxiccheese

    I don't play games that require a guide for spending as little money as possible. If a guide is required, then that just restricts the way I'm allowed to play the game. No thanks... There are plenty of other quality titles I can spend my time playing.

    • rewyan

      You've said that about a thousand times on every 'how to win wothout spending real money' guide.

      • toxiccheese

        And I will continue to say it, again and again.

      • rewyan

        I love freemium games, to be honest. The developer is challenged to make a game that people are willing to spend money on. They have to constantly update it with new content and have to keep close attention to make sure players don't get turned off. Basically, they are faced with the challenge of not just making a game initially appealing but keeping it entertaining for a long duration.

  • Ecko7123

    It is nearly impossible to win in this game without spending money, in my kingdom a few players have been known to spend thousands of dollars and there is absolutely no way to compete with that, that's massive army benefits and bonuses acquired over night. One guy spent around $40k and took the kingdoms wonder with his alliance. Not complaining over all because it's people who spend a ton of money on these games that allow the Devs to keep updates coming, but just want everyone to be realistic about it you don't pay, you better hope to fall under someone or be a pacifist lol.

    • Sensou-Ookami

      That's the problem with server Calafia. Paying players win all the time, must be so boring for them, easily tossing people to the side like trash. Then they get a huge head and become jerks. Slaughtering heroes like cattle without need most the time. I'm a pacifist because of the beatings. Hero is currently gone too, execution in a day and for no reason. The walkthrough should really say when you are picking an alliance, pick one that is friendly and/or allied with the nastiest players so you don't get slammed everyday. Alliance diplomacy is a BIG deal.

      • JakeMatthews

        Huge problem in Spica as well. One player went up 25 million power
        in a single night. The leading alliance (FNy) has blackballed dozens of
        alliances and keep them as "farming" alliances (note, these are not
        their bot accounts, but real other people). They intimidate other
        alliances into refusing Non Aggression Pacts with them so that FNy can hit them during the weekly 4-day kill event for prizes.

        bullies who are so powerful no one can supplant them or even challenge
        them. Their alliance has over 600 million power, the next closest has
        300 million (and is their closest ally).

        Hacks might be the
        answer in how some players shoot from nothing to amazing power in a
        single night. Maybe paying real money. Either way the problem is the
        same: honest players who don't spend thousands of dollars can and will
        never get ahead.

        It's the kind of game where if you can't afford
        to spend literally 10,000$ then it's not worth dropping a couple
        hundred bucks on (your money will feel completely wasted)

        To give
        non-players reading this an example: Depending on research bonuses,
        equipment, etc, it will take about 4 days to build 20,000 troops. And
        that's not to mention the time spent gathering resources for them (they
        overlap, so let's keep it at 4 days). So you survive a few weeks
        and now have 100K tier-2 troops, 35,000 traps (defenses) One of these
        higher level players will teleport in and hit you with 100,000+ tier-4
        troops. You will lose every troop you have, your hero, all your traps,
        and most if not all of your silver. They will lose about 20-30 troops.
        Then they will hit your alliance members. Everyone in your alliance is
        now burnt to ash, losing literally weeks of hard work in less than a

        This will take a higher level paying/hacking player about
        5 minutes. He will bust your entire alliance down to next nothing, and
        it will take you literally weeks to fix the damage, and in that week
        everyone will see you are week and hit your for major points.

        is what I mean by "farming" alliances. FNy keeps specific alliances in
        a cycle of rebuild-get-crushed and never allows them to grow. They
        don't allow them to make friends with other alliances because then they
        might actually grow stronger.

        That's how the game is. That's how
        it's run. You either pay 10's of thousands (or hack) to be crazy
        dominant or you are at the will of those who do. It ruins the game for
        all involved except the top dogs.

      • TSorensen

        "If you can't beat them, join them"

        If you are in a top alliance it is entirely possible to compete in this game for free. Will there be stronger players?...Yes...just need some on your side. As the kingdoms/strongholds mature it is possible to close the gap on the big paying players.

      • Robert1111111

        Tactics. You probably shouldn't let your power be vulnerable to being smashed in 5 minutes...

      • bleme

        You don't have to be wiped out. Build hospitals and use your hero points for health/defense. I only have t2's and can kill 25k of attacking t4's before I throw up a shield. Only an idiot would me twice.

      • Dub

        coordinates please?

    • Trust

      I play in Dema. Alliance Blue Scorpions has a player Blue8989. He has accounts in other kingdoms. He has spent roughly $400,000. He has 4 accounts all over 100M power and owns 2 wonders. We have many others in Dema that have spent $250,000-$350,000. T4 troop research takes 300 days, Any player with T4 troops is a major wallet warrior. Many kingdoms are just too young to have players with T4 troops already. Basically money is power. And it sucks to have bullies running a kingdom that have only accomplished it by spending absurd amounts of money. Dema now has several alliances over 1B power. Money will always be power. The Dev company Machine Zone is worth over 15 billion dollars. Insane how much money people will spend on a game. I have had to spend $19,000 just to stay competitive as I lead an alliance and need to protect my people. Dema is a crazy action packed kingdom. I'm sure many others are too. But just wanted to put the money aspect into perspective.

      • Diego Roswell

        your insane. to even consider spending that kind of money on a game so you can feel strong or liked in an imaginary world is insanity. to glue oneself to an electronic device, with no human contact except text messages, and spend a person's potential year's living expenses while so many other activities and human interaction can take place, is just messed up in a big way. I sure hope you are exaggerating.

      • Diego Roswell

        footnote: you sound like a drug or gambling addict

      • Bruce Farley

        I believe there is great exaggeration on the amount of money being spent. People build power quickly by participating in events where you can earn gold and resources. A strong alliance helps greatly in many ways. Stop touting BS about someone spending 1.2 Million dollars, that is ridiculous.

      • josh

        I'm sorry i have spent about $200. but that was money i put aside to play. if i cant spend it or save for something like this game then i still play just takes longer for things to do... with that said if someone has spent $400,000 then not only would they run there kingdom but could run all kingdom's with no worries of ever being attacked and lose anything in game you would have a hell of a lot more then 1 billion in power and no one could stop you, your defense would always read max t4 traps and over 1 million in troops no one would attack. unless every member in that kingdom attacked at the same time

      • Mdjdm

        They are addicts, its the way the game is designed. Its what i call a money hole game, cause its made just to get your money.

      • Trust

        Not exaggerating at all. And the game is by no means an alternative to real life. I've been active duty military for 15+ years. I have no gambling or drug use. In fact I play with many other soldiers and police officers. I was simply stating facts with my post, Not being wildly judgmental of anyone's character. And people are free to spend their hard earned money however they wish. None of my business.

      • Mdjdm

        I know its insane, but there are people who play this game that do spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. I play in a kingdom thats 30 days old, and we have many people with lv21 strongholds, which is simply not possible without spending alot(to me anyways) of money. And most of them are jerks and bullys who only attack weaker people so they can up their stats in leaderboards.

      • bleme

        You used to be able to play the game without spending but about 6 months ago they added a crap ton of research for SH21's. There is no way to get them without spending thousands and those with them will mow over anyone without them. I had over 300k of t4 troops and over 4 months I had never come out ahead defending a single strike so I quit.

    • Noname

      I think it is sad that they can't play a game and be successful without spending real money to do it. They don't have true gaming skills to become great...they only have bought power.

      • sophie


  • JJE McManus

    I've really enjoyed this series on how to play frugally. Nevertheless I'm dismayed that "playing frugally" is now a game mechanic.
    I like that this one was more a strategy guide. Playing on iOS is not necessarily a five minute experience.

  • Loke1988

    Gave this a try last night. One major beef, it only plays vertical and from one end. Happens to be of course the same end you plug the charger into the iPad.

    • Nathalie Vaiser

      yeah my lightening adapter cable is so bent now it looks like it will break any day :/

      • Loke1988

        I just got a small cardboard box out of the garage and cut two holes. Problem solved, enjoy!

  • BootsMcGhee

    Another Suggestion: No matter your preferred final buildout, when first starting, build 10 of everything. Doing so completes a quest and earns rewards for each set. You'll of course have to destroy and rebuild but doing so in the first few minutes, while your VIP is active, enables instant builds and tear downs. Total time is about 5 or 10 minutes at most and you'll jump about 50k in power.

    Also, when you first start you can hold off on advancing your Stronghold past lvl 5 - this enables you to retain use of the Beginners Teleport. Only the BT will allow you to not only move anywhere in your kingdom, but allows you to move into OTHER kingdoms - like new ones 🙂 In this way you can jump into a brand-new playing field and while most everyone else is starting from scratch you've maxed buildings to level 5 and have a huge jump on research, troops, and leveling your Hero. I've moved into a new kingdom w/ 200k power in this way. The downside is you can't be sure when new ones will open but judging by recent history they seem to birth them every 10 days to two weeks.

  • Sensou-Ookami

    Update to the walkthrough, kill events added makes this game a vicious circle. People with money loose their minds and ability of reasoning and mercy.

    • Diego Roswell

      agree it can be a dangerous compulsion like many others

  • JakeMatthews

    Fair warning: Prepare to spend literally thousands of dollars keeping up with the Joneses (or hack the game on your iPad); or be prepared to be bullied by those who do until you quit.

    This is not a game where you spend a few hundred bucks over the course of a month and have fun. It's not a game you play for free and have fun. If you are small time, you will be destroyed regularly like an innocent lamb wondering into a bear's den.

    • Jason

      A lot have hacked this That's what I want to learn, if someone can help me please do.

      • Deemonk

        I've beel playing for half a year now and haven't spent a penny. Yes, I've been zerod countless times, but I now have 4.5M power and just reasearched T3 troops. It's not that difficult. All you need to do is allways have sometbing going. Allways have a building being upgrading, something being researched, and troops gathering resources. And if your city gets razed to the gronud, rebuild. If you keep on being hot by the same player, random teleport. 9 times out of 10 they won't bother trying to find you again.

    • Dillion Andrews

      The game isnt always like that. They usually just attack you if you have troops during the kill event, or if you are stronghold 10 or above, so they can capture your hero.

    • Dillion Andrews

      I also havent spent a penny on Game of War. Unless you are trying to be the king or something, you shouldnt need to spend any money.

  • Kevin McCarty

    I use a hack for Game of War - Fire Age that gave me unlimited Gold, Chips, Stone, Wood, Ore, Food & Silver :). Here it is:
    bit. ly/1aHxeuw

    • KingRaijin

      Please send us a link to this program that doesn't require you to do surveys.

    • whostink

      U lie

  • TSorensen

    In my opinion this game far surpasses any other of the similar ios games of this genre, this is a true mmo and has real strategy. Be warned this is a time enveloping game to play well. There are no gold hacks for this game except credit card fraud. It is entirely possible to play this Game of War competitively for little or no money.

    First start a new sh. Use your first beginner teleport to port to a mature kingdom. SAVE your second beginners teleport! In mature kingdoms SH5s and under are pretty much ignored so are generally a safe place to build. Recommend porting to a lvl1 or 2 resource area (away from the wonder and alliance clusters).

    Build a gold mine/facebook link, save gold for adv teleports and upgrading the gold mine. If you are not a spender in this game it is very important to use gold sparingly because gold is required later in the game. Upgrade that gold mine, it pays off at high levels and gives gold for shields, VIP, lvl 21 upgrades. Also acquire gold via events and gifts.

    Join an alliance. At this point any alliance will do but better alliances gives a chance of making better contacts/gifts. Max build/research everything to lvl5...stay at SH5! because we are leaving this kingdom. Build troops, level hero as much as possible, save resources, save items, save for advanced teleports (loyalty or gold). ~2-3 weeks.

    Once you are maxed...wait for the next "new kingdom" to open. Use you second beginners teleport to port to the new kingdom on day 1. Start sh6. Now the key is to find and align with the big spenders/top alliance in the kingdom. Being a sh6 in a new kingdom makes you strong for the first couple is a good time to use saved speedups to stay in the upper power players in the new kingdom. Save an advanced teleport to likely move to your new alliance area/cluster. Being with a strong group gives protection, guidance, gifts, and the ability to build with less risk of constant attacks. That is your start...on your own to build from there.

    It is possible to get to sh21 spending little/no money. Gather gather gather or the better option is to build separate accounts to produce resources. Investing time playing the game closes the gap on spenders.

    At the highest levels this is a very social game and the real game is the war between alliances. It is not an easy game and getting attacked/zeroed hurts but once you get to high levels it is possible to recover relatively quickly if you are in a strong alliance. The key is to play with the hunters and not be one of the hunted. Good will need it...this definitely can be a brutal game.

    • Diego Roswell

      making multiple "alt" or "farm" accounts to get ahead in the game makes the time investment more of a full time job. Once again the addiction sets in and your life is pretty much over. This game, like all games that seduce the player into thinking they can compete without paying money to the hosts, eventually do, and eventually regret it and leave angry.

  • Political Smackdown

    saw a guy go to lev 21 in less than a day with like 91 million in gold. anyone have a clue how he pulled that off?

    • DemonofRome

      hes a whale

  • GASully

    If you teleport with your shield active, do you get to keep it or does it go away?

    • Stella Peisinoe

      It stays active unless you port to the Forest; and if you did attempt to port there you'd get a pop up message saying you'll lose your shield and asking you to confirm.

    • MAX J


  • camtheman4

    You said that this was a lot like clash of clans. It sounded like you meant that game of war copied clash of clans but that's not the case. Game of war has been out a whole lot longer than clash of clans

  • Nicole Maxine

    I use a hack for Game of War - Fire Age that gave me unlimited Gold, Chips, Stone, Wood, Ore, Food & Silver :). Here it is: bit. ly/gowage

  • RoyaleCharm

    probably he is rich in real or better yet living under a royals family where wasting tons of money doesn't matter that much to him. I do see both sides. In his opinion
    it would be considered stupid if he spent that kind of money when there's nothing good to come back out with in terms of investment in getting paid back and etc. but virtual goods which cant be resold vs. someone gambling for luck in casino to hit a jackpot. I know someone who invested 1000 dollars into a game and cashes out at least 20k a month. Now those are the type of games I would love to invest my money in. 2 things. Why? 1. you get to game/ trade 2. you get paid only if you are really good at the game/ virtual trading market. you can even go into real life tournaments for those who really want to get known for having "skills" in genres like fps. mmorpg. and etc. Probably he doesn't have that kind of skill in those games he played so again, money could be one of those solutions to make him feel like good in a virtual world. Gaming can be a getaway thing just like traveling, partying, and etc. However TIME will never go back. so whatever he did as long he doesn't REGRET it, it would be a worth of a fun gaming experience for himself.

    • RoyaleCharm

      p.s people VALUES different things in when making purchases too doesn't mean he lost his social life and etc. If you think about it only takes 2-3 min to make a payment process after that he just had to constantly instant upgrade and etc to become top one or w.e in few hours.

  • deann

    It wont let be advance teleport, it says incoming marches will follow me. What to do?

    • Cathy

      If there are incoming marches on your city, they will automatically hit your city when you port. If there are no incoming marches to your city, you'll be fine porting - just continue with the port.

  • Jacob Gordonski

    Yes I had this issue before the latest update but afterwards I got on and the screen was calibrated correctly

  • Krzysztofilluminati#666


  • Farmage

    Need farm accounts for GOW? Buy them instantly and easily now!

  • AppHeroics

    I disagree a bit with your approach on hero skill point allocation. I've found that initially focusing on Construction and Research, for which there are second point blocks down the right side of the tree, rapidly speeds up your progression in the game. Hero skill resets can be bought in the Alliance Store for a fairly reasonable 150k loyalty, so I teach my folks to stay in Builder Mode most of the time and then reset to a purely left side, battle focused allocation for kill events.

  • Krackajack

    What do you do when the big alliance in the kingdom starts extorting all the other alliances for resources? Is there a admin to contact or are they gonna let that many people just quit the game?

    182 Rofladia

  • edith mccrotchen

    Steal all of the gold off the ground and keep a peace shield up. Works for me. Haven't paid a nickel yet.

  • Diego Roswell

    No, well yes, I am, I played for a while and even bought some packs. MZ is a absolute pile of crap. This game is the worst. I just sold my account for $1000, thank God. I judge this game and all who play it to be dumfuqs. MZ will never respond to customer service complaints, dropped shields, lost troops, lost gold, stolen accounts. MZ doesn't give a shit if you lose your troops or gold from their countless server shut downs. MZ "steers" the game away from WAR which is what the game is named for, and toward stupid shit like monster killing, farming, and crafting. MZ put up coliseums for about three sessions then stopped altogether, no announcements, no warnings, AFTER selling colliseum gold packs with special transports. THE GAME IS A SHAM. Apple Itunes should be ashamed to be associated with these thieving Jew bastards.

  • Dark Money

    This isn't a how to win guide and to those who want to "win" getting to sh 21 is the last of your worries, t4 troop research is a pain although by the time you reach that stage you will probably be in a good alliance, and don't follow anything this guide tells you, t2 research is ok but they are weak, and having 10 farms is pointless when you have an army, I currently have 9 1 is 21 and the rest 20 I make 1.5 mil an hour and my t3 troops go through 5 mil, so you may as well have 4 farms and 2 more of the other rss,

  • Cinnamon Kent

    What is the "end game"? You attack someone else or go to battle with someone and it's win or lose but there's no reward. This game would be better..... MUCH better, if you could take over someone's empire when you attack it. It's called Game of War but there's no "war". This game is bordering on ridiculous. Software developers, are you listening???

  • Lance Junkin

    this cheat or any other cheat listed by users below do not work, do not waste your time. but on the other hand, if they are old and been addressed by "Game of War" developers they may have been blocked. having said that, if anyone has a current code that works, I'm sure I would try it also

    • sophie

      I can't seem to get my partners Atention since he started playing this game of war thing! even when i was in labour he was playing it!...un aware at the time, i begun to hear tale tails about this game....about naked pictures ...numbers...emails etc being sent through email, to gain repsect/ on peoples allinaces?? i don't mind harsh comments or whatever anyone has got to say. everyone has an opinion . Although i would apprecaite if someone could give me advice here!!! preferable a (lady)!! x

      • fugow

        My spouse played this game for a month straight and come to found out they were sexting some other person from the game. on a line chat app that the alliance used so be cautious. and if your partners name was RABBITT he is cheating on you.

  • soo

    I don't know why it has to be all or nothing. It is reasonable to be expected to pay something to be entertained for hours a week. You run into players that will obstinately impose no money restrictions on themselves. It will not kill you to spend little money to get some enjoyment out of the game. You are not going to finish the game without spending some money.

  • Тоні Монтана

    This tips don't help in anything i play this game for quite some time and I never seen people spending this amount of cash on a game before it's ridiculous your tips don't help on anything besides what the game guide already tell you to do lol if you want to be a good player you have to spend thousands of dollars weekly none stop and it's so addicted too because you have all this people on your alliance that keeps talking to you and that makes you want to be cool and be strong and spend too much money bottom line is this tips doesn't help in anything to people that wants to play for free there is not such in game of war everything cost lots of cash so if you're not rich stay away from this. But if you rich and like to spend money come to kadri the name of my minding lol

  • Allison Brown

    Only way game is even worth as a nonspender is to make a trap account and with all the kiddies with credit cards that can become tiresome fast

  • Bit O Honey

    The only real way to be able to compete against those that spend massive money is to simply get your ass kicked constantly and VERY slowly inch your way to max level. Joining an alliance is a not all that wonderful,its a double edged sword since While theres a chance of "strength in numbers" you are also painting a larger bulls eye on and your alliance will just get farmed by max level wallet warriors. Same with teleporting to an alliance "hive" paints a huge bulls eye on all that teleport there. It stops being a war game and turns into Farmville. With YOU being the crop 🙂