Twitter user @HansSatori came up with a neat idea this morning: Reinstall Monday. Five years in to the life of the App Store, there has been a ton of great games that have been released, well received by both critics and players alike, then forgotten in the tidal wave of newer releases. So, it seems to make sense to start highlighting games that were huge in the TouchArcade community ages ago, that you maybe already own, that are totally worth downloading again either because of insane amounts of content updates over the years or just because the game is great and you should play through it again.

If you think this is a cool idea, be sure to drop a comment on this story with what you think is worth highlighting next week! I also feel like we need a catchier name for this feature, as it's missing either some alliteration or a subtle pun.



I originally reviewed it all the way back in 2009, and did my best to explain the premise of the game-

An in-game tutorial walks you through the concept behind the game. On the simplest levels, you need to slide blocks of different colors in to the spaces on the game board with corresponding colors. When you slide a block, it moves until it collides with something, and levels often require quite a bit of planning as you figure out where everything needs to be moved and in what order to end up in the correct positions. As you progress through the game, new block types are introduced that behave differently and require new strategies to deal with.

Blockoban currently comes in two flavors- Blockoban [Free] which features a hefty amount of free puzzles with the rest available via a single $1.99 unlock. You can also unlock the solutions to all the levels for another $1.99. Alternatively, buying Blockoban Premium [$2.99] can save you a buck over buying both of the IAP bundles. Both include the same 6303 hand made levels to play through, which is enough content to keep everyone but the absolute most hardcore Blockoban players busy until the polar ice caps melt.

  • HansSatori

    Yay.. I started a thing. <3 :,)

    • jptsetung

      I'm glad you started it, it's my game 🙂

      • HansSatori


      • sam the lion

        You also made moonlights! I loved the game when it came out.. What a blast from the past!

      • jptsetung

        Yes, I have to update this one too for next "Reinstall Monday" 🙂

  • Jazzpha

    Memory Lane Monday

  • Rejera

    Have to say, it's a great idea.

  • sanitymops

    I love this new article idea. Great job @HansSatori.

    Here are a few ideas for a feature name.

    Throwback Attack
    Monday's Memories
    The Monday Re-Treat

  • dotie

    Monday déjà vu

    • sawyer4325

      Mondayja vu

      • CecilMcW00t

        I really like that name!

  • m34ch

    Yeah. More of this please! I just re-downloaded Galaxy On Fire after the recent price drops and had a ball replaying it.

  • Goggles789

    Honestly, the name is fine. I suppose "Rollback Monday" could work, but as the title stands it is so descriptive and effective that it's impossible to confuse what it's motive is. I vote for the next game to be Solomon's Keep. That game is tons of fun!

    • witedahlia

      I agree. Great idea, and I think the name is fine as is.

  • Nick

    Dungeon Raid!!

    Although it hasn't been updated in forever, it works fine on iOS 7 and on the iPhone 5/iPad 4.

    It's still one of the best games on the App Store, and is infinitely replayable.

  • whitestatic

    Memento Mondays.

  • SuperRockGames

    Blast From The Past Monday? too long?

  • burningzenithx

    Memetic Monday! Or is it too esoteric?

  • dariusjr98

    This looks awesome, I gotta check it out.

  • PsyberRaven

    What about Zombie Smash? Or Feed Me Oil?

  • GibbyGibson

    Great idea!
    Memory or Memorial Mondays?
    The next game should be The Bards' Tale. Probably the most complete game on iOs.

    • GibbyGibson

      Aralon S&S would be another great old game. Also: either of the Carnivores games / I, Gladiator / Reckless Racing or Getaway / Grabatron / Swordigo / SuperSonic / any NOVA game

  • InkyTheGhost

    Love this idea.
    How about Pix'n Love Rush, or W.E.L.D.E.R.?

  • Jacob Gehman

    Love the weekly article idea.
    I'd like to see you re-highlight Ozone, which is still a gorgeous, mesmerizing game.

  • jati

    "TA Replays" - or is this already in use for something else?

  • PBSNellie

    A great game i would never have discovered otherwise. Great idea, I guess you could call it "mystery Monday"--what unknown gems will we find today?

  • zomBeej

    I vote for ORBITAL. I still break out that game from time to time.

  • rseller1

    Great idea! I think this should definitely be a regular thing.

  • zigah

    Reinstall Monday sounds great!

    But also - how about ReTouch (Arcade) Monday?

  • Nycteris

    Reinstall Monday is a super idea!

  • Goggles789

    What if it was Throwback Thursday? Or is that too cliche, at this point?