Back in August, we learned that Chucky, the psychotic doll from the horrible/fantastic Child's Play slasher movies, was getting his own mobile game. And, it was an endless runner no less. Well that game, Chucky's Slash & Dash [$0.99], is now available in the App Store. The story of Slash & Dash is that Chucky is running through the Good Guy Doll factory where he was made. Of course, as the story goes, "Good Guy" Chucky becomes inhabited with the soul of a serial killer and mayhem ensues. As you run through the factory you'll collect batteries which can be used to purchase upgrades and additional weapons. You'll also run across security guards in the factory which you can swipe to attack and kill in gory fashion.

I've only spent a few minutes with Chucky: Slash & Dash, but it's entertaining enough so far. It's pretty much your typical lane-based 3rd-person runner, and mechanically things feel a bit stiff. Changing lanes, jumping and sliding could all be made a bit tighter, but it works well enough. Chucky himself has a really cool cel-shaded look, and senselessly murdering security guards using the killer doll has already been worth the 99¢ download. It's the sort of thing that's so campy it's hilarious, in a twisted sort of way.

There's a special promotion right now that if you download Chucky: Slash & Dash you'll get an additional playable character, Chucky's bride Tiffany, for free, as well as a special golden knife. If you like the Chucky movies, aren't entirely sick of endless runners, and have a spare dollar laying around, Slash & Dash is worth checking out, and you can find more impressions from players in our forums.

  • Dr.Pat

    WE ALL HATE GAMES LIKE THIS !!!! ELDLESS RUNS ARE BORING AND ALL THE SAME 🙁 please ignore Games like this Touch Arcade 😉

    • nini

      Also, I'd like to see far fewer reviews of RTS games, probably throw in some of those survival horror games too seeing as we're just telling people what to do now.

      • hourglass

        RTS is the only genre worth playing on iOS.

      • Opinion

        We should trade names.

      • sivad

        Thanks, I actually lol'd at that

      • Artfoundry

        Don't forget the match-3 games, the FPSs, the card battlers, and well, pretty much every other major genre... Oh crap, my eyes just rolled so far back in my head I can't be anymore!

        It's not TouchArcade's job to decide what games people like.

  • Taclys

    Coming soon: Saw the runner. Go fish the runner. Monopoly the runner. Kleenex box runner.


    • 2banrey7

      Saw the runner sounds good

  • ODMay

    Temple Run is the Michael Jackson of all (3D-style) endless runners.

    • Jake7905

      It's the most screwed up?

  • MaverickX12

    Chucky isn't Chucky without Brad Dourif. I'll pass.

  • PresidentZer0

    Wow. Slash AND dash. What more can you ask for?....

    • Deixa

      For it NOT to be a slash and dash

      • PresidentZer0

        I was speaking ironically, dude....

      • Deixa

        People get excited over a plate of food on Instagram. So thought you was for real

  • Zaraf

    The only good thing about that trailer was the music. I'll pass on this crap looking and playing game.

  • TrencH

    I can confirm (as I decided to buy it) that it's not broken but it is very subpar. I can think of many other runners that are much better. It just seemed to plain and dumbed down. I could go on but plain and simple other then controlling Chucky ( or his lady) it just fades in the background of my memory.

    I will stick with running unicorns and listening to Erasure.

  • Danny88

    Oh yeah "awesome game" absolutely no need. These types of games turn some kids into psychos WTF. I'm young myself but i just don't get the logic, the movies are awful and this game will never do well. I can see some random goth playing this at the back of a train or bus lol

  • Jake7905

    I wish someone would take this concept and make an OJ Simpson endless runner.

  • toxiccheese

    My favorite part is the terrible animation when he runs...looks like he's just sliding through the environment,

  • Hallow

    Oh Hell No!

  • christopherrocs

    Someone should make an endless runner with goals, more so then temple run, and a shop that truly helps you. Possibly a ninja fishing type system of an endless runner, that would be fun

  • ImLegend

    Found a big bug: any upgrade and bought weapon will rest to none after quit the app. Don't buy until they fix it!

    • ⭐沛霖⭐㊗

      too late ... i pressed on the buy button as soon as its a chuck doll dash & slash runner and i actually liked it ,lol

  • dwx882

    I had such high hopes for this, but was let down. The jumping is slow and clumsy, targeting guards often gets mistaken for switching lanes. Overall it feels rushed and incomplete and as it stands is not enough to recommend to anyone.

  • Di Hoc Roi


  • OutSpoken

    It looks shit, but am i surprised; the endless running concept is shit and boring these days too.

  • defunct32

    Also, I hate the movie franchise, adults who can't overcome a murderous possessed doll. Oh please.