With Halloween right around the corner, there's absolutely no better tip to check out Double Fine's Costume Quest [Free]. The console iteration was reviewed well, and as far as I can tell this is the cheapest the game has ever been (Unless you count paying the absolute minimum for the various indie PC bundles, I guess.).

Additionally, if you were really mad about the IAP mixup when the game launched where the iTunes description said Costume Quest's expansion was free when it actually wasn't, you can now buy both Costume Quest and its 99¢ expansion pack for less than the original price of the game.

  • ociris

    So is getting this game worth it? Or does Monster Adventure seem to be a better buy?

    • Matthew Ridgaway

      See my post, but yes it is. Haven't played Monster Adventure, and it'll probably be a longer lasting game, but Costume Quest is likely a better game.

    • MonkeyChunks

      Very good game made by Double Fine, a company known for top notch PC and console games. This game in particular is both cute and interesting. It might start off like a boring adventure game but it's just preparing the player for a surprise.

    • fransoccer

      I have purchased both and as fun as Costume Quest is id recommend Monster Adventures for a more entertaining and long lasting game

  • Matthew Ridgaway

    A great game. I have it on 360 and PC and it's become a holiday tradition to play through it every year around Halloween (and Grubbins on Ice around Christmas). Game only lasts 4-5 hours, and expansion lasts 2-3, but it's all very high quality.

    • ImJPaul

      Ha I have the same tradition with hocus pocus and rudolf too of course. Each on their respective holidays.

  • defunct32

    I love it! I bought it at full price when it came out along w/ the DLC, $8.56 well-spent, choppy frame-rate during battles aside this is a fun game to play!

  • metvane

    It would be great if I could actually get costume quest to work past the first loading screen