Frogmind's Badland [$0.99] is just one of those gifts that keep on giving. Originally launched back in April, this one-touch flapping adventure was already pretty fantastic in its initial release. Since then, it's been updated on an almost monthly basis adding in new levels and features. This week, in its seventh update, Badland gets a whole Halloween theme along with a new multiplayer level and four new multiplayer characters. If you haven't played Badland before, its same-device multiplayer mode is a hoot, so it's always nice to see new content in that area.

As a celebration of this latest update, Badland has slashed its normal price of $3.99 and is currently available for just 99¢. If you've skipped over it in the past or just somehow weren't aware of its existence, I'd highly suggest grabbing it for a buck as not only was the original release of the game more than worth it but it's been stuffed to the gills since thin with all sorts of new content. I'd imagine the new content train will keep on rolling, too, so definitely consider checking out Badland if you haven't yet.

  • Kane

    Updated 🙂

  • witedahlia

    Still play this one every day. One of the best purchases I ever made. Get it, people, if you haven't already!

    • cloudpuff

      Me too, the replay value is fantastic, one of the very few apps that will never leave my device.

  • Holcman

    "Stuffed to the gills since thin with all sorts of content." *then*

  • Jake7905

    Great game, great developers, and (as always) great update. Considering Badland is 100% IAP free, $1 is a complete steal. I paid 4 on release day and honestly feel like I got a deal, especially with all the new free content being added. (Day 2 is awesome)

  • Angus Gibbins

    Grabbed this during the App Store 5 year anniversary. Gonna get stuck into it tonight!

  • WhiteHadal

    man this game is just so awesome one of my favs for sure (:3)

  • Steve Winwood

    Great post I like it very much.thanx for sharing