comment_box_33-1-2Ok sports fans, we asked you a couple of weeks ago what Apple would need to announce at their October 22nd media event to get you excited to buy a new iPad, so it seems logical to ask what you guys think about what was actually announced. We covered most of the major announcements here, but as expected the big ticket items were two new versions of iPad.

The most interesting announcement to me was the iPad Air. The physical refinements weren't really surprising, it's thinner and lighter and mimics the form factor of the iPad mini with thinner side bezels and a similar back casing. The various leaks leading up to the official announcement basically spoiled all of those changes anyway, but still, they're welcome changes and the new full-sized iPad looks like a great device.

The more surprising part about the iPad Air is the name itself. Things got a little weird over the years when the original iPad was replaced with what was named the iPad 2. The following year, the third generation iPad was known as the iPad with Retina Display. Last fall's iPad release was once again simply known as iPad. Weird. At least calling it the iPad Air is more elegant than always having to refer to which generation iPad you're speaking of.

However, I've heard a lot of speculation about the "Air" name that leads people to believe there may be a "Pro" version of the iPad in the near future. Like the MacBook line, the Air is the laptop that's cheaper and has less features but has the benefit of being thinner and lighter, whereas the MacBook Pro typically has stronger internal hardware and more features geared towards "heavy" users.


Could a beefier, perhaps bulkier and heavier iPad Pro with more hardcore features be released early next year? I always figured the closeness between announcements of the third and fourth generation iPads last year was just a necessary evil to get the new iPad cycle pushed to the holiday season without having to go a year and a half in between new devices. Maybe, though, Apple wants to hit the holiday crowd with these "light" iPad releases and then unveil a Pro version earlier in the year.

Then there's the iPad mini. The second generation version of Apple's smaller tablet finally comes equipped with a Retina Display. Nothing else about the form factor seems to be changed, but that's fine, as really the only problem most people had with the mini was its screen.

What is very cool about the new iPad mini is that it has the same internal hardware as the iPad Air, rather than last year's iPad mini which basically had the internals of the then year-old iPad 2. Both the new iPads sport 64-bit A7 processors, but we'll have to wait for these devices to actually release and be torn down by those who make it their business to tear down gadgets and tell us what's inside them before we'll know for sure if there's true parity between both models. I'm really hoping they both have the same amount of RAM, and that it's 2GB of RAM to boot, but I might be being too optimistic.

Of course the biggest news of all for us here at TouchArcade regarding Apple's event this week is what wasn't announced. Not a peep about iOS 7 controllers, despite the functionality being announced at WWDC way back in June and iOS 7 officially being available for over a month. Plenty of games have been updated with the iOS 7 controller support, but strangely, we've seen a few instances of any word of that functionality being edited out of App Store descriptions, most likely at the behest of Apple.

Are official Apple controllers just not ready yet, and they're just trying to completely ignore the existence of controller support until they can scramble to get things in order for an official announcement? Or does Apple just not consider it a priority at all, and they'll just casually announce more about these controllers just whenever? I honestly don't know!


Also there was no talk about the Apple TV in any capacity, and we've speculated hard in the past about all the awesome possibilities of the Apple TV being an amazing option for a home console-like gaming device. Especially with official controllers, but… yeah, we still don't even know anything about those yet.

Apple also announced a couple new models of MacBook, detailed a price and release for the sweet-looking new Mac Pro, and unveiled a suite of completely revamped productivity apps as well as announcing that they'd be free. Oh, and the new version of OS X, called Mavericks? That thing is free as well, which is a pretty major thing.

There was definitely a lot of announcements at the Apple event this week, but was any of it anything you expected or are excited for? Are you getting one of the new iPads? When do you think we'll finally hear about controllers or something cool with their "hobby" Apple TV? As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Zeital

    Really happy about the mini having the A7 chipset. Is making me want it over the full iPad now.

    • Leo281993

      Agreed. Plus the new mini will have retina in a smaller sized screen. That results in greater pixel density.

    • Lazer Kat

      Wait before you make that decision.
      I have a sneaky feeling it will have 1 GB RAM, and the IPA while have double that.

  • Drizzt79

    The storage on these entry level devices is pitiful and the cost to upgrade storage is currently the biggest ripoff in the mobile industry, perhaps even in all of consumer electronics. Their margins on the higher capacity devices must be astronomical. I personally would like an iPad but I won't buy one on principal. 16 GB is too little storage these days and I refuse to spend hundreds more for reasonable storage. My loss I suppose 🙁

    • Bob Mayer

      Agreed. Apple really needs to move to 32GB being the minimum and 256GB being the high end. Or, Job's forbid, add an SD card slot.

    • bigrand1

      I totally agree! 64 GB? Can't believe they're STILL pumping out devices with only that amount of space these days, when games and apps in general are getting so big! Just a greedy money grubbing ploy to get you to 'rent' space in their cloud, which I'm not down with anyway. With the 4th gen. iPad with 128 GB out, which I have now, IMO companies should make devices with that amount of space or MORE, like 256 GB. Apple would rather give you devices with less space so you have to use their 'cloud', which to me is a greedy money grab. I'd rather use an SD card, but they're not interested in doing that. I'd rather have more storage in the unit right out of the box, myself. I don't have a problem paying more to get what I want the way I want it. Seems like Apple is just running on auto-pilot these days. Sure miss Steve's forward-looking innovation.... I definitely don't see any reason to buy any of the new products when there are no real improvements that are eye-opening at all.

      • 21tigermike

        Under no circumstances does Apple want you to 'store' anything in their cloud. They want you to buy the device you can afford, and that's , pretty much it.

        Many iOS games hit the 1GB mark, but many do not. How many games are you actively playing ?! More than 60?! WTF. The logic makes no sense. You can delete apps off your device and they'll still be available for redownload later on, easily.

        Yes if your device is full of HD video, etc, you should be storing somewhere, either with Google/Dropbox or one of the other bazillion online storage solutions.

        Also, heads up: if you have in excess of 100GB of ANYTHING, you are absolutely in the miniscule minority of the market. You should be used to 'workarounds' by now. Steve Jobs or no Steve Jobs. The 0.01% of people complaining that 64GB is not enough for their primary Smartphone... are not a niche worth serving. Apple would actually be acting recklessly if they were serving you.

      • bigrand1

        What a stupid, ignorant comment obviously by the same kind of person! You don't know what the hell you're talking about, so I won't even bother to reply to the moron that you are! Should open season on idiots like you! Go get your meds in order schmuck!
        Sent from my iPad

    • The Summer of George

      64GB is a tragic joke. Especially, on my iPhone, which I use for all my photo/video capturing needs. It fills up in an instant... and then what?? Delete certain photos and videos to free-up space? Move everything to an online server that I'll never access except when I'm dumping more files into it? Carry around multiple devices as a clumsy, workaround solution?
      And don't get me started on Apple's ridiculous Cloud storage situation... The pricing alone is criminal but the fact that the maximum size offered is only FIFTY FREAKING GIG is inexcusable, considering that's not enough storage to accommodate their OWN TOP END DEVICES!!!!!
      Great job, Apple.

      • Lazer Kat

        We are the minority.
        I know we need devices with more storage, but the 16 GB iPad is the best seller.
        For most people its plenty. Apple has no reason to stop selling it when its perfectly suitable for the majority of their users.

      • The Summer of George

        Which makes it all the more frustrating.

        But the 50GB max of Cloud storage vs. their 64GB iPhone/Pad is the real kicker for me.

      • 21tigermike

        It sounds like you need to prioritize.

      • xx99

        Check out other services like Everpix and Loom. Unlimited storage for photos at a reasonable price and many of the services (like Everpix) have great iOS apps. I just wish I could find one with video storage. For now I use Dropbox for all of that, but eventually my photos will exceed an affordable storage size.

      • The Summer of George

        Thanks for the suggestions.
        I'm currently using Dropbox to store all my photos/videos, which is filling up fast.
        Viewing photos off Dropbox is less than speedy, however, watching videos is not recommended.

    • Lazer Kat

      Their margins on mobile devices really aren't that high.
      They make money from apps.

      • tomj315

        So why they will be selling all their apps for free when buying a product?

  • philadendron

    Interesting that it's possible the "Air" moniker leads to a "Pro" model. What does that remind you of? Surface RT and Surface Pro? Poor Microsoft leads the charge on converging laptop and tablet and will still get left in the dust.

    Really begs the question, how in the hell do you compete with Apple?

    • raviadso

      Not sure if trolling or really dumb. Apple did "pro" before the Surface

      • araczynski

        He's probably referring to air/pro in the iPad line. I'm pretty sure a better version of the iPad is coming out in march as usual, but didn't consider that this is what might be going on, a split of the line like on the laptops.

      • philadendron

        I was referring to air/pro in the tablet line. Apple thus far has only introduced one version of their tablet, two if you count the mini, which is just a size difference. For awhile, it seems to be Microsoft's goal to compete with Apple by trying to converge laptop and tablet, rather than just compete directly with the iPad. And now, if Apple really does introduce an iPad Pro, they will be doing just what Microsoft has already done.

  • philadendron

    Also, super bummed about the lack of controller news. That's the one thing holding iOS back from being true king of mobile gaming. The hardware has the horsepower, the developers are there, now just finally give us a proper input method. Oh, and Nintendo, tap into the the freaking gold mine of porting your games to iOS once the controllers hit. Win-win for everyone.

    • Suji

      I doubt about the Nintendo though, if they have been just a little more considerate, i would love to play pokemon on my iphone.

      • darnoc703

        Jailbreak bro....

      • philadendron

        Right, but with jailbreaking you don't have GameCenter multiplayer, achievements, and the overall stability of an official release.

        Can you imagine Mario Kart with an official Apple controller, with 7 other people from around the world, on your iPad/iPhone? It would be fantastic.

      • PresidentZer0

        That's BS. I am jail broken and I have gamecenter multiplayer and all the features.

      • philadendron

        You only have them with App Store games. What I said was, you wouldn't have them with Nintendo games if you used an emulator. That's my whole point, there are tons of people out there who want those features, in first party Nintendo games, on their iPhones.

    • xx99

      It could be a disaster for Nintendo to jump to iOS. Don't get me wrong — I'd love to see it happen and I think they should at least try it just to see what happens. That said, Nintendo relies on exclusivity to sell its consoles. You know how many 3DSes and 2DSes they're going to sell this quarter because of Pokémon alone? If they brought their most beloved franchises to another system, who would even bother buying their hardware? People say Nintendo is in dire straits but they're just not there yet. They have enough cash to float for at least 25 more years even if they never have another hit console.

  • JJE McManus

    The presentation I though was dull overall. Only the Mac Pro really sparked my attention. Everything else seemed like just incremental improvements.
    Make no mistake, I'm on an iPad 2. I'm primed for a new iPad and iPad Air has a lot of what I'm looking for. Still I just may hold out until March and see if there might be a little bit more for me to get.
    I was surprised at the lack of anything controller. I really don't know what they are thinking there. After all the holidays are coming for controller manufacturers as well.
    Not surprised at no AppleTV. I suspect they are holding out until the console brouhaha simmers down. In addition more app devs will need to support the controller API. For those reasons I think Apple can hold back and wait for the market to start lusting after some new thing.

    TLDR: I'm buying a new iPad in 2014. Everything else was just window dressing.

  • squabs

    Apple isn't really doing anything new, they've gone back to making new models of successful products like with the mac in the nineties, they never take risks by doing something completely different. I'm not a Steve jobs fanboy but at least he pushed innovation in new directions. Maybe they will make iPad pro but how would they differentiate between that and mac book air. Also Steve Wozniak was quoted saying he'd like a 256 gb iPad, the air storage still maxing out at 128. So another year more of the same, though I didn't expect anything different

    • Taclys

      What would be the innovation, though? When I had my iPod 2nd gen, I had a list of improvements I wanted done to it, other than make it stronger. Graphics that weren't pixelated, external speaker, external microphone, more UI customization, and so on. Those have all been filled, so what now? The iPhone 5S brought the thumbprint sensor, which is pretty neat.

      • squabs

        I mean something completely different, like the original iPod was, those are just evolutions of existing products, I don't have a problem with that, it's just so predictable, another year, a slightly different iPhone, iPad and mac. I would like to see iwatch, etc, some kind of variant of google glass like Microsoft is developing, apple just don't stand out as much from competitors anymore which is a shame

      • Taclys

        I think they need to make the iDesk. An entire table, with the screen of a massive iPad. For uh, businesses, of course. Not massive gaming, of course not, hehe.

      • squabs

        Yeah something like that, actually if they made a google glass clone they could call it "ieye" can't see it happening but I would buy it on the name alone people would salute you and call you captain

      • Suji

        Or iSeeU? You can remove the U.

        If your asking for something really different, then that would be when Steve Jobs was still alive. The iPhone and iPad was really new that time, not now though.

        Rather than an iDesk, i would love hologram or any holographic technology anytime now. I don't want to be too old when the time comes when that kind of tech would be created.

      • HelperMonkey

        Steve Jobs was opposed to the idea of the iPad mini. But the mini is great. And I'm looking forward to the mini 2.

      • Suji

        I was gonna buy iPad mini when it was released but i didn't know it didn't have retina display, so when i found out, i didn't buy it.

        I still don't know the reason why it isn't in retina in the first place. After all their release already in retina, why release a less pixelated and less powerful iPad mini when they can do it like the new ipad mini today?

      • 21tigermike

        "I still don't know the reason why it isn't in retina in the first place"

        Cost. It costs too much to make a profit at a 'mini' price point. I'm sure you assumed as much.

      • Suji

        But what happens now is that they are making one in retina isn't? Not only that also the latest A7.

        Meaning they took a risk at releasing an ipad mini, so why not go all the way out. Costing too much can be solved by producing less, or producing it on certain countries and see how it goes.

  • hourglass

    I'll be getting a 128 gig Mini.

  • Taclys

    I won't update simply because my current iPad 3 is holding up excellently. However, if I did need to update, the iPad air looks amazing.

  • Retero

    I'm gonna get an iPad Air but getting hesitant. I don't want them to release and iPad Pro two months later and have wasted my money on an $800 air. (128gb) And I'm pretty sure the iPad Air will be faster than the New iPad Mini or else the Air would have a ridiculous battery life compared to the mini considering they have the same depth and thus making the iPad Air bigger for no reason besides size.

    • Retero

      However, if they release an iPad Pro with a new OS and allow the air to be upgrade to it I will be happy with that.

  • Zaraf

    I'm glad to see the 128 GB storage option. It's probably a 99% chance we will see the next iPhone iteration have 128 GB as its top tier capacity.

    • Pray For Death

      The 128GB option has been around for a while. It started in January 2013 with the ipad 4.

  • worldcitizen1919

    We have an ipad 3 and ipad 4 at home. What need would we have for an ipad Air?
    What am I missing out on? I can do everything I want fairly fast and I get very good graphics on games. What's the selling point? What is the need for an ipad Air? When my Ipad 3 plan expires I'll definitely think about it but do I need one? What for?

  • Goggles789

    I really enjoy the fact that they made the iPad Air so thin and compact. It's remarkable how much technology has evolved. It was just 20 years ago that graphing calculators were the "thing" to have. I could see myself grabbing an iPad Air in a few years, once my iPad mini is outdated significantly. I also enjoyed how all their big software is being offered for free. That's a great step in the right direction

    • Lazer Kat

      Unfortunately the iPad Mini 1 was outdated the day it was announced.
      Thankfully it jumped two generations with the iPad Mini 2.

      • Goggles789

        While the iPad Mini was outdated in terms of hardware and such, it runs all the up-to-date software so it will suffice!

  • 72gaz

    Controllers anyone???

  • skatter

    I have an iPhone 5s and an iPad mini...and with the new announcement, I think I'll be happiest with a refurbished 4th gen iPad. Don't get me wrong, I love the look and weight of the new iPad air and iPad mini (retina...drool) but I'm very very torn.

  • Phantom Bruiser

    I get every new iPad on launch day (I pay my landscaper to wait in line for me at the Apple store.) The same thing goes for MacBook Pro and iPhones, sometimes I'll go every other one if I just don't feel like updating. What I'm saying is, I buy a lot of these products, and there doesn't seem like any big improvements over the current line up. That being said, I'll still buy the maxed out Mac Pro for work, and maybe a couple iPad Airs for stocking stuffers for the holidays. When the new products come in, I transfer content and then throw the old ones in the trash. No recycle, no re-sell, in the trash. Just because I don't want it anymore doesn't mean someone else should have it. I know it might seem wasteful, but I don't care; I'm just so full of hate it's all I can think to do. LOL.

    • squabs

      Well I'm going through your trash right now (can you hear me?) haven't found anything good yet, just a few android phones

      • Phantom Bruiser

        You're probably going through the servants trash; my family would be far more likely to own an actual android before we would use an Android device. I did say I throw the old ones out when the new ones arrive, did I not? The new ones have yet to show up, so you're wasting your time.

      • tomj315

        Wow, you need to relax. Just because you hate apple and still buying every single model of iPad comes up it doesn't mean you can depressed everybody out here.

      • Guest


      • Phantom Bruiser

        You misunderstand me, I love Apple. I own a large amount of their stock, that's how I'm able to type this from my yacht made from recycled Apple IIe, Eagle, and Pippin casings. My hate is for humanity, and partially, myself.

  • tomj315

    These products, the iPad Air and the iPad Mini are not designed to replace them every year, because they are so good and long lasting.

    The target of releasing a product like this, is for making it the best tablet in the world, and to win the tablets competition, even just for while.

    When I first saw the new iPhone 5c, I wasn't excited at all. It was made of plastic, it looks like the nokia lumia and the iPhone 5 looked just disappear from the world.

    But when I first hold it in my hand, I really felt how it's amazing. The quality of the plastic is amazing, it's stylish, well designed and looks precious like everything apple makes.

    So maybe we need to see the iPad Air and to feel it in are selfs to judge the product. And maybe, it's unbelievable like the rest of the apple products, and then, we will not be able to wait one more moment before we buy it.

  • setarrif

    To me it feels like the best (and only) idea they had was to call the new iPad "AIR", enabling all sort of speculations about a "PRO" version that COULD bring the real new stuff: the thumb sensor, up to 256 GB storage, a bigger 16/9 screen and more battery life, A7X... But what would be the price? Ok, rumors, go go go!

    • squabs


  • Sven Van de Perre

    I was hoping for controllers and new iPad / AppleTV's that have low latency, so we can take it to the big screen. But I wasn't really dissapointed, because I know there's a high chance that dream will never come true. Apple only enters a new market (in this case, the home console one), if it can make a real difference. And with Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo giving it the best they got (well, in case of MS, it's debatable, but you know what I mean) it doesn't look like this is the moment to join the fight.

    So now, I hope that maybe they'll add it as a side functionallity, when they do that big AppleTV upgrade that's been coocking for some time. In one or two years, iPads will at least be closer to PS4's, so that might be the good time to hop in.

    For now,, I'm stuck with playing Oceanhorn on my iPad.

    • Out5poken

      Unless they describe the work they do on games controllers etc.. a hobby project; like they do with the ATV. So there is no pressure or commitment to out do the competition.

      • Sven Van de Perre

        Hm... I dunno if they want too many "non competitive" projects out there. They needed the TV thing to push all their content and as a central hub for music (lots of people have their best audio hooked up to their tv), but they don't 'need' to be in the game console business. As it is an end station, not a gateway to other markets.


    This is what I think is going to happen in the next year or two or even three: The iPad and iPhone are 64-bit and next year there will be two generations of iDevices with 64-bit therefore the 32-bit will be going away slowly, but it will. Now OSX is at version 10.9, if I'm not wrong, so they will either release 10.10 next year and start this then or release 11 in two years; Anyway when they do they will either have two or three generations of iDevices behind with 64-bit and these will be able to be one or close to being one in system with the MACs and blur the line of desktop and mobile devices even more. I don't want them to be the same, but I think they can connect in a deeper way.

  • dancj

    I'm holding out for benchmarks and news of the ram before I decide whether to upgrade from my iPad 3.

  • IAmTheNightRider

    "...The following year, the third generation iPad was known as the iPad with Retina Display. Last fall's iPad release was once again simply known as iPad..."

    Actually, the iPad 3 was marketed as "The new iPad".

    It was the iPad 4 that was named "iPad with Retina display"

    The fact that you got both of these wrong shows that this was indeed a branding fail for Apple, and demonstrates the need for a more memorable moniker such as "iPad Air".

  • armilla

    Appreciated the mini getting a significant upgrade in horsepower, but it's not exactly surprising (a newer, better version of what you already have and desperately want!). More disappointingly, no mention of controllers despite many high profile games supporting it via their latest updates. I find it somewhat insulting - come on now, Apple - you've profited off of gaming for years now, show some respect.

    • Sven Van de Perre

      Some friends of mine have a good theory for this. Gaming is already way too big on iOS. Apple needs it's products to be "for everyone". So if they push the games part even higher, the rest is just going to fall behind even more.

      I agree with you that it's not nice to us gamers and indie devs, but in the long run, it would be bad for us too if the gaming crowd pushed non-gamers towards other, non Apple devices.

  • BulkSlash

    In all honesty I was a little disappointed. I was hoping to replace my iPad 3 with an Air, but the lack of Touch ID and seemingly an identical spec to the mini have put a slight damper on my enthusiasm.

    I'm not sure why all the Air models are more expensive than the equivalent minis when it must surely be more expensive to put the same spec of components into the mini. Maybe the Air will turn out to have a faster A7 chip, but none of the announcements so far have mentioned any difference which makes me wonder what (if anything) is different with between the mini and the Air now other than size?

    It's like the Air is the premium model without any actual premium features. Maybe Apple want to discontinue the 10" form factor and this is their way of getting everyone to migrate to the mini? Or maybe there's an iPad Pro on the way...?

    Also, still no game controller announcements? Boo! 😉

  • jeffyg3

    I don't see very much reason to upgrade from my iPad Mini or get a full sized iPad. If they added a proper stylus pen that can be used throughout the OS like the one on the Microsoft Surface 2 with an eraser an the other end then I definitely would have gotten a new iPad as it would have been perfect for college taking notes on the powerpoints and other things. Also a detachable keyboard like the Surface would pretty much make it the ultimate tablet...but that isn't a biggie as the stylus. I am so itching to get the new Surface 2 for college, but damn, Windows 8 sucks and don't really like Android very much at all on tablets. Ah well, hopefully Apple will catch on with the stylus, until then Apple hasn't really given me any reason to upgrade whatsoever.

  • iammane

    I think it's pretty interesting how the iPad Air, mini with retina and iPhone 5S all have the same guts (SoC wise, maybe not RAM wise). I think this is the first time? Anyway, interesting to see...

  • rewyan

    It makes absolutely no sense why Apple Continues to sell the iPad 2, which is three generations old. It would be like them selling the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 4 but not the 4s or 5. Apple can really be irritating.

    • Out5poken

      I agree with your point, but I can only imagine that the iPad 2 probably still outsells all the other iPads! minus the original.

      • Bob Mayer

        Theory that I've been seeing is that they are hanging on to the iPad 2 because of the 30 pin cable. Schools with lots of legacy hardware need a way to add additional iPads without maintaining 2 separate infrastructures.

    • 21tigermike

      The iPad 2 is the cheapest (full) iPad, and still sells very well. You know who doesn't give a crap about resolution? Enterprise customers. Salesteams use iPad 2s, and high end restaurants use iPads for menus, and lots and lots of retail stores use iPads for check out stations.

      It's selling well, why kill it?

  • NickyNichols

    I'm gonna need to test drive one of these devices out, so I can make a thorough review. make it happen, TA!

  • araczynski

    I like the concept of a line split (air/pro). Perhaps they could take all that meaningless space savings and put it to good use, I.e. Refilling it with a beefier battery and more storage, and of course the A7x....and gods forbid some stereo speakers....

    • Out5poken

      I thought the iPad Air comes with stereo speakers? it certainly looks that way from the grills on the case. Which leads me to my next question, does the original mini have stereo speakers, since its the same case design?

      • araczynski

        spec page says 'stereo headphone minijack' and then separately 'built in speaker'. since its singular and there's no 'stereo' qualifier, i'm assuming its just a double grill to make it look nicer. i guess they still expect everyone to use all their mobile devices with junk on their head/in their ears.

      • dancj

        Even if it was stereo it'd be useless because it they're positioned for portrait use rather than landscape which is what 99% of games and pretty much all films use.

      • araczynski

        ideally they'd be on opposite ends of the widest parts, not all on the same side, one more reason to get developers to stop making annoying portrait mode games 🙂

  • HelperMonkey

    "The power of lightness" is a terrible hook. Terrible.
    (Maybe: "Be Light")

    • hourglass

      Or maybe "Let there be LIGHT!"

  • peaThere

    hey everyone just wondering I want the iPad air but I'm worried that the new iPad in March is worth waiting for. What would be the difference between them. Thanks again

  • swatbot

    New iPad looks fantastic, though I'm pretty happy with my iPad 4. I am however at this point, considering dropping Apple from my list of future laptop purchases. I can get an i7 Alienware laptop with a decent graphics card far cheaper than the 15" MBP with the rebranded 650M that will push $3000 after sales tax.

    • andrew9oh7


    • hourglass

      Yeah, but Dell is trash and not at all future proof. With Apple, you really really get what you pay for.

      • swatbot

        Not sure what you mean by future proof because the Intel 5100 certainly isn't my definition of future proof, and paying more for less isn't my definition of getting what I pay for.
        Option B for staying with Apple: buy refurbished models from last year. This year's models are quite underwhelming.

  • mudd

    I'm more worried about the future of iOS gaming than I am about new hardware specs. Free to play has pushed me away a bit from mobile gaming, whereas 2 years ago, it was my primary platform.

  • GaZ-OiD

    iPad air is basically what I expected and wanted. I'm really interested to know how much ram it has as I will be disappointed if it still only has one gigabyte.

    Mini iPad has thrown me with the A7 chipset! So the choice is for the same cost a 32 gigabyte iPad Air or a 64 gigabyte iPad mini?? Decisions decisions!! lol 🙂

  • Out5poken

    I was neither surprised or underwhelmed by the event.

    Out of the two new iPads, I would definitely buy an iPad Air, but i'm hoping for an iOS 7 jailbreak before I do, as I don't want to give up using xbmc on my iPad 3.

  • Rustrobot

    It really seems like Apple is keeping things quiet until they have a proper showing for the controller support. Perhaps we'll get this with the rumored Apple TV update? That way they have time to get a bunch of games that support the API when it's officially announced.

  • tomj315

    I need a refresh, and it's the best upgrade after the same-looking iPad 2-4. Apple has just added my first language to the supporting languages in iWork , and this is a great thing for me, because I was still stuck in parallels desktop on my Mac, and for those who don't know what is it, you don't wanna know.

    Plus, it's coming for free, so it's really a huge upgrade. And it can be so easy to write works, or making a keynote, or everything else.

    Apple has done just that, so the least that we can do is to check it out.

  • Zenfar

    Excited about iPad Air can't wait to see it in person at an Apple Store, wonder when we will see the iPad Pro?

  • FelipeCP

    I was all set to buy the new iPad Mini (sold my old iPad Mini a week before the announcement) but the jump in price ($100 more here in Canada) is just really disappointing and I can't believe more people aren't upset. Bought a used iPad Mini again and this will hold me over until next year.