It's been a slow process, but Mojang is still plugging away at Minecraft - Pocket Edition [$6.99] in order to make it a more feature-complete version of the popular crafting adventure game. The folks at Droid Gamers offer up some new details on what we can expect from the forthcoming 0.8.0 and 0.9.0 version updates to the game.

Chief among them is the addition of Redstone, which is a material which allows for electrical currents and makes possible all the nifty moving machinery you can build in the game. While Redstone may end up in the 0.8.0 update, it may not be fully functioning at first, and rather will be just another resource you can mine and collect. The features allowed by Redstone in order to make moving components could be held off until the version 0.9.0 update or later. You will be able to craft rails and minecarts in version 0.8.0, but again powering them with Redstone will likely come at a later time.

There are a few other cool new odds and ends in the 0.8.0 update, like new food and block items, walls, and 3D clouds, which are detailed further at the source link. The 0.8.0 update for Minecraft - Pocket Edition is planned for a mid-November release, so we'll keep an eye out for it to hit sometime next month.

[Droid Gamers via Pocket Gamer]

  • Smokey956

    Infinite world

    • zdanee

      Not gonna happen anytime soon...

    • Shadowking2214

      0.9.0 according to the devs

      • deadfolk

        Really? I hope so. It's the most jarring omission for me.

  • Earth Vs. Me

    I still can't belive they're charging 7$ for a beta.

    • Parkingtigers

      Hey! They are NOT charging $7 for a beta.

      They are charging $7 for an alpha.

  • Taclys

    I might actually start playing it mobile again

  • heresandypandy

    Every post about Minecraft PE should contain a complimentary link to Survivalcraft until they actually get anywhere close enough to it to justify charging almost 3 times as much.

    • dariusjr98

      I second that notion.

    • Holcman

      Minecraft has way too many memories for me to ever get another game like it. I know SurvivalCraft is good; I don't want to be one of those guys who hates on it for being a "copy." It's just that, for me, I could never get into a Minecraft/Blocky Sandbox-like game.

    • DemoEvolved


  • Holcman

    I've been waiting for this for forever! Finally I can actually mine redstone instead of avoiding it like the plague. I don't know what I'd do without TouchArcade keeping me updated, thanks, guys!

  • rewyan

    And I can't believe I wasted money on the Xbox 360 Edition....

  • cloudpuff

    My little daughter will be chuffed to bits when I tell her this in the morning. By the way she is desperate to play online with others and I've looked about and all I could find was info saying its likely to be paid service other than that I have no idea how to get her to play with others, if anyone would be so kind as to point me to where I could find this info I'd be very grateful. Thanks.

    • Marvin

      Google "realms for minecraft pe"

      There's a certain process in creating a game for multiplayer. They have said they may charge multiplayer later but right now it's free, you just need the info

      • cloudpuff

        Thank you for the help, it's appreciated.

      • Marvin

        You're welcome

  • loophole

    I thought the trailer was a trailer for the update:(

  • Ramaz1234

    :/ /: not sold yet. Junk Jack X still blows this game away

  • anabolicMike

    JjX is good. Terraria is awesome too. Like as in I think I prefer it to jjX. Weird to say eh? Anyway, survivalcraft just added some items to its electricity stuff. It's ridiculous what you can do. It puts redstone to shame. Minecraft who? lol

  • ooooh

    How about some caves and a decent world size? Then some real bad guys like the ender men and finally spells and enchanting with the end thrown in for good measure. This is what I expected years ago to be honest 🙁

    • MeagleCraft

      They are rewriting the code. That can't remake all of PC in a year!

  • Michael Scott

    As much as i like MCPE, i do believe the devs are really f'ing lazy. Every update sucks and isn't worth the wait. For a company with millions of gamers.. the devs are making ultra slow progress..

  • wojovox

    Are there still really no caves?

  • LanceAvion

    Seriously guys just buy SurvivalCraft. Mojang's progress is glacial.

  • br4nd0n

    Awesome! Now we can expect 0.9.0 release around 2015

  • Raketemensch

    They already have infinite worlds working internally, but it's a matter of neatly handling how a potentially infinite amount of data can fill up the very finite amount of resources available to a tablet.

    Personally, I'm somewhat annoyed at how slow development for PE is going. It sold in ridiculously high numbers (10 million copies out of the gate), and Mojang doesn't seem to have shifted development resources accordingly. Looking at the Xbox version and the PC version, the PE version is very much ignored. There are long stretches between releases, new functionality trickles on what, 3 times a year? Maybe 4? And that new technology is baby steps.

    Realms is way behind the expectations they set when they announced them, and client updates are dragging out with seemingly not much in them. I had really high hopes for PE, but they're dwindling rapidly.

  • BallsBusters

    When is the update coming out

  • Corbin Duncan

    Infinite world not coming until 0.9

  • creeper!

    Don't worry guys the next update will be out in 2073 just wait

  • Cheeseboy791

    It's November 30 when is it going to come out it said MID-NOVEMBER!!!!

    • Matthew

      Expect it really soon. A game like this has a really complex code so even fixing bugs is a fair challenge for even the best programmers. Having to add a new code is even harder so you can't expect them to have updates coming out left right and centre

      • Cheeseboy791

        I found out that on December 8 it's going to come out on iOS

      • Matthew

        Thanks for the update cheeseboy