battlefieldEA's storied Battlefield franchise has graced the mobile platform in the form of 2010's Battlefield: Bad Company 2 [$0.99 / $0.99 (HD)], an enjoyable enough though heavily stripped-down version of the console game. In late 2011, it looked like EA were aiming to up their Battlefield game with an iOS-exclusive entry subtitled Aftershock which showed significant improvements both in terms of visuals and features.

However, a few months later Battlefield 3: Aftershock finally landed in the App Store and it was a total disaster. To its credit Aftershock did indeed look quite pretty, but with a heavily scaled back arsenal of weaponry, no single-player component to speak of, and an incredibly broken online multiplayer, the entire thing was just a mess. EA recognized this and pulled Aftershock from the App Store just a couple of weeks later, and the following month announced that it wouldn't be returning at all. I guess it was just easier to scrap the whole thing than try to fix the game's many flaws.

So after that whole Aftershock debacle, EA would really have to bring it to restore Battlefield's good name on the mobile platform. According to a recent interview in The New York Times with EA executive Frank Gibeau, a new "high-end and high-performance" Battlefield game is in the works for mobile. This new game is apparently separate from the Commander functionality which will let you interact directly with the upcoming console and PC release of Battlefield 4 via your tablet or smartphone, which was demoed at E3 this year and looks very cool.

Unfortunately, no other details regarding this mysterious new Battlefield mobile game were divulged. I'd guess that this new game will utilize EA's Frostbite engine, which was revealed to work with "all major mobile platforms" back in May of this year. Battlefield 4 on consoles launches later this month, so we'll just have to kick back and wait to see if any further news of this new Battlefield mobile title surfaces.

[NY Times via Gamespot]

  • thecool111

    It will probably be free to play, want more grenades or energy? It's only $9.99!

  • BlueFalcN

    Maybe this will combat the Call Of Duty game that came out earlier. Hopefully this one will be better

    • Nekkedsnake

      my exact thoughts. COD: ST is, IMO, a worthy mobile game. much better than BF2 iOS which, while i did enjoy playing, didn't finish. i mean if EA could release BF2 mobile, why couldn't they pull off Aftershock? i remember my thoughts after installing and initially attempting to play it: WTF is this crap?!

  • PresidentZer0

    12v12 multiplayer on large scaled maps please

    • zergslayer69

      As much as I'd LOVE this, I think we'd be plenty lucky just getting 6v6 to be realistic. Not that the latest ios devices can't handle 12v12 or anything but then the ipod 4g people will be complaining that 12v12 is lagging. =|

  • ikari_paul

    EA, please take advantage of the new ios controllers

  • jailbreaker

    The Frostbite 3 engine is Dice's engine not EA's!

    • davidonabus

      .. and EA owns DICE. Therefore.. EA is paying for the Frostbite engine. EA owns the Frostbite engine.

  • NOEN

    Lol. I forgot about that whole Aftershock debacle. That game had problems everywhere!

  • Shadowking2214

    New Frostbite Go engine a while back made me hope for this and thank God it's happening,can't wait for this to happen. Hopefully a cool campaign and multiplayer are in it

    • Der-Kleine

      If the campaigns for the PC/console games are anything to go by I wouldn't expect much in that department...

      • Shadowking2214

        I don't expect the campaign to be incredibly perfect but maybe somewhere near BF3 in the writing department is what I'm hoping for. The AI needs to be better than in BFBC2 on mobile. If it has a great storyline though I'll still finish it.

      • Zeldaniac

        No, you can't move right now. No, don't shoot. No, you can't run. No, don't switch weapons. Okay, NOW you can have fun.

      • Der-Kleine

        Hey, you know how we have all that awesome vehicle tech and it's really fun in multiplayer? Well this next level will start on an aircraft carrier, so yeah, you probably know what's coming...


  • B30

    Title suggestion: Battlefield 3: After the Aftershock

    • PureRumble

      Funny! Cruel, but funny! 🙂

    • GameIoft


  • dariusjr98

    I REALLY hope this is good. BFBC2 on iOS was a mess, and I'm glad I got it for free.

  • maomaoyinpei

    Free to play, pay to win

  • PureRumble

    The thread in the forums say that they aim to bring the same experience across all platforms. That is an ambitious aim, but as you know the console version is premium.

    Doesn't that raise the possibility (albeit still slim) that the mobile version should also be premium?

    Wouldn't a freemium mobile version put a huge difference between the two platforms in regards to experience?

    But maybe I'm just a fool trying to get my own hopes up. After all, this is EA. :-/

  • TJ

    Battlefield 1942 or 1943 or even 1944 for iPad

    • Lazer Kat

      BF1943 for iPad would be perfect

  • Kane

    Battlefield: Strike Squad, trust me.

  • Taclys

    What we want: premium game for $7-$10, no forced IAP, optional IAP expansion packs released in the future, 10 vs 10 or 12 vs 12 large scale multiplayer maps, NOVA 3-level graphics, customizable controls, and detailed multiplayer level up system.

    What we may get: free, energy bar, dual currencies, 4 vs 4 or you vs bots, NOVA 1-level graphics, detailed multiplayer level up system BUT extremely harsh exp curve that can be boosted with premium currency.

    If EA does most of the developing, we'll be getting the freemium crap.

  • byoungmoneyyo

    Hahaha this had me thinking about how bad Aftershock was.

  • fishypandaman

    Why would you dump this information on me? It's like telling us that Christmas is coming but you can't say when.

  • iValerio90

    "oh no.........your soldier is broken.......just pay 100 gold coins for repair "

  • ZarieoZ

    I really hope it won't be freemium, I broke my don't-put-anything-EA-in-my-watchlist rule and added this. Hope they do well by their customers this time.

  • Anna Finch

    Great news to me . how much i will have to pay for this game? please some one tell me .