We have lots and lots of previous coverage of Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas, mostly because it's been in development for almost two full years now. It's a Zelda-inspired action RPG from Cornfox Bros. and FDG Entertainment, and ever since that first announcement all that time ago people have been chomping at the bit to get their hands on the final product, ourselves included. Well today FDG sent along a brand new screen of Oceanhorn, along with the information that there's a hint to the release date of the game hidden within. Take a look.


I've done as much detective work as I'm capable of doing, and really the only thing I can come up with is the release may fall on the 7th of either November or December, due to the 7 arrows in the character's inventory. Sort of a lame guess, I know. However, even more fitting with the idea of a release on the 7th is that November 7th, 2011 marks the day that Oceanhorn was first unveiled to the world. That was the day Cornfox started the upcoming thread in our forums and the day we first brought the news of its existence to you here on the front page of TouchArcade. That makes it kind of a meaningful day, don't you think? There also might be something to the actual file name of the screenshot: "Oceanhorn-and-it-is-hard-to-hold-a-candle-in-the-cold-.PNG" Hmmmm....

I pressed FDG for some confirmation to these theories but they're remaining tight-lipped, but will be announcing the official release date soon, so be sure and check out the forum thread linked above and we'll let you know when we can all finally get our hands on this highly-anticipated game. If you come across any other clues in the screen above definitely let us know your theories in the comments section below.

  • squabs

    In 7 days? That would coincide with new iPad release

  • Zeillusion

    I see skeletons and bats, also I see the 7 as 7 days (: for halloween! That would be epic.

    • iPhallex

      I'm thinking the same. There's no turkey or snow, so I'm thinking Thanksgiving & Xmas are out. Maybe at the Apple Conference coming up?

      I estimate this will be a HUGELY popular game for iOS when it comes out, and Nintendo will have missed out big time for not putting out an iOS Zelda title.

      • Jason

        Buy a 3DS. If you are waiting on iOS titles from Nintendo, you are in for a looooooong wait (i.e. it will NEVER happen).

      • Nemerlebb

        Who's the moron who thumbed this down? Of course Nintendo is not gonna release games on iOS. It's making boatloads of money and there's something called "pride" left in our world. They would prefer to sink than sell their licences to others. Period.

  • Crimzzen

    I second Halloween.

  • Reydn

    If you consider the image a clock face, the character is facing to the 7-ish position as well ... But my guess would be with the Nov 7th release as well.

  • shieldser99

    Cannot wait!! I Hope they adhere to what Zelda fans want, given the delay I think they are perfecting this game.

  • sakara214ever

    7th of November. I agree. Hoping this game will be Epic.

  • andywynn

    Its a guns n roses reference guys. It's hard hold a candle in the cold....November Rain! November 7th it is.

    • themostunclean

      Right on the money. I knew there was a reason for the dash after "cold", I just forgot my GnR lyrics. I am ashamed!

    • http://buzzabit.com/aaron/ Aaron Sullivan

      That sounds almost irrefutable. Nice work. I've been looking forward to this, but it cuts SO close to Zelda it's kinda disappointing to me at times. Not that I won't enjoy it, I'd just like them to mix it up a bit more than stalfos and keese and clay jars and pushable statues, etc.

      • andywynn

        I hear ya man. Though as I don't carry a 3DS around with me, a little Zelda on the run can only be a good thing. I am hoping that they have a few surprises up their sleeve though.

      • Tim

        Wow, no credit for me? Scroll down, I mentioned this earlier...

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        Andywynn beat you to it. He deserves the internet cookie.

    • Jake7905

      I hope you're right, because come November 7th I'll be in 'Paradise City', where Oceanhorn is for sale and the battles are gritty.

      • ImJPaul

        Did you really have to go there?! Hahahaha this is terrible----ly radical.

  • I11SeeUinHe11

    I see two things that could be some sort of numerical values the amount of arrows which everyone seems to have noticed, and his health. Notice how he only has 3 out of 4 hearts? What does this mean? I have no clue, but it's something.

    • squabs

      Perhaps 2013

    • Bliquid

      If you divide the year in four, the last 3 months are october, november and december, the middle one ( half of the heart) being november.
      Which confirms 7th november theory.

  • Taclys

    November 7 is my birthday! Certainly hope that's the release date.

    • dylanmannen

      My birthday too haha 😀


    what about the three hearts?

    • squabs

      Half life 3

      • wafflestirrup

        I see what you did there.

  • squabs

    I've got it! It has to be 7pm July 7th 2017, unless I miscalculated.

  • Tim

    It's "champing at the bit".

    • http://buzzabit.com/aaron/ Aaron Sullivan

      Cool. I did not know that. Like other idioms the now common usage of "chomping" is probably going to be more readily understood and used by everyone going forward, but it's always good to know the roots. The problem with correcting this one is that chomping has almost the same meaning as champing.

      Fortunately the "bit" part is the one that reminds that we are talking about a horse that is impatient, so the true meaning isn't lost by the new use of "chomping".

      Now... do I start using "champing" or not? I think I will. It's a nice conversational piece. 😛

      • Tim

        Yeah, it's one of those that's so widely misused that it's now correct either way. And the fact remains that chomping and champing are basically the same. Funny how many idioms get incorrectly used (my favorite is 'toe the line' which is often incorrectly written as 'tow the line').

      • http://buzzabit.com/aaron/ Aaron Sullivan

        I learned it as tow the line first and made up a meaning from a large group of people towing maybe a boat in by a line. I imagined that you had to do what everyone else was doing (towing the boat by pulling the line in unison).

        Toe the line conjures a much simpler derivation for the meaning of the idiom but I've always had a slightly different connotation in mind because of my imagined definition.

        (Apologies to everyone here discussing the awesome looking game. lol.)

      • defmad

        My personal favourite: "for all intensive purposes".

      • defmad

        And also really looking forward to the game!

    • IAmTheNightRider

      Thank you. Just came down here to point that out myself.

      To add to the list of incorrect idioms, I have noticed "doesn't jive" is used frequently, where "jibe" is actually the correct usage.

  • clocknova

    Well, the number of arrows may be significant, but the presence of the bow might carry some meaning as well. The astrological sign Sagittarius is a centaur wielding a bow, and it's duration runs from November 22 to December 21. This might indicate a release date of December 7, rather than November. Just sayin'.

    • squabs

      Yeah good point, it doesn't fit in with my wanting it right now though. Sigh. I'm having one of those "I hope I dont die before this comes out" feelings, i mean I'm 35, I can't believe I still get that

  • DyGii

    The 3 on 4 hearth mean 3/4 like third quarter of the year who mean the fall.
    I agree with the gun n rose reference too plus the 7 arrows. My guess is november 7th too !! Cant wait for it.

  • PsYcHoNoVa

    Oceanhorn + iPad 5 = My Christmas.

  • Tim

    The file name is reference to a Guns n' Roses song called November Rain, the whole lyric is: "And it's hard to hold a candle in the cold November rain" So it would seem November 7th is a good guess.

  • clocknova

    Also, December 7 is the Day of the Little Candles in Colombia. But that GnR reference is a strong hint for November, too.

  • zergslayer69

    Cool, something to beat, and then a second helping of Zelda at end of nov!

  • AlexsIpad

    Where did the idea this is hiding the release date come from? What if it's just a random photo they decided to upload...?

    However I hope it is hiding the release date and there are some quite plausible reasons for why it might be 7th November, I can't wait!!

    • themostunclean

      The devs stated it in the text which accompanied the image when it was sent to various media outlets. This article also mentions that the author personally contacted FDG for further details.

      Plus the GnR reference in the file name is an extremely strong hint in itself.

  • Jacob007

    Was there ever a price mention on this?

    • ImJPaul

      Freemium with pay-per-hour IAP.

  • toxiccheese

    So much hype surrounding this game. I hope it's not a dissapointment.

  • blackout845

    All of you have gone bonkers!! Do you even hear yourselves?

  • Zeillusion

    My friend just told me this is ipad only, that's not true I presume? Jeez please don't be.

    • Rivalsan

      It's most definitely for both iPhone and iPad. One of the gameplay videos that was shown demonstrated the developer playing it on an iPad and then playing it on an iPhone.

  • Handsomeluke

    So much hype to this game, going to be hard to live up to it.

  • oneshotsteez

    Just release it already man dam I've been waiting so long wasting my money on all these crappy games ! Hurry up guys ! This game looks epic! U should release the game 7 minutes after my post ! Hurry guys hurry !

  • lakeystar

    My immediate thought was December 7th because of the bow & arrow so I'm going with that

  • Goggles789

    Well, there is a super tiny number 19 in the map on the upper right hand side of the screen. There are 7 arrows and 3 hearts. That makes 10. 10/19? Hm, I hope so!

    • The Common Man

      I actually don't think that is a 19. I think it is just a chest icon that shrank down because it is farther away from the character.
      The reason I think this is because if you look at the enemy arrow icon on the top right you can see it is actually smaller then the other arrows that are closer to the center.

  • Goggles789

    In fact, the map on the side looks a lot like an ipad or an iphone turned on it's side. I wonder if they mean it'll coincide with the upcoming event on the 22?

  • Ryan Rogers

    "and its hard to hold a candle in the cold November Rain" - Guns N Roses
    look for the release November 7th.
    case closed

  • klouud

    These guys already have my money

  • Ryan Rogers

    "and its hard to hold a candle in the cold November rain" - Guns N Roses
    November 7th it is.
    case closed

  • esper

    Looking at the screen sideways (right side is bottom)

    You see a 10 formed by the Item vertical bar and the joypad(?),
    then a 7 in the arrow
    then a 13 at the upper right (mana bar is a 1 and 3 hearts)

    10/07/13 (and it's a Thursday)

  • shaymon

    On the floor you can make out Oct. The hearts and mana bar make 31. The bat and skele also point to October 31. Not sure how the 7 plays in.. Maybe a throw off.

  • heresandypandy

    Wow some people are really stretching. The guns and roses thing seems to be pretty solid confirmation that it's November. Whether or not it's the 7th, who knows - the arrow count could be unintentional - but that file name is pretty cut and dry

  • HelperMonkey

    Nov. 7 also happens to be a Thursday, so that fits with the traditional midnight Wed/Thur game release.

    That date is also National Crypt-Raiding Day in Estonia. Thus the setting.

    Seems solid to me.

  • setarrif

    In 7 days! It displays a number of REMAINING arrows, so that's not an absolute number (-:

  • Scape3d

    Is this iPad only or iPhone as well? If it's iPad only, I'm not interested.

    • themostunclean

      Well the screenshot is in 16:9- an iPhone screen ratio. Also all the released gameplay footage shows it in both devices.

      So, interested now?

      • Scape3d


  • Nekku

    I think it's just a screenshot :/

  • Gishi15

    If you guys look, you can see that the objects in the screen form two 1's! The boxes and statues to the left form one 1, while the other 1 is formed by the bat to the right and the line in the ground. Thus it should be November 7th! However I do like the idea of November Rain a lot too 😉

  • shaymon

    October 31 is a Thursday as well. I think the GnR is pretty solid but just seems way too easy. Although Halloween is a pretty easy guess too with skeletons and bats I spose.

  • Guitario666

    Man i seriously cannot wait for Oceanhorn and Ittle Dew!!

  • blackout845

    The GnR works for it being in nov if you look at the 3 hearts that means 3 weeks and 3 weeks would be nov 7, and the 7 arrows comfirms that!!!!

  • Reydn

    Just realized the game was announced on their blog Nov 4th rather than 7th ...

  • Ozzy111

    It IS comingNovember the 7th because everything there is 7 and even the blog on oceanhorn has more evidence in November than December.

  • mantenner

    7 arrows, 3 full hearts out of 4 hearts, 3+4 = 7. Character is facing in the direction of 7-o'clock on a clock face. Turn your head to the right and look at the arrow ammo counter, the arrow is also facing towards 7-o'clock. On the mini-map there shows 4 people other than you character and in the picture you can see 3 characters on screen. 3+4 = 7. I reckon it's gonna release on the seventh, not sure what month...

  • shaymon

    Been awfully quiet....still Nov 7? Sure hope so. That itldew game was a good time killer but only 3 hours worth(plus any time grabbing all the chests/cards. I'd guess add another 1-2 hours for that. Definitely worth downloading to fill these next couple days in.

    • YourAverageDude

      Nope sorry man they denied that in their forums

      • YourAverageDude

        I just learned that a minute ago

      • YourAverageDude

        And when I learned it I decided to share what I learned with you

      • shaymon

        Lol thanks 😉

  • shaymon

    I think goggles may be right. I'm going with the 19th due to the 19 on the mini map 🙂

    • shaymon

      Ignore that :p The 19th is not a Thursday 🙁

      • YourAverageDude

        My theory all along has been that the 4 hearts in this instance represent the 4 possible weeks It could be released, so the fact that there is three means it's the 21st of November. The seven arrows could be seven days in a week, 7x3 is 21. Idk just a guess. But the 21st is a Thursday. And that crap comes out on Thursdays unless I'm some sort of fool. The 7th just seemed to easy, Red herring easy.