The news from earlier this month that NimbleBit would be teaming up with Disney to release a Star Wars themed version of the building management sim Tiny Tower [Free] was both incredibly surprising and, the more and more I thought about it, incredibly awesome. Well, if you're in Australia or have access to an Australian iTunes account then you're in luck: Tiny Death Star has soft launched in that territory and is available there right now for free.

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Now, it's kind of odd that the soft launch includes Australia but not New Zealand, where early launches are pretty common, but hey what are you gonna do? It's not clear exactly when NimbleBit and Disney are planning on launching Tiny Death Star worldwide, but right now there are people downloading the Australian version and leaving impressions in our forums, so be sure to check that out if you're curious. We'll let you know when we get word of a full release of Tiny Death Star, hopefully in the very near future.

Australian App Store Link: Tiny Death Star, Free (Universal)

  • chriscambell


    • mudd

      Congrats! You win! Hey guys, do we have any "Douchebag #1" shirts out back? Chriscampbell needs another one!

    • Adan

      #1 Idiot. Well done!

    • miumius

      I actually don't get it... Why does everyone get so mad when someone claims they're the first comment? I've definitely seen worse

      • Bliquid

        I don't mind.
        I just don't get what's so cool in being the first to comment.
        And i get it even less when the comment is useless like this.

  • Chumbake

    Ah man. But I'm "Canadian" not "Australian"

    • Adan

      With a bit of 'googling' and very little time, anyone can 'be' Australian πŸ˜‰

      Heck, I'm Spanish, and I can download from UK, US, Canadian, Australian & New Zealand stores.

    • rewyan

      I'm from New Zealand when it comes to soft launches. I guess I need to live in Australia now. Or I could have dual-citizenship!

  • the fish

    I'm a little disappointed. I expected something new but this looks like it is tiny tower with different graphics πŸ™

    • qman316

      Agreed, I just played Tiny Tower for the first time last month. Built 50+ floors and got tired of it. Unfortunately I have no interest in doing it all again with only different graphics. I was expecting something a little more original.

    • mclifford82

      This is how all of their games are. The next one will be too. Nimble Quest being an exemption.

    • mutts

      It's definitly not tiny tower.
      It may look and feel that way, but it has a little bit more to offer.
      You get orders from the Emperor, and can unlock bitizens and floors by discovering scenes.
      And it's pixelized Star Wars what's not to love!

  • mrmoisan

    Why bother?
    It gets all blown up in the end anyways...

    • anabolicMike

      You deserve more then just likes for that comment lol. Good one bro

    • Bliquid

      Who knows, maybe it's a new Death Star from the upcoming trilogy that doesn't blow up.
      Like the entire saga did.

    • megaraygun

      There's an option to build an exhaust port. DON'T! It's a trap!

  • Zaraf

    Yeah the screenshots make it look like the same game with different graphics. Ho hum.

    • mondoz

      You say that like it's a bad thing.

      • Jay G

        I would say that it's a bad thing if you've already played a hundred levels of the original. The Star Wars theme is not going to be enough for me to play that much of it again no matter HOW cool it looks.
        But it's def brilliant in a marketing sense, because it's going to attract an audience that would have never played the original.

      • anabolicMike

        Like me. I'll try this one and couldn't bother with the other one. I'm pretty impressed by these devs to be honest. Getting a license to use Star Wars is pretty big I would imagine. I doubt they will just give it to anyone (or for free). Kudos guys!

      • mondoz

        I have two towers in the original, one iOS, one Android. One is max level and one is about 3/4 maxed.

        Some people like these kinds of games.

  • CricketDude

    I tried downloading it on my iPod 4 but I couldn't because it said I needed a Digital Compass. Devo.

    • Evolution888

      What?!?! I was so stoked about playing this!!! wtfffff

      • CricketDude

        I have been looking forward I playing this ever since it was announced.... Why does it need a compass anyway?

  • Earth Vs. Me

    That's no's a space station.

  • rabidnz

    What an insult to Star Wars to be spammed so much that even a tiny towers resin gets through. This game is for kids and simple minded people so its only the Star Wars name being raped for advertising value to re-sell tiny towers and dupe some retards out of some IAP .

    • Adan

      Can I get an 'AMEN' please...

  • rabidnz

    Only under Disney could atrocities like this spew forth from hell. So slack just rescinding towers with Death Star - Death Stars are round you idiots! This speaks highly of the thought and canonical accuracy and respect of the franchise will be held in regard for the next Star Wars movie. They just don't bother anymore because American people are too dim witted or just plain uneducated and stupid to even require any deal of thought or planning to have gone into a game/movie. Just stamp the franchise logo on the box and they will buy it. Overdue for the next 5 star angry birds release aren't we?

    • rewyan

      I was thinking the same thing about the Death Star being round. This is still a tower, it's rectangular.

      There's also no underground to the Death Star. It's in space.

    • TheRybka

      Who said it's built perfectly straight? Could be that each floor is very slightly curved so it ends up forming a sphere...
      Or, you know, this isn 't the entire death star.
      Brighten up a little!

    • naeemthm

      Under Disney? Sir, the Star Wars franchise has been hot garbage for over a decade now and it wasn't Disney's fault. Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones are two of THE WORST movies ever made. If anything Disney will hopefully pull Star Wars out of the Sarlac Pit Lucas threw it in 14 years ago.

      • lavenders2

        If The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones are the two worst movies ever made, you have lived a very good and luxurious life. I envy you.

  • rabidnz

    Excuse my fucking autocorrect , nearly as irritating as these "nothing" game releases. πŸ™‚

    • Jay G

      Haha, U Mad Bro?

  • ste86uk

    I seen this about a week ago now keep trying to find out when it's coming but can't : ( also asked for early release promo but no luck.

    If I become Australian and download this when it is on the UK store will I need to start over again?

  • toxiccheese

    Looks like a reskinned version of Tiny Tower. I hope it offers something new or different?

    • rewyan

      Underground floors. But mainly just Disney knowing they'll make a killing off of popular movies and franchises.

  • scratchohey

    Some guy on Something Awful said that he ferried people on the elevator for twenty minutes and didn't get any bux. No bonus for fully stocking a business, either. ~Thanks Disney~

  • Leo281993

    Marriage room? Wth is that doing in the Death Star? O.o

  • rewyan

    It should be released to the entire galaxy.....

  • Jake7905

    Tiny Tower cloned with a new Star Wars skin? I was bored by the original, and a Star Wars theme isn't going to make up for repetitive and simplistic gameplay. It looks like Disney Strikes Back once again.

    • rewyan

      Well, tiny tower was such a simple concept that could've only succeeded in 2011. Hopefully, this is bumped to 2013 standards and I have a feeling that's not the case.

      It just looks like I inverted the colors and then opened tiny tower.

      • Jay G

        Yeah, because we now have a better class of simpletons playing iOS games. They should make a game for them, and call it Ivory Tower.

  • Zeital

    Can't seem to get into the menu to see what options I have. I've only just started but then again this is a soft launch. I still play tiny tower I like the game so I'm not fussed that it is a re-skin. If you are tired of TT then stop being such a sook about it and don't play this one.

    • Zeital

      Well after playing for a few more minutes I now can get into the menu lol

  • worldcitizen1919

    Essentially a game of TIMERS and cash grab. You'll have to find strategies to earn bux if you want to progress or buy IAP. You build levels like a Re creation Hall or restaurant and move people into them as workers. Then save your income to build more. Orders are on timers as well as anything built. Workers communicate on a Facebook type of page where they say whether they hate or live their job and so you can transfer them to another job where they might work faster and earn more.

    I could get to like it.

  • nicodemus82

    Not compatible with iPod's?? wtf! That's just stupid!!

  • phandaal

    What a lazy release this is.

    Virtually nothing has been done to update the gameplay or make it more in line with the Star Wars theme.

    Bux seem to be harder to come buy than the original Tiny Tower, so it's more of a cash grab to boot.


  • HandsomeLuke

    I never got in to Tiny Tower but maybe the Star Wars theme can get me in to this. I will definitely DL as soon as it's available in Canada. πŸ™‚

  • hellscaretaker

    Well if you trying to download it from The Oz stuff you wont as it present its not working Apple have not said why... its not been the only itunes site thats had problems

  • phandaal

    Well I just lost all my progress. No idea why.

    What a great release o_0

  • Hex Blade

    Why the heck isn't this for iPod 4 too?? Don't the developers know that there are still a lot of people with iPod 4's???

    Oh well, probably for the best. I wasted enough time with Tiny Tower anyway.