The pixel art powered beat 'em up Fist of Awesome [$0.99] hit the App Store last night for free. Funded by a Kickstarter, Fist of Awesome is also punching its way to the PC, Mac, and even OUYA if anyone is still into that. Take a look at the trailer:

Described as "a heartfelt love-letter to golden classics like Double Dragon, Streets of Rage and Final Fight," Fist of Awesome definitely seems worth checking out if you're even vaguely interested in endlessly punching things, with your awesome fists.

Update: The initial free period is over and the price has been set at $3.99. Based on the impressions in our forums, Fist of Awesome seems like a winner whether you got it for free or not.

  • chamillion205

    Everyone!!!!! GET THIS GAME. The controls are Great, the art style is awesome. And it's FREE!!! must download!

    • Scorpion008

      Thank you. I am really happy to get a premium game with no iap for free. I can't even remember the last time that happened.

    • toxiccheese

      Also, don't forget that fisting is awesome!

  • Gianfranco Lanzio

    It's supposed to be only for the backers, it will go into sale only in a few days. If the TouchArcade editor only could be not so idiot to blow this up like he did..

    • oooooomonkey

      Yeah I agree. I don't think this story should have been published As its not a real free game.

    • gmattergames

      Hey Lanzio, if dev wanted to only offer to backers, they could have issued codes. Take it easy on the TA bashing.

      • iammane

        Hmm true....

      • Gianfranco Lanzio

        Guess you have no idea how difficult it is to deal with App Store codes for devs. Since TA is a publication about games, they could have been way more tactful about releasing this news. I'm sure they did this in good faith (not knowing how things where), but still, avoidable.

      • Earth Vs. Me

        Indie developers contact TA, and post comments here all the time. If the free launch of their game was supposed to be a secret known only to backers, they should have contacted TA and asked them to keep it under their hats. But they didn't, so Eli did his job: he posted news about a cool new game people might want to play.

      • gmattergames

        Tactful? TA is a business, just like Kickstarter. What's not tactful is the dev making a commitment to backers for a free copy, and not working out the details on how to make it exclusive to backers.

      • anabolicMike

        Gianfranco, your wrong. TA did exactly like it should. They are supposed to be a review/news source.
        So they are supposed email every game dev that puts up a free game to make sure it's supposed to be free for everyone? Um no. It's up to the game dev to come up with a way to get it to their backers. The dev messed up dude. They should have did codes, codes aren't that difficult and even if some people find em annoying, you promised the backers it for free. You do the work you were paid for. You Gianfranco are a schlumpee!

      • toxiccheese

        Problem is that devs are only allowed about 50 codes per release. Apple doesn't make exceptions for kick starter funded projects. Giving the game away to backers is left to the dev to figure out.

      • Clevername

        The game dev emailed them. He was informing them that review codes are available, and that the game is only free for a limited time, just for backers, and to NOT inform the rest of the public of this. The dev had to send out another email after changing to the normal price.

      • Fraz@TA

        man fuk TA

      • Clevername

        No, they couldn't. Apple only gives you a very small amount of promo free codes to use. On top of that, In the press release issued to Touch Arcade, it was made explicit that the free period was not to be published as public news, since it was only intended for backers.

      • heresandypandy

        If the dev is smart then he'll know that this has worked to his advantage anyway, TA have done him a favour. I bought the game at full price but only on the back of comments on here praising the game from people who'd caught it while it was free; had it not been for this article and the controversy in the comments section I probably wouldn't have given it a second look. So yeah, he might've lost a small amount of sales in the short term but has probably gained in the long run.

      • Jared Nelson

        This is just absurd. If you don't want people to download your game, then don't release it publicly on the internet. There are dozens of automated systems that scrape the app store for new games and automatically post them. This was the top game on Appshopper's main page for most of the day it was released. It was the top game in the list of hot games in our app. It had a public forum thread where people were discussing and playing it.

        I wasn't aware of the kickstarter stuff when this news piece was posted, but that's pretty irrelevant anyway. The game was out. Plain and simple. You can't just pretend that it doesn't exist and hope only the "approved" people download it. That is just silly.

      • heresandypandy

        If it wasn't for this article and the comments drawing my attention to the game I doubt I ever would've bought it, but ultimately I did for the full £3.99. I bet I'm not alone in that. TA have ultimately done the dev a favour and produced sales that otherwise wouldn't exist... The more people who pick it up at launch, free or not, the faster word of mouth spreads about the title and the more it'll sell in the long-run.

    • Arch Deluxe

      What the hell are you smoking? The game is released for free on the App Store, but strangely you expect the media not to cover it and non-backers to avoid downloading it. You are living in some alternative fantasy world.

    • sam the lion

      Regaedless of the TA coverage, do you think that it is feasible to keep a free app release "secret?" With appsshopper and all sorts of automated tools for the job? When the dev chose this model, you can bet that he anticipated a load of non-backer downloads.

    • Wizard of Odyssey

      Of course handling App Store codes is a pain in the ass, but the developer got paid up front with the Kickstarter, and will be raising the price once the backers have had a chance to grab it. The Carmaggedon remakers did something similar on Android, if only for a day or two.

      I've supported Kickstarters where you didn't get the game at all (Star Command), and Kickstarters where they gave away the game, but the redemption was such a mess, I paid twice (two Pinball Arcade tables -- from now on, I just buy them) ... so karmically speaking, I think I'm OK to grab this. I'll flip a few bucks their way, gift some copies once it goes on sale for money, or (most likely) get an Android/Steam version via Humble Bundle someday.

      There's really no reason for anyone, least of all someone not affiliated with the project, to get all butthurt about it.

      • Gianfranco Lanzio

        I think I can agree with this.

  • extol4000

    Bare Bears?!?!?! With the bears bending over in an overtly seductive manner. How could you NOT like this game?! Beary clever!

  • gmattergames

    Where in the Hall and Oats did this come from? Nearly pissed myself several times in the 10 minutes I played so far. Love the Tenacious-D-like theme song in the credits.

  • Lazer Kat

    I disagree with the decision to publish this, as it was specifically meant for kS backers.
    Personally I'll wait and buy it.

    • DemoEvolved

      Bs ta saw a free game that's cool on the store and posted the news. NEWS, folks.

      • Lazer Kat

        But they knew the reason it was free and chose to post this, taking money out of the devs pockets. Just my $0.02.

  • BillyOceansBlues

    also there are free paper craft toys on the dev website. or should i not have said that?

    • nini

      Indie devs should not be able to fart without you handing them a buck.

  • daniel schroeder

    This is why I read TA. Looks awesome... and full of fists.

  • JudahJames

    From the Kickstarter page: Distributing free versions of the completed game on iOS to backers may be tricky due to App Store limitations, so I'm exploring a number of different options for delivery. The worst case will involve making the game free for a period of time to allow Kickstarters to pick it up free of charge.

    • Guest

      Really? Who promises something then claims they may not be able to do it due to "App Store limitations"? Does the developer not know how the system he's developing for works?

      Due to him being an obvious idiot, I wouldn't download a free copy, much less pay for something by someone who purposely misleads.

      • JudahJames

        I wouldn't call the dev an idiot. They made a fun, well done game. It seems like some Kickstarter people just got a little worked up because they wanted to be exclusive or something. Less time whining; More time gaming!

      • dariusjr98

        That was pretty harsh, and absolutely uncalled for.

  • Scot Damn

    Yeah so I got this last night to check it out. It's bear punching fun!

  • sivad

    Then if you feel that strongly, don't download till the dev charges. I will wait cause I love supporting indies with great design. But blasting someone for taking something for free is silly if they didn't know. I'm sure if TA had known this was only meant for backers they would have kept the lid on it.

    • anabolicMike

      They shouldn't. In fact because it was only for backers is a good reason to blow the lid off of it. Headline: "Backers Burnt Blonde Dev Makes Game Free To All! ". It's news to say they messed up their backers, tell it like it is. Out them for their laziness! There are a few ways they could have made it accessible for only backers. They just didn't want to spend the time. Sad.

  • Remote_

    Here's an idea.

    If you get it free and like it, get in touch with the Devs and send them a couple of Paypal bucks like I'll be doing.

    Save all this arguing about it.

    What do you say?

  • nonstickron

    EPIC comments thread. Most DEVS would, I think, kill to be featured in a positive light on toucharcade.

  • PsYcHoNoVa

    It's in the App Store, It's free, I downloaded it. End of story.

  • renatpl

    This game is fantastic!

  • monoclespectacle

    "You can request promo codes to use for promotional purposes to provide interested parties with a free copy of your iOS or Mac app. Apple does not support promo codes for In-App Purchases, including Newsstand issues.

    For every update of your app, you are allotted 50 promo codes. To request the codes, the status of your update must be ready for sale."

    Apple's promo code policy. So unless Kickstarted by 50 or less people, promo codes would have been a further fiasco.

    Couple that with the fact that now all people who were part of the Kickstart get their free copy, on top of now other folks dl'ing it and it may be doing well on the charts when it transitions to a paid app (although this part can backfire, unfortunately).

    All things considered it's not that big of a slight on the KS folks part unless they wanted to battle over who gets the promo codes...

    *puts sunglasses on*

    ...with Fists of Awesome!


    • monoclespectacle

      As an addition, on the Kickstart page it has 951 backers.

      Would have only taken 19 updates to get every backer a promo code. And on the nineteenth update the 951st backer would finally get a code, with 49 to spare.

  • C. Stubb

    Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery graphics?! Awesome!

  • ElectromagneticMelaniePulse

    Quickly (before the end of the tutorial) hit a game breaking bug and had to delete and reinstall the game. Not a big deal since I didn't lost much progress, but I'm hoping that the rest of the game is more consistently functional, I don't want to actually play through it and lose all of my progress part way.

  • jeffyg3

    Wow. This game is really good. I'm feeling a bit guilty for getting it for free, this game definitely deserves all the support it gets.

  • Devok

    Thought it was free!? 🙁

    • jeffyg3

      You missed it. Was only free for a short while to fulfill kick starter obligations.

      • shadax

        Weird. Why not send them redemption codes?

  • mrmarmite

    An enjoyable game, had to giggle at bare bears!
    This is a must buy game....sure I got my copy for free, but I would have been more than happy to buy this game.

  • HandsomeLuke

    Punching a bear ? I can live out nick cage in the wicker man remake 😀

    • HandsomeLuke


  • araczynski

    got it for free out of curiosity, read something about the kickstarter so figured i'd check it out. not digging the graphics though, yeah, i know, but its just painful, maybe on a tiny screen it works, but on the ipad it makes me want to hurl.