More Marvel-related news came out of New York Comic Con over the weekend, as the company has announced that their Marvel-themed runner Marvel Run Jump Smash! will soon be hitting mobile devices worldwide. Marvel Run Jump Smash!, which was apparently a huge hit in Korea, seems like a pretty typical auto-runner, but with superdeformed versions of Marvel characters. Each character has their own special abilities and you can create a team of your favorites, with more characters already planned for future updates. Here's a trailer.

I'm about as sick of runners as the next guy, but I do really like the idea of creating a team of characters who each have special abilities and running around causing havoc in Marvel-themed locations. No specific release date was mentioned for Marvel Run Jump Smash! but the game is said to be coming "soon" so we'll let you know once we get word of when that might be.

  • renatpl

    Oh. Yeah.

    • Deixa

      Oh no..., iAP more hungry than the Hulk. Look at the menu right at the end.

      • toxiccheese

        Yep, looks like gold and gems... 2 currencies is always a huge red flag for me.

  • NOEN

    Ok, this looks cool.....and I thought I was done with Endless Runners.

  • B30

    Looks neat, but as usual — a greedy freemium payment model.

  • ImJPaul

    This could have been soooo cool. Not sure what this is....

  • Jake7905

    Marvel Run, Jump, and Cash....for timers, energy bars, and multiple forms of in-game currency! Sounds 'comic'.

  • Emotive

    Lol Marvel, should be renamed to the Avengers Run Jump whatever.

  • OutSpoken

    Great, another jetpack joyride clone...yawn.. If its free i'll probably download it for my kids but jheeze.. Where has all the fun and originality gone.
    Have mobile game developers run out of ideas now?

    • tinkie277

      While people continue to make these purchases In game they will keep releasing them.

      It does my head in really, 2K Drive was the biggest joke! Took my £5-ver then filled it up with more IAP.

      I prey one day that all developers with a freemium model have a massive electrical surge and fry their minds back to normality!

  • detourne

    I've been playing it here in Korea for a bit. Honestly it's pretty horrible. Unless they tighten up the controls a lot, it's just one of the knockoff iap filled kakaotalk games now. Korean mobile gamers are ok with it, but the casual scene here would make your eyes bleed. My girlfriend was playing all of these cheaply produced runners and match 3 games, until on a whim I showed her that hungry shark game and she was smitten.

    Heh, honestly don't expect too much from this game. The best part about it was that I got free animated emoticons for kakaotalk. Hulk with a nightgown and cap snoring is precious.