The idea behind the TouchArcade Game of the Week is that every Friday afternoon we post the one game that came out this week that we think is worth giving a special nod to. Now, before anyone goes over-thinking this, it doesn't necessarily mean our Game of the Week pick is the highest scoring game in a review, the game with the best graphics, or really any other quantifiable "best" thing. Instead, it's more just us picking out the single game out of the week's releases that we think is the most noteworthy, surprising, interesting, or really any other hard to describe quality that makes it worth having if you were just going to pick up one.

These picks might be controversial, and that's OK. If you disagree with what we've chosen, let's try to use the comments of these articles to have conversations about what game is your game of the week and why.

Without further ado…


Monster Adventures

I haven't been captivated by a game like I have with Monster Adventures [$0.99] in quite some time. In essence, Monster Adventures is all about creating a monster tailored to your own specifications using a wide variety of different monster "essences" which act like gear for your creature. Then you'll take your created monster out into battle in randomly generated, endless dungeons to see just how far you can get, acquiring experience and loot along the way. You use that gained loot and experience to further level up your monster and tweak its attributes, then go out for another dungeon dive or take on opponents in a Coliseum.

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While there is some light story elements to follow and you actually can "beat" the game, Monster Adventures is all about creating and customizing different monsters and testing their mettle in competition. It's basically a min/maxers dream come true. However, as we talk about at length on this week's episode of our podcast, Monster Adventures doesn't do a great job at explaining itself early on, leaving some newbies kind of lost, and it definitely takes a short time of doing more mundane stuff like grinding on low-level enemies in order to earn enough cash to purchase some monster essences to finally get your monster going.

Once that happens though, look out. Before too long you'll be earning enough coins to buy whatever essences are on offer from the shopkeep in the town hub, and you'll be venturing further and further into the dungeons and getting plenty of essences just from beating up on monsters out in the field. Getting a decent number of essences in your inventory allows you to really tweak out your monster and play with different builds, and that's when Monster Adventures really opens up. There's also a really interesting monster capturing mechanic which gives you specific goals to shoot for by capturing certain required monsters in order to open up even more unique abilities for your own monster. There's a really nice balance between the capturing and the combat that always keeps Monster Adventures feeling fresh.

Like I said, though, it takes a bit of persistence in the early goings of Monster Adventures before everything starts to really click. If this seems like your type of game but you're feeling kind of lost or underwhelmed with the gameplay in the beginning, definitely give it at least an hour or so until you start earning some essences and playing around with different monster builds before fully making up your mind. Our forums are a great place to get advice if you have questions about the game or you're just searching out some competition for the online PvP or looking for a partner to dive into the dungeons with in the online co-op. Also, developer Foursaken Media is and always has been very active on our forums and love hearing feedback or offering assistance whenever possible.

I honestly can't see myself getting tired of creating new monster builds, diving as deep as I can into the various randomly laid-out dungeons, or testing my skills against opponents online in the Coliseum. For these reasons and more, Monster Adventures is our Game of the Week, and I definitely recommend checking it out.

  • AngryBaby

    The first 20 minutes of this game are very misleading as to the overall depth and quality of the title. Stick with it, and you will find a great game.

    Nice job FM.

    • anabolicMike

      Oh. So I should keep playing then? I was just gonna comment how this article was totally wrong because I could not get into the game at all. I bought it and just don't seem to be able to play it. I'll keep trying though! Maybe it'll get better. I know I disliked terraria completely but as soon as I played that for a couple hours and learnt all the controls properly,I couldn't put it down.

  • Lazer Kat

    Tough week to choose

  • Fangbone

    Well deserved!

  • krillin63

    Yeah baby its another best game of foursaken média!!!!!! Very addictive game!

  • witedahlia

    Thanks for telling me to "hang in there," because I was one of those noobs who was a bit lost. Knowing that things will pick up has made me decide to keep going, which is good because this is my sort of game.

  • rabidnz

    This game feels like a many obvious bugs. And as for the amount of situations where committing suicide is the only way out because you are in a situation where you are powerless, though have never been informed of this until after the boulder drops(if it even bothers to drop at all). Combined with the poor graphics and the utterly lazy level design, this game doesn't deserve game of the week, not in its current state anyway.

    • Lazer Kat

      I couldn't agree more, my GOTW is Type:Rider. But I respect their choice here...

    • Jared Nelson

      The entire point of the game is to see how far you can get in a progressively more difficult dungeon. Eventually, yes you will get to a point where the monsters outmatch you. That is by design. That is why you are leveling up your monsters and outfitting them with new and better abilities, so you can get past the point you made it to in your last run.

      The dungeons are endless so eventually, yes, you are going to die every single time. That's the game.

      Graphics are subjective but I happen to like them, and the levels are randomly generated so I'm not sure how their design can be lazy. Otherwise I have had zero technical problems or bugs in the game and I've been playing it for two weeks.

      It might not be your cup of tea but to describe it as a beta is just inaccurate.

      • Lazer Kat

        -Co-op is full of bugs
        - when i go to town or die im disconnected
        - when i go to town I get crashes

      • Jared Nelson

        Ah that sucks. Well Foursaken has a great support track record, I'm sure they'll be ironing out the kinks.

      • gaucho86

        Not even online, I have been booted several times. It always seems to happen to me in the middle of the most successful runs.

  • dribblejam

    Why is it not on the app stores featured page under new releases?? No one is buying it and There's no one on global to play with.

    • bobbstermang

      I was wondering the same thing. Instead they have xcom, which came out in June, under best "new" games.

      • Lazer Kat

        New updates qualify apps for best new game

      • Papa Deuce

        And Apple makes way more money keeping a $20 game featured than a $2 game.

      • Lazer Kat

        It's on sale for $10 still, I believe.,,but yes, they make more money off of games with a higher price.
        I don't think this determines their featured list too much, however, or they wouldn't feature so many free and $0.99 games.

  • Ramaz1234

    I'm sorry I hate your intro. IMO game of the week should be the game with the highest rating but that's just me

    • Jared Nelson

      What rating is it supposed to be based on?

      • Ramaz1234

        Don't u guys have a 5 star system. So what you said in the intro is that this game could get a 4.5 but another game lets say costume quest for example got 5 Stars. But u gave Monster Adventures gotw ;-;???

      • dariusjr98

        The way they determine Game of the Week is just fine.

        Ratings are completely subjective. They're an OPINION of the reviewer. (I'd also like to point out that as of typing, this game hasn't been reviewed yet, making your argument invalid.)

        A game getting a "higher" rating doesn't automatically make it "better" than another. Some may love a highly rated game, others may hate it, but you know what? It doesn't matter, because they are OPINIONS.

        The point I'm trying to make is that Game of the Week is determined by the fun factor, what it has to offer, if it's easy to recommend, etc., not determined by how a game is technically "better" than others.

        *Drops mic*

      • TheBitPilot


      • dariusjr98

        How was that a fail?

      • Jared Nelson

        We haven't reviewed any of these games yet, we most likely won't be able to review all of them either. So they don't even have ratings yet. Either way that's not what the GOTW is about anyway.

  • PresidentZer0

    Game is good. But i never found a player by automatch. And the music is.....lame...

    • PresidentZer0

      Wow... I just played 3 hours

      • ⭐沛霖⭐㊗

        yes... just bought it on 1am .. and woah's 4 am
        tweet me and let's play together

  • Eidaven

    I agree with the game choice. I've been playing quite a bit and I haven't experienced any bugs. The game's been really fun so far.

  • PresidentZer0

    Does anyone else have a problem with icloud in this game? It says that icloud is. Ot enabled... Ios 7.0.2

  • gaucho86

    GOTW for sure, this game craps potential, but this product does need some cleaning up. My biggest gripes, besides it crashing on me, are pretty superficial.

    The game doesn't do a good job explaining how the types of essences actually affect your leveling up stats. To me that plays a huge role in my choice making, and my first six or seven levels weren't as productive as they should have been.

    I have found some balancing issues (I shouldn't walk into a first floor with full 300 health and have to bust out a big apple within 5 seconds) some movement issues with tight spaces, and some unclear path issues. Also, having to wait in the village to heal back up just seems unnecessary. Why can't the well ALWAYS be able to heal you?

    The last thing I found, and this is truly nit-picking, is some errors on the in game guild. The guild at one point says you get imbued with one of this six elements at the scholar. Nope, it's the alchemist, but that's cool.

    All in all, this game rocks. It gives me a real diablo vibe, and I can dig it. Everything I have said, including my earlier statement about crashes, is tolerable due to the caliber of game your getting. I am sold on foursaken.

  • disqus_cmG9jbtRJP

    How do you get more monsters?!!

    other than that question the game is great!

    what I mean is... do you have only 1 monster or can you get more monsters which you can again add essences to!

    • ⭐沛霖⭐㊗

      you can buy extra monsters for $10,000 from a black cloak dude standing in town on different location , he also sale some ultra rare Essenes

  • jaddlesp

    Loving the game but it's crashed on me about five times already. Right in the middle of the wilderness!

  • HelperMonkey

    This game consistently causes smoke to pour out of my device. Anyone else with the same problem? The game still runs great, but the smoke is disconcerting. Actually, I don't even own this game. It's all very confusing.

    • Lazer Kat

      *pretends that comment never happened*

  • ⭐沛霖⭐㊗

    this game gets addictive as u dig deeper.... I bought it on 1am ... and woah it's 4am already ..seriously ....anyone who would like to coop plz tweet me

    • PresidentZer0

      Add me in game enter. PresidentZer0

  • ste86uk

    I want to love the game but it constantly crashes and loses all of my progress and items in the wilderness.

    On another not Tiny Death Star is out on google play in other countries any news on iOS?

  • phonecats

    this game is crack.
    it logs time played :-X
    my fav forsaken game so far.
    now imagine heroes and castles with monsters lolol

  • PresidentZer0

    I never found a player by auto matching 🙁

    • gaucho86

      Look for me bro, gauchao86