Foursaken Media always manages to come up with awesome game concepts, and that trend continues with Monster Adventures. In a nutshell, you play as an infinitely customizable elemental of sorts that you use for a dungeon-crawler-y almost rogue like randomized fighting experience. There's tons of content between a massive supply of unlockables, and a hefty amount of online capabilities.

Monster Adventures should be available tonight at 11:00 PM Eastern, or potentially earlier depending on what part of the world you're in. To see what our community is saying about the game, stop by the thread in our forums.

International App Store Link: Monster Adventures, $1.99

  • iOSPeace

    So its not free ?

    • Jxsgamer

      Would you rather it be freenium?

      • REkzkaRZ

        What's freenium? Is that like Cranium?

    • shadax


    • Gucciipad

      Im glad itnot free. I hate timers or iap.

  • toxiccheese

    Looks really boring. I also don't like games that gate you into fighting areas and make you kill everything to move on. It looks like there is a lot to unlock though.

    • shadax

      After watching the videos, I'm a little disappointed myself. Looks easy and/or boring. Run around and hammer attack until everything is dead. Rinse and repeat.

      I hope I'm wrong.

      • shadax

        Hammer attack = spam attack button*

      • Foursaken Media

        Like Jared said, don't forget this is a progressive based game... things DO start easy and very basic, but as you get more abilities (of which there are over 60), learn how to properly dash, imbue elements, customize your monsters, and fight more enemy types (of which there are over 100), its not just "attack" :p Many enemies have unique behaviors and counters that you do have to think and strategize around. There are also bosses, which also have unique behaviors as well.

        There's also a monster catching mechanic (Eli went into the wilderness before getting the net, which is a big part of the game :p), where you will be using your net to catch enemies - the more you catch, the faster you learn their abilities. You'll always be weighing the benefit of killing enemies and earning gold and xp, vs catching them and learning their abilities.

      • shadax

        That's awesome. Ok, I judged it wrong. I was gonna buy it either way heh

      • Endscrypt

        At least you admitted sir! Respect to ya.

      • anabolicMike

        This just talked me into buying it

    • Jared Nelson

      This is one of those games that doesn't show too well in just the first 10-15 minutes. The real fun is when you start discovering all the different armors and building out your monster(s), then traveling deeper into each dungeon and facing new and stronger enemies or taking your team of monsters to the arena and fighting it out.

      But yeah, it's a lot of fighting in gated areas. It's not so much a big open world than it is a bunch of smaller interconnected areas. It's closer to a dungeon crawler than anything else, like a really fleshed out Solomon's Keep. Might not be your thing. For me, it's the kind of game I've always wanted.

      • shadax

        I loved Solemans Keep and Boneyard. Mostly Keep since it was deeper.

        I'm convinced this game will be good after reading the comments. With how many wallet reaching freemium games are out there, and paid ones, I kinda get used to disappointment. .

        Looking forward to release alert at 9 PDT

      • shadax

        Solomon's. wow. Mobile keyboard :

      • toxiccheese

        Obviously I can't judge it from a short gameplay video... But I'll wait for a few reviews. Right now it doesn't seem like my kind of game.

  • shadax

    Anyone know if its GameCenter supported? I love games with achievements

    • dariusjr98

      It should, most, if not all of Foursaken's games have had GC support.

    • Amenbrother

      I am with you on that man!

      • shadax

        Add me on GC


  • Zeillusion

    Just bought it, can't wait to play! This and Fangdash look awesome.

  • the fish

    Now I just need to know how to get more time out of 24 hours to play all those great games that came out recently...