Nimblebit's latest life-ruining sim Pocket Trains [Free] has gotten off to a banging start since its release two weeks ago, and would-be conductors are eager to get their hands on all the various parts needed to build the trains of their dreams inside the game. Sometimes, though, you come across parts that you just plain don't need, or you have a hard time coming across the parts that you do need. In this case our forum community has come together to create a thread with the purpose of trading Pocket Trains parts.

The Pocket Trains parts trading thread is already building up steam, and if you're a long-time Nimblebit fan who played their, err, amphibian spawning simulator Pocket Frogs [Free] then you'll remember how useful that forum thread was for exchanging breeds and collecting some of the more rare frogs in the game. In fact, the Pocket Frogs trading thread is among our most popular threads of all time, with more than 30k replies and nearly 1.8 million views. Will Pocket Trains match that level of intensity? Only time will tell, but if you are itching to trade parts with fellow conductors, hit up the link to the forum thread and get started.

  • kraze ivan

    Now if only they would fix the instant crash to OS whenever I start the app, that would be awesome. So close to my first Mallard...

    • kraze ivan

      And an update just hit the appstore! And it works! Huzzah!

  • rewyan

    Thanks for mentioning it Jared, I do believe it is useful. However, I haven't really traded with anyone, instead I prefer to sell my excess trains.

  • DannyTheElite

    Shouldn't there be a warning about hacked parts?

    • nejakdivne

      What are hacked parts?

  • Cole Newman

    Anyone wanna trade

    • Train 69

      Watcha got?

  • Train 69

    Anyone have rio grande parts?

  • Jefferson Yu

    Hi my gift code is 13SXH
    Please give me 3 metro express or national express parts
    I'm willing to negotiate
    If you give me any parts I will send parts back ASAP
    Play pocket trains weekly

    • Derrick Klettner


  • Jefferson Yu

    Would like Bullet or Century Limited parts.
    Code is 13SXH.
    Email is

  • Josh Mist

    i will trade for any rare parts at 12Q3CK

  • Josh Mist

    offering all regular crate parts

  • Who

    I need 28 bullet parts ASAP

  • Who

    Need 28 bullet parts ASAP gift code:13WH9Z

  • Joe O'Brien

    Ill take anything but steamers