apple-event-san-fran-fall-2012The Apple rumor scene is a funny beast, as we need to surround all of these pseudo-announcement with "maybe" and "might" caveats, but we might be looking at October 22nd as the date that Apple unveils new iPads, iOS 7 game controllers, and everything else we've known has been in the pipeline but hasn't materialized yet- Like updated Retina MacBook Pros with Haswell processors.

Word comes from All Things D, which historically has had close to 100% accuracy on these kinds of things. The wildcard in my eyes is what Apple is going to focus on at this event, as there's so many possibilities that to cover them all it'd be an all-afternoon Keynote event.

Of course Apple is declining to comment, but, that's sort of what they do.

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  • Retero

    Looking forward to an ipad 3 to replace my Third Genertoin

    • Retero

      Accidental post. I meant iPad 5 to replace my current Third Generation iPad. First spec boost (with relation to screen resolution) and form change since the iPad 2. 🙂

      • bigrand1

        It's all good, man! I knew what you meant!!

  • dragon2777

    I hope if they announce the new iPad that there is something actually new about it not jus specs. Specs are great but I am still using my old iPad 2 with very little issues on iOS 7. I hope we see something cool.

    • NOEN

      Same here. I'm still running the iPad 2 with minimal issues. Although it's just starting to chug with some of the recent big games. I'd like to see something besides new specs in an older shell.

    • JJE McManus

      I love my iPad2. But the thought of an iPad with A7 inside thrills me. Also my eyes are just a tad older and I crave a retina screen.

  • Living Legend

    I hope an ipad mini 2 comes out

    • TeddyNYC

      with retina display, A7, Touch ID and starting at 32GB up to 128GB of course (a little iffy on the 128GB, but I can hope).

      • PresidentZer0

        I really hope they will finally start at 32gb on 499€... 16gb is just not enough for an iPad. Bit I gues it won't happen.

    • Leydz Boomshaka-Irwin

      Ive heard, from the grapevine, that there are issues with the ipad mini 2 may be delayed. Maybe this is an issue due to demand or because of retina display? I hope it at least gets retina display.

  • plpruitt

    I've got my hopes set on an iWatch.

    • MidianGTX

      Judging by how terrible every other "smartwatch" has been so far, I'm kinda hoping this is sarcasm.

      • anabolicMike

        Yes but if anyone is gonna do it right it's apple

      • REkzkaRZ

        I wouldn't worry about that -- Samsung produced a 'POS' early, trying to steal the thunder, but instead just made themselves look like a peddler of junk.

  • tinkie277

    Just a controller please!

  • swarmster

    I'm not really clear on what Apple "revealing" controllers entails. I may be way off base and the 22nd will be a huge revelation, but isn't iOS 7 and the controller API already out and available to everyone? Isn't it possible that the lack of press and available controllers is due to the idea that carrying a phone in one pocket and a big controller in the other isn't something most people see doing? Or has Apple been refusing to license API-complaint controllers until some arbitrary future date?

    I understand there's some potential there somewhere, but I'm really not sold on the phone controller hype, personally.

    • TJ

      Controller with airplay streaming would allow for iOS games to to be played on an HDTV similar to a traditional console. Also, with controllers being optional to a touch screen, it's an option for gamers who prefer a controller to touch screen for games. From my understanding there will be no game that is controller only. So it's an option... and I am eager to buy one. I would prefer to play certain games using a controller, and I only game at home so no need to carry around this accessory.

      • PresidentZer0

        Forget playing on the big screen. Apple TV has lag and so does the lightning hdmi.

      • PureRumble

        Second that. And I would add that both of them introduce nice video artifacts besides from the lag.

        Old HDMI adapter was just fine and had no lag, but then all knowing Apple decided to screw things up a bit by introducing the ingenious lightning connector, thus making the iDevice incapable of outputting the HDMI video fast enough and of good quality.

        To summarize, once there was a perfect way for us iDevice gamers to play games on the big screen with no lag... then there was Apple.

      • swarmster

        A small device in my pocket wired to my TV is not what I would consider the perfect way to play games on the big screen. I have a pretty open setup, but most people I know would never dream of climbing behind their entertainment center and leaving behind their phone every time they want to play a quick game.

      • IAmTheNightRider

        Good thing I still have my iPad 3 and a 30-pin HDMI adapter then.

      • swarmster

        I have doubts as to whether it will get much support. If you consider iOS as a console, when has an optional console add-on ever gotten satisfactory support?

        It also just sounds like a regression for the platform. Good touch games aren't going to be trivially re-shaped for controllers, and games designed for a couple analog sticks and tons of buttons won't make for great touch games. Once developers realize that 99.999% of the user base don't carry controllers around with them everywhere, I think touch-based games will remain the norm, and controller support will mostly come via lazy ports from other platforms.

        But, honestly, I'm willing to be convinced.

      • PresidentZer0

        True. But I saw the dev video for the controllers and it seems to be very easy to implement these controller supports..

      • PresidentZer0

        Oh. And I really hope these controllers won't be an US exclusive.

      • matus

        I think the assumption is that since there has been, suspiciously, almost no press about controllers, one little teaser from Logitech and photos of one product that something is holding companies back. The only thing that is likely to coordinate all the accessory manufacturers is Apple and if apple are asking them to hold fire it must be for a reason, an announcement next to a new ipad would be a good one.

        The only reason I could guess is that since some controllers fit around the iPad or iPhone that they give the game away on shape. If the new ipad or Ipad mini is very different in size or scale then they may not want anyone releasing cases and controllers that give the game away until all their machines are revealed.

        [sarcasm] either that or all the packaging and promotional material for the controllers have 'compatible with Apple TV' written on them and they don't want us to know about their new console busting Apple TV with built in App Store until the announce it next week. [sarcasm]

  • DannyTheElite

    Can't wait. It will be a big jump from iPod 4 to iPad 5.

  • CaptLudd

    My hopes are they reveal a controller with apple on it that sets the bar high for performance and a price i can afford :-))

    • Lazyninja7

      An apple product with a reasonable price? Little too high hopes there...

      • REkzkaRZ

        Extra 16 gigs --> +$100.
        Eh? When did flash ram costs jump up $100? They're *really* low now. (But reality isn't a factor when you've got DESIGN on your side.)

  • DemoEvolved

    Iwatch baby, comon

  • renatpl

    Great! I hope they live stream it!

  • CaptLudd

    As far as new Ipads, i just bought my mini last december, just now have it full of games that make each new offering excruciatingly painful, not to mention my wallet screaming everytime i log onto this site. I just think, how many games can i buy with that $400+. Unless they offer a generous trade in i am happy with what i have. My 58 yr old eyes just do not see enough difference to justify it and by the time this becomes so obsolete i can't buy any new games, then i will bite, or retire, and enjoy the huge stock of games i have backed up on my 13 yr old computer, which will probably get retired and replaced before the mini or myself :-))))

    • Pray For Death

      13 year old computer? Are you running a Pentium II?

  • kev21

    No iPod touch 6th generation???

    • TeddyNYC

      Maybe next year.

    • TJF588

      Ah, if only they bumped up beyond 64GB. Or if Apple'd just suck it up and allow removable storage. I've too much invested in iStuff to want to switch to Android, but c'mon!

  • Scot Damn

    So is this where we see iPads taking advantage of retina display regardless if games are universal? I would think that's an iOS software deal but I remember talk about the change a few months back. No more 2x, or rather only 2x but with much better resolution. OR maybe they'll make only the new iPads capable of this function... I guess I wouldn't be surprised.

    • Sojourn

      FYI: Retina iPads (aka third-generation and higher) have been able to render iPhone-only apps at their retina resolution since they were released.

      • Scot Damn

        Ahha! Please disregard my earlier post. I do NOT have an iPad.

  • dancj

    Damn - that's my wife's birthday so I'll have to be paying attention to her rather than the new iPad.

  • PresidentZer0

    I fear that they won't show controllers...

  • GamerGuy

    No controller, just make better controls with the touch screen...Thanks. I have a PSP and 3DS with great controls and great games. Just need better touch controls with touch screen games.

  • Ergo Me Smart

    Here's kinda hoping for a new iPod Touch somewhere in the mix as well, then.

    • REkzkaRZ

      ?Wha? Wrong event, dude. The iPhone thing was done.

  • PresidentZer0

    IF there is a chance for a brighter audience to get interests in those controllers, apple would have to praise it on the next event. But I don't really see that coming.

    Maybe they plan it with a new Apple TV, this could be the reason why they don't give a duck about the poor lightning hmdi.

  • 21tigermike

    Sounds interesting!

  • Barzuma

    Yeah, but my MBP is getting long in the tooth. When are the new ones going to come out?

  • EZ Ice

    If you could, would you hook up your phone to a fullsize arcade cabinet?!

  • Robert23

    There was nothing wrong with my iPad 2 until iOS7 which has had my iPad crap out multiple times everyday.....and the solution is to have me spend $600 on a new one? Uhm, no. How about fix the issue.