lonewolfOne of the games I'm most excited for is Joe Dever's Lone Wolf from Forge Reply and Bulkypix. It takes the universe from the Lone Wolf series of gamebooks, created by Joe Dever back in the mid-80s, and transforms it into a beautiful digital experience built for touchscreens. We took an early build for a spin in a TA Plays video, and one of the coolest aspects to Lone Wolf is when you enter combat and the faux gamebook stylings dissolve and bring forth a fully 3D rendered environment. It's an impressive effect to say the least, and if you're as excited for Lone Wolf as I am, you'll want to check out this new behind the scenes trailer where Joe Dever himself talks a bit about bringing his legendary series into the digital realm.

As we learned back in August when a new trailer for Lone Wolf was released for Gamescom, the game will be split into four different parts with part one, subtitled Blood on the Snow, set to hit sometime in November. I'm anxious as all get out to get my hands on the final version of Lone Wolf, so be sure to check out the discussion in our forums and keep an eye out for more details as the game's release approaches.

  • BZoetic

    Unreal. I checked my Watch List just this morning to see if there had maybe been any updates on this game that I might have missed. There hadn't been any since August and I was bummed. Now this. Get out of my head, Touch Arcade!

    Super excited for this game! This series of books meant so much to me as a kid. Absolutely cannot wait to not only play it, but to share it with my kids so they can catch a glimpse of that world too.

  • defunct32

    Looks like Bloodmasque-ish, as long as it has RPG elements, it's fun, has a decent plot then I'm sold.

  • tinkie277

    I can't seem to get into this although I don't really know what it is about... I suppose I would hope there aren't too many novel bits.

    That would make it more of an interactive book than a game... We shall see.

  • RichRuzz

    I just wish all the books were ported with stat/skill tracking and such. I'd have a boner for a loooong time for that scenario.

  • poohzombie

    Loved these books! The release can't come soon enough.

  • ManuD

    It better be good enough to stand out of the crowd hopefully.

  • Lomyr

    Joe Denver mentioned that they designed it for tablets... Has there been any word yet regarding whether or not it's coming to iPhone as well?