Gabriel Knight is a trilogy of point-and-click adventure games released by Sierra in the '90s, and today the series creator Jane Jensen has announced that the first game in the trilogy, Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, is getting remade for its 20th anniversary and will arrive on desktop and tablet platforms in 2014. Just for fun, Jensen's studio Pinkerton Road which is handling the remake has sent along some screens of the new version along with screens of the original for comparison. Check out the new screens on top with their original counterparts below.

Bayou and Book Store locations:

gk20th-bayou gk20th-book-shop-1

gk1-original-bayou gk1-original-bookstore

Chapel and Cemetery locations:

gk20th-chapel-1 gk20th-stlouiscemetery-1

gk1-original-chapel gk1-original-cemetary

I played and enjoyed plenty of adventure games in the '90s, but never actually played anything from the Gabriel Knight series. It sounds like it has a pretty dedicated following of fans, though, so I'm stoked that a remade version like this 20th anniversary of Sins of the Fathers can give people like myself a second chance to experience a game that might have slipped past them the first time around. For those original fans who are stoked for this remake, hit up the official site where there is an FAQ which might help answer some of your questions, and keep an eye out for this remade adventure to land in mid-2014.

  • Bool Zero

    These games were considered part of the pinnacle of adventure point and click games of its time, not just for its puzzles but also for its deep and enthralling stories. This is a must buy for this old fan of the series!

  • Metal Jesus Rocks

    The original GK1 was a turning point for mature adult adventure games back when originally released. Nice to see it being updated and exposed to a whole new generation of gamers. After this... bring on GK2, which was probably even better IMHO.

  • Patt

    So looking forward to GK1.

  • joaquin_ondamoon

    This is a total instabuy for me. Not only did these games have beautiful visuals (for their time), but the gameplay was superb. The story was groundbreaking, and set a standard for mature themes in gaming. I found GK2 to be better than it's predecessor, and GK3 to be somewhat lacking in comparison to the first 2 installments, although still way above the bar. Anyone who is a fan of adventure games, or just games with a well told story, should jump all over this.

  • lanedenson

    All dialogue will be rerecorded, without the original voice actors... I'll still buy it, but that's a big disappointment

    • chainsawash

      Well that stinks! This was the first game I got on CD-ROM and remember how exited I was I could hear voices by Tim Curry, Mark Hamill, and Michael Dorn. Ah well.

      • brent.mcclain

        It would be great if they could keep that old dialog intact and build the new visuals around it. Here's hoping!

      • joaquin_ondamoon

        Ah! I had totally forgotten that! I too would like to see them port over the original voice acting. I mean, I'm totally buying this on release day, but that would be a huge bonus.

  • ravippe

    Any news on kings quest? First leisure suit Larry, then Gabriel knight, gimme kings quest already!!! Or space quest at least

  • Mojorising

    Gk1 sooooooooo stoked!!!

  • DranDran

    The GK series was the pinnacle of historical storytelling, the Dan Brownesque DaVinci Code of its time, mingling history and fiction in an enthralling manner. Too bad GK4 never saw the light of day, if Jane Jensen ever kickstarts that shit, Im totally in.