The Simpsons: Tapped Out [Free] is continuing its tradition of nearly monthly updates which began way back in August of last year, and not surprisingly this month's update celebrates the upcoming Halloween holiday as well as the traditional Treehouse of Horror episode of the show which will air this coming Sunday.

This update includes Spooky Specters which can possess the good citizens of Springfield unless you're quick on your feet and tap, vacuum, or blow them up with a ghost bomb in time. They'll leave behind a GOO which you can collect and use to unlock some special rewards. Defeating these ghosts will give you a chance to get some Gremlins which you can unleash into your friends' towns and can score you some bonus GOO. Mmmmmm, bonus GOO. There's also an alien invasion occurring, naturally, which you can help fend off by building a Giant Ray Gun and zapping UFOs out of the sky.

There's plenty more new stuff in this Tapped Out update, including new Halloween characters, new buildings, a new ride to build in Krustyland, new Halloween decorations and of course plenty of new quests. Interestingly, if you do end up watching the Treehouse of Horror XXIV episode of The Simpsons this Sunday, you'll have a chance to unlock a unique outfit for Homer in the game. If you're all geeked out over The Simpsons: Tapped Out like so many folks seem to be, check out this latest update and get into the Halloween spirit.

  • one.sixty.four

    I'm actually really enjoying this. great update, I love the ghosts.

    • Sean

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  • LCRyan

    Another day of trying to get back into it until even the weight of new content ceases to matter? Sign me up!

  • NOEN

    They have really been good with updating this game lately. I've been playing it for over a year and haven't spent a dime on the game and still having fun with it.

  • valkrie114

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    • Panzerbush

      Oh, it's one of these types of games, huh?

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  • ImJPaul

    Just could never get into this. Don't see the point in all these FarmVille/cityville clones.

    • skellingtonjack

      normally i'm not into the farming kind of games either. but TSTO has a lot extra going for it: an established Simpsons fan base, regular content updates and events, and the Simpsons' style of cheeky, "politically incorrect" humor. i don't consider myself a huge Simpsons fan but i've really enjoyed the game.

  • skellingtonjack

    "...if you do end up watching the Treehouse of Horror XXIV episode of The Simpsons this Sunday, you'll have a chance to unlock a unique outfit for Homer in the game."

    actually you'll need to sign in to the game once every day this week to claim a part of the outfit--starting this past Wednesday--and then answer a question after the episode on Sunday. so if you started playing the Halloween update after Wednesday you'll likely miss out on the outfit.

    • DannyTheElite

      Also , if you are outside the US it won't be broadcast in time and you won't know the answer.

      • JPaterson

        How so? Number one, it depends on where you live in the U.S. because, guess what? There's more than one time zone in the country. Shocker, right?

        Number two, time shifting.

        Number three, think before you type next time.

      • Deanio

        No need to be so rude!

      • skellingtonjack

        the answer's already been published online by fans who cracked open the game binary. anyway i would think the developers would adjust the deadline accordingly.

  • Hyo_seth

    I'm still enjoying the game, although the prices for some of the buildings is getting a bit crazy now. I always like these big content updates though. Add me if you like, let's share the goo! Hyo_seth

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