799462_largerWe've been longtime fans of Japanese developer Ponos for their excellent puzzle titles like Puzzle Prism [$2.99] and Puzzle Cosmos [$2.99], but also for their usually absurd "Mr." series of games. Their latest release in the series, Mr.NooO!! [Free], does not disappoint in the absurdity department.

Like most of their previous efforts, Mr.NooO!! is dead simple to play. Your character is constantly running on a treadmill in the floor, and at the front of the treadmill is a shiny red button. You'll have to run against the movement of the treadmill touching the left side of the screen in order to reach the button and hammer away at it to earn points. Touching the right side of the screen causes you to stand still as the treadmill moves you towards a set of spikes which are placed at the back of the treadmill.

This strange exercise routine is made all the more difficult due to the fact that tons of strange flea-like bugs are constantly bounding in your direction. You'll have to play the back-and-forth on the treadmill game in order to avoid them while also making sure you reach the button enough times to score enough points to be able to move onto the next level. Like I said, it's absurd.



It's also pretty darn fun, though. I feel like Ponos decides on the mechanics for their game early on, in this case object avoidance with the added complexity of a treadmill floor, and then just pulls a bunch of random elements out of a hat to theme those mechanics. Which, somehow, totally works. Or I'm wrong and this whole "flea infestation while running on a treadmill of death" thing is precisely planned. Maybe Ponos has a greater social commentary going on here, about how you have to constantly fight to be successful in life and if you stand still for too long you're plunged into a set of deadly spikes. Also, fleas.

Or maybe not. I have no idea, but if you've enjoyed previous "Mr." games then there's really no reason not to check out Mr.NooO!! as it's totally free to download and ad-supported. Unfortunately, there's no way to disable ads at this time, but there's also no other forms of IAP or any of that business, and the ads are largely unobtrusive. Our forum folks seem to be enjoying it so far as well.

  • The Gamer Dude

    Drugs, you gotta love them. 🙂

  • Taclys

    Sometimes the weirdest concepts are the best.

    Hey, did you hear about the plumber who trips balls on shrooms, grows twice his size, and then shoots fireballs at innocent turtles and other mushrooms? Yknow, mushrooms with faces and legs that walk sideways.

  • mclifford82

    Instant download, Ponos is amazing.

  • Zeldaniac

    Maybe this one will have retina support.

  • Derpless

    Bad news for developers: "Ponos" stands for "diarrhea" in Russian. :

    • Anton Veremyanin

      True, but as if the developer cares.

  • ra51

    Hasn't this game been around for a while now?