I think we can all relate to this old tale. You go to your local laundromat looking to wash your favorite pair of tighty whities, and before you know it the stupid washing machine goes berserk and sucks you into an alternate dimension. No? Is that not common? Well that's the premise of Matmi's latest jam called Rollabear. The whacked-out washing machine will transport your bear to various levels filled with golf- and bowling-inspired gameplay. Check out the trailer.

If you've been iOS gaming long enough to remember GameResort's awesome Downhill Bowling [Free], I get a very similar vibe from Rollabear, which is a very good thing. Also maybe a twinge of Giant Boulder of Death [Free] just due to the sheer number of crazy stuff happening in the environments. Either way, I'm always stoked to see what Matmi is up to as their Monster Pinball [Free] has long been a favorite of mine, so keep your peepers peeled for Rollabear which is set to hit the App Store on October 8th.

  • bigrand1

    This looks pretty wild! Cant wait to play it!

  • GamerGuy

    Environment art isn't working for me...it's rough.

  • bhavukjain1

    This game is awesome. I've spent a lot of time playing this game. The concept of bowling is totally changed and is very interesting. I do recommend everyone to play this game after it is released.

    • Pikey Jef

      Thanks for your comment. The game has been a labour of love and tears for three years. We wanted to make it magical and original. Only three days to go now 🙂