If you have found yourself wanting a closer look at the recently announced Pandemic: The Board Game for iPad without having to wait for it's actual release next week, then you're in luck. Z-Man Games has just released a new teaser trailer which gives you an oh so brief glimpse of Pandemic: The Board Game in action, and it looks pretty sweet. Check it out.

In case you were unaware, Pandemic: The Board Game is a digitized version of the hit 2008 physical board game Pandemic which has you taking on the roles of several character types as you work together to thwart various disease outbreaks which threaten to wipe out humanity. Pandemic: The Board Game will be released October 3rd for iPad at an unspecified price.

  • Louis Ace

    Lost interest after it said "FOR iPAD"

  • bwort110

    No online multiplayer, that so hard fail....

  • joaquin_ondamoon

    Couldn't see playing this on phone screen, iPad makes sense. Disappointed in no multiplayer though, since that's such an integral part of the board game. They should at the very least institute a pass-n-play mechanism, or bluetooth.

    • JC

      I read that it does have pass-n-play

      • simmonsj

        Confirmed, from the Z-Man games site:

        - The game can be played solo or as a pass-and-play for 2-4 players.

        Online would be good; though I think you'd lose the tension that's such a part of the game if you weren't all sat round the table chewing your fingernails.

  • Edosh

    Correct me if im wrong but this does look like a Risk clone right?

    • zaphod182

      Your wrong!

      • http://www.iplayplus.com/ J8mesz


    • JC

      Because every board game with a map of the world is Risk...

    • simmonsj

      Did you even watch the video?
      Nothing at all like risk. It's a co-operative game for a start and it's about containing disease outbreaks (hence the name).

  • ez28

    Ive played the board game and its a lot of fun. Its also very tense. However I think it would loose some of this in the transition to an app but perhaps I'm wrong. Theirs something terrifying about flipping over cards that could kill you.

    • almo2001

      It is still pretty tense, I can assure you. 🙂

    • CaptLudd

      Pandemic is a solo play game like forbidden island, which i have read is on the easy side, and ghost stories, which most reviews went out of the way to mention how hard it was. So, is pandemic in the middle of these, or closer to one or the other

      • CaptLudd

        Actually, i posted too quickly and have found the answer to my own query. Forbidden island and pandemic were created by the same person, with the former being considerately easier. In several reviews i have just read expect to win like 15-20%, until you become quite experienced,working through the 3 tiers of difficulty. These reviews were of course about the printed game without any expansions.