Crescent Moon has been cranking out new titles like clockwork for some time now, and they always seem to be able to capture my interest. Their latest upcoming title is called Almightree, a 3D "Zelda-inspired" puzzle game. You can see right away from the look and even the music that the Zelda series was indeed a heavy influencer, and I'm intrigued by the main character's ability to manipulate the plants and trees in order to make his way through the puzzles.

Unfotunately, not much else is known about Almightree other than what you see above and a tentative release window which was revealed in our forums, which is simply "within the next 2 months." But we'll definitely keep Almightree on our radar, and you can to if you add it to your TouchArcade [Free] Watch List which will give you a handy push alert when we post more news about this upcoming puzzler.

  • Brandon Higgins

    Within the next two months I hope to see oceanhorn. I know it'll be a ton better than this.

    • Matt Curtis

      Be wary of hype. I'm hoping so too, but, it's hope.

  • Bloko

    To be honest it looks nothing like Zelda 😛 but looks like a fun game anyway...

    • MidianGTX


      • Bloko

        Saying it's "Zelda-inspired" helps to sell, I guess. 😛

      • MasPollo

        Yeah, but I think that it's smart. I know that I added it to my watch list as soon as I saw that claim!

      • 21tigermike

        To be fair every Adventure game in the last 30 years was 'inspired' by Zelda.

  • Eidaven

    This could be cool. Watch listed.

  • Skylighter1996

    This reminds me of a certain anime .

  • SherlockEB

    It looks like a puzzler platformer mix with good graphics.

  • Graeme

    Ilomilo on XBox Live was the first game that came to my mind. Looks like it could be fun...

  • raulriera

    The character looks like "The Petit Prince"... now that would be a RPG I would buy

  • HalfLife3Confirmed

    This game is more like Catherine inspired than Zelda.

  • Di Hoc Roi

    Really challenge!

  • Taclys

    It has the art style from Zelda, primarily Wind Waker, but... That's about it. Still looks decent

  • zdanee

    Well, this one seems to have many "inspirations". At first it reminded me of the Rayman games I played on my N-Gage - floating 3D blocks with a fall-to-the-nothingness-below map structure. It was acceptable on the N-Gage, it had little processing power so the map was kept simple (even thou you could play Lament Island with the then gorgeous graphics - still the best mobile game IMHO). This can't be the case here, we are talking about mobile devices with equal processing power of a 2008 macbook pro. The setting can be interpreted it's like Bastion with a post-apocalyptic fallen-apart world, that you need to put together. In which case it's heavily inspired by Bastion as well (now only if it had a narrator too). The block placing also reminded me of Minecraft. Yes, every blocky game looks like Minecraft, it's like saying "candy crush" is Tetris. But it's true.
    The main problem thou is this game feels very unoriginal, and doesn't seem to be any interesting, nothing new here, I'v done all these things in the games mentioned before.
    It's my opinion after seeing this 1 minute demo, so I hope I was mistaken, and it turns out a good game, some of my favorite games are from Crescent Moon.

  • 21tigermike

    Go nuts. Nintendo has publicly stated they will never produce games for iOS. Take all their IP and property and give it to hundreds of millions of players who grew up with Nintendo.

    I don't like IP theft, but I like Nintendo's business strategy even less.

  • Lump

    Looks nice but I hop they drop the hideous controls.

    • Lump

      Hop = hope :s