Our readers have been asking for it in comments for ages, and Shadowrun Returns is finally upon us. Much like Fading Fairytales, a video hardly does this game justice. There's tons of dialog to read through, character creation is complex, and the battles are even more so. If you've been excited for this game since the Kickstarter, it seems the iOS port has been in some very capable hands.

Shadowrun Returns should be available tonight at 11:00 PM Eastern, or earlier if you're in a different iTunes region. Take a look at the thread in our forums if you want to see what our community has been saying about the game throughout its international release cycle today.

International App Store Link: Shadowrun Returns, $9.99

  • Crimzzen

    Why is it iPad only?!

    • joaquin_ondamoon

      I've only played the PC version, but I'd say the large amount of type you have to read would be microscopic on your phone.

      • Poop Mango

        The Android version is available on at least a few phones, and playing it on my SGS4 (which has a bigger screen than the iPhone), I have to say, this would be unplayable on the iPhone without some major font work. It's just barely readable on the SGS4. Some of the touches are kind of iffy as well, as the area you're pressing for is smaller than the area your finger hits. Really, you should consider a 7" screen the minimum for this game unless you have good eyesight and small hands.

  • MTX2013

    Aw man, no iPhone versions?!?!

  • Eseres

    Okey, im probably not going to get any sleep tonight while waiting for this to hit the european AppStore 🙁 This game looks so cool. I love these kind of games.

    • http://www.mislaplus.tumblr.com damjancd

      I waited until the last hour, then fell asleep. Sadly I'm moderately disappointed with the game, but not with the background art and text.

  • Fangbone

    I so want this but have spent way too much on games the past week.

    • defmad

      Yeah, I figured with the amount of text involved there wouldn't be an iPhone version. There's likely quite a bit of work required to adjust the game for the iPhone screen. Hopefully it's in the works.

    • defmad

      Sorry mate, accidentally replied to your post when It should've been a regular comment post.

  • Captain Cabnasty

    Is there any background music or ambient noise in this game?

    • Bool Zero

      In the PC version there is... Supposedly it not being on is a bug...

      • winzentween

        without music it is horrible, really disgusting for a £10 game as it ruins the action

  • jForsythe

    Kinda reminds me of Fallout Tactics the combat part anyway.

    • jForsythe

      Now there's a game that should come out on iPad the first 3 games when it was top down turn based.

      • icepulse

        Or "Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate".


      • jabbasoft

        Or Laser Squad 🙂 that would be nice on an iPhone... Simple to see, control and pick up/put down...

  • jForsythe

    Ohhh sorry for so many posts but I'm downloading now in Australia. Just saw the link as I went to change to another article. Looks like the riddick and the arma tactics games will have to wait.

  • Fonzy14

    So anyone know what iPad is the vest to play this game?? Is iPad 2 ok for it but not overheating?

    • jForsythe

      It says on the app page it requires ipad 2 or newer so you should be ok i can't see any reason why it wouldn't run on your ipad 2. So I say buy it I am liking it more than breach and clear and arma attics and there my fav games ATM on iPad

  • philadendron

    Now if only they'd do a Fallout remake. I'd donate a large amount of money to Kickstart it on to my iPad.

    • Onikage725

      I don't know if they are considering an iOS port, but Wasteland 2 might be what you're looking for. its supposedly coming later this year. Maybe they will port if it'd ones well.

      • philadendron

        I have heard Wasteland mentioned in the same breath as Fallout 1 and 2, and I have heard of their Kickstarter for Wasteland 2. I would probably check it out if it came to iOS.

        On another note, doesn't it seem like the old point n click "Full Throttle" would be an excellent candidate for a port?

      • Poop Mango

        Full Throttle works with ScummVM but you have to jailbreak to use it. If only Apple would open up the app store to stuff like that, or at least allow sideloading.

  • http://www.mislaplus.tumblr.com damjancd

    It's very rough around the edges. Too much for the price tag. Audio is barely existent, and when it actually is there, it's barely average. Sounds of steps just vary in volume or not at all, and there is no ambient sound.

    Character models and all 3D models that move, seem non aligned with the scene. They don't take any light from the background art, nothing. As if they've been pinned there from another universe.

    I love the background art and storytelling though, but the rest seems rushed and rather superficially made. It's more of a point and click adventure with some combat elements, than anything else. I am disappointed by the overall quality, but the cyberpunk background art and storytelling does bode well for the game.

    It's really sad that they didn't utilize the background art some more, it rather detached from the rest of the game. You can barely interact with it, and when you do, it's these straightforward bubbles that actually cover the beautiful art beneath them.

    What's even more disappointing is that it barely runs on the iPad mini... I restarted the whole iPad, disabled all other apps, I have 8 gb space free, and it crashes almost on every load, and sometimes while in non combat movement.

    They were on the brink of something great here, but it's so washed and hurried that I feel I've made a mistake buying the game. Although I will play through it since I absolutely adore cyberpunk, and there isn't a lot of games with cyberpunk themes and aesthetics these days... not enough anyway.

    • Marvin

      Are you using ios7? I seem to crash randomly on safari and things since updating.

      • http://www.mislaplus.tumblr.com damjancd

        I hope it is a ios7 incompatibility issue, about the sound, crashes and such, but did play the game a bit on PC too, and many of the previously mentioned aspects still stand unfortunately.

    • Phenomen

      The first campaign (Dead Man Switch) is just "proof of concept". Shadowrun has very powerful editor and more campaigns coming soon (Shadowrun: Berlin in a month). If you played original campaign of Neverwinter Nights, you know what I mean. Expansions (Shadows of Undertide and Hordes of Underdark) were SO MUCH better story- and quality-wise.

      • http://www.mislaplus.tumblr.com damjancd

        Great to hear that, I hope they are not in app purchases.

        I'm glad to hear that, and I would probably enjoy those too, the engine is at flaw too, and the 3D model integration, and the linearity and claustrophobic feeling basically.

        I guess overall it's worth it.

  • Reignmaker

    Two questions. 1 - is there any plans to add music and ambient sound? 2 - does this support retina?

    For an asking price of 10 dollars, the inclusion of these seem pretty basic.

    • flashbackflip

      There IS music

      It DOES support retina

      Seems to me, you guys made a mistake upgrading to OS7 so soon....

      • http://www.mislaplus.tumblr.com damjancd

        ios7 has been out as BETA just for this reason. The game was released when the latest OS version was ios7.

        No mistake on those who bought the game.

  • Zenfar

    It is Shadowrun what is not to like! I suggest hiring a Dwarf Rigger for anything from a Milk Run to a full on Corporate raid! Enjoy Chummer!

  • winzentween

    this game is buggy on ipad = no music or ambient sound = sucks
    needs a major patch asap
    disgraceful porting and shipping with such a huge fault