Cover_ArtGraphics have long been a staple in video games, often being the measure for how far games have evolved over the years as hardware gets better and better. However, in December of 2010, studio Somethin' Else wondered what a video game might be like that didn't have graphics at all. In Papa Sangre [$4.99], you were led on an adventure using nothing but audio cues. It might sound dull, but it totally wasn't. If anything, it made the experience all the more real as you had to really hone in on your sense of hearing to react to what was happening in the game. Using a technique called binaural audio, the sound in Papa Sangre was very convincingly all around you. It's the sort of thing that wasn't for everybody, but it was a great technical achievement and the production values were incredibly high.

We've known for a couple of years now that Papa Sangre 2 was in the works, but today we have learned that famous English actor Sean Bean, most notably from Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones fame, will provide narration for the game. Also we've learned that the story will revolve around your own death. How… lovely. And, according to this description in this teaser, Papa Sangre 2 will be out on Halloween.

If you haven't tried out Papa Sangre before, it really is worth a look just for its uniqueness alone. Be sure to check out our original review of the game, and if you decide it's something that's up your alley, you can check out Somethin' Else's follow-up title The Nightjar [$3.99] which is a similar auditory adventure. At any rate, gear up to get your scare on when Papa Sangre 2 lands this Halloween.

  • Adams Immersive

    Something seems a little off about the new engine (in Nightjar, I swear things get less loud when you face them, which feels weird) but I still really like the feel of these games. Glad they keep iterating!

    I have thoughts of making a game that tries to simulate (on some limited level!) what it's like to go places and do things without sight, with the same kinds of challenges you'd normally play as a graphical adventure. But rather than making you BE blind, making it seem like it's really HARD to get around, it would use limited/minimalist graphics to indicated to sighted people the things a vision-imparied person can tell by sound alone. In other words, it wouldn't be extra hard, just different--and it wouldn't be audio-centric (although good audio would add a lot). Ideally I'll have to work this approach through with vision-impaired consultants! Preferably those who have also had sight at some point, so they can more easily put themselves in both positions.

    For instance, in Papa Sangre, you use sound to zero in on where something is. But an actual vision-impaired person probably knows instantly where that thing is--it's not really a challenge. So my graphics might show that thing, as a soft blur or something, pulsing in time with its own sounds. Because you're supposed to know easily WHERE it is, but not WHAT it is. Similarly, graphics might indicate that you've just passed from a narrow passage into a big chamber--something a vision-impaired person can tell easily, I'm sure. But the exact outlines would be soft and vague, and obstacles wouldn't be shown. Until you touch the walls/obstacles, and then those details fill in sharply as you build your "map" of the space. Eventually you might have a complete understanding of the room and everything in it, and it would all be shown--but you'd have to explore first (a bit Rogue-like in a way).

    Combat could be interesting: you'd see vague blobs for your enemies, darting around you, and would use broad-angle attacks to try to hit them. But they'd attack you with precision... until you knock out the lights or do something to blind them. Then they'd start to act blind, running into things and aiming randomly, while you could still "see." (I know that gimmick has been done in movies, although I can't name any.)

    Anyway... just an idea I'm tossing around.

    • mako9227

      Yes! This would be so cool!!!

  • Pray For Death

    This is great news! I loved Papa Sangre!

  • dariusjr98

    The story will revolve around our death? No, I'm sure Sean Bean will die and the story will be about his many, MANY deaths.