As if our eyebrows could be raised any higher after Walking Dead and Bastion got controller support, Limbo [$3.99] is the latest "big name" title to gain iOS 7 controller support this week. Even more curious is that AVP Evolution, the first game to publicly state iOS 7 controller support has since had that line removed from its "What's New" listing on the App Store.


What this actually all means is still debatable, it just seems oddly curious that AAA games are gaining iOS 7 controller support left and right while the "little guys" are mysteriously removing mention. Either way, I'm looking up new divination techniques, as my tea leaves are coming up with nothing.


    Nothing AAA about this piece of garbage

    • WarMachine

      Garbage? Compared to what? The rest of the AppStore...

    • heresandypandy

      3/5 on Toucharcade review, would not bang

  • Ph0lly

    This is not a AAA title, it's an indie game just like most of the other stuff on iOS. And it's not THAT great.

  • one.sixty.four

    nice the touch controls on this one. are awesome, but I can't image what it will be like with these controllers!

    • one.sixty.four


    • Banzboy

      Like playing with a cheap 360 controller?

    • Ph0lly

      Just play it on a real gaming device and you'll see.

  • PresidentZer0

    So Mfi is removed from avp?

  • dancj

    I came into this comment section expecting to see people complaining about the mediocre review the game got on this site - only to find people complaining that this article is rating the game too highly.

    It just goes to show you can't win.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Don't worry, we've come to grips with that fact long ago.

      • nini

        Lucky, I've yet to get over it.

    • Chester_Copperpot

      Same here. Guess our dowsing devices need recalibrating.

    • mako9227

      It's not that they're rating the game too highly now, they're just calling it a AAA game when in reality it's an indie game. This, however, does not necessarily determine the quality of the game which IMHO deserves AT LEAST 4.5/5. It is kind if ironic though that they would mistakenly call it a AAA game after giving it such a low rating.

  • Rejera

    I'm going to make a wild prediction that when the controllers do start to ship, there's going to be a big App Store sale on a handful of big name games ( like bastion) that have controller support.


    Limbo is hardly AAA, except perhaps by AppStore standards.

  • MicroByte

    This is great to hear. Walking Dead and Limbo seemed to work fine with touch, but I'll take a real controller any day... Hopefully "any day" comes really soon!

  • lux fox

    This i one of the best games of the generation FYI

  • ksuther

    Limbo is a great game!

  • tinkie277

    I cant understand how anybody can say this is not a very good game. To make a game that is only black and white keep your attention to the degree it does certainly deserves triple a status.

    The fact it is an indie title gives even more credit would you prefer more call of duty games.....

    This is originality at its best and works well on a touch screen given the fact that it is now received control the support could and should make this game even better.

    Hopefully they add a few more levels.

  • PresidentZer0

    The touch controls were awful IMHO. The game was good but the story pay off was not so good... Little inferno surprised me way more at the end.

    • PresidentZer0

      I am sorry that I got an opinion....

    • Jake7905

      Actually, I liked Little Inferno better overall.

  • Rustrobot

    Regardless of what you think of Limbo, (I adored it. However I played it on 360) it's high profile. While its AAA status is debatable its visibility in the gaming community is not. It's still an excellent choice for the big push that Apple seems to be planning to have on gaming which we'll most likely see at the alleged October iPad event.

  • derkoi

    It's one thing adding support for the controllers. I can do it with my games and plan to. But since no controllers are available, how can they be tested?

  • tubers

    "AAA" Limbo?