We've been really into everything to do with iOS 7 game controllers, as the idea is really exciting to us- Especially now that we're seeing big name games getting controller support. It seems really odd to me that both Telltale and Warner Bros. just said to their respective dev teams, "Hey guys, what are you doing today? Nothing? Let's add controller support." Instead, this smells of what might be the start of a much bigger push from Apple to get the "AAA" of the App Store ready for controllers... Whenever it is that they launch.


Bastion [$4.99] and Walking Dead [Free] are both fantastic games which you probably already own, if not, you should get on that- Especially if you plan on picking up an iOS 7 game controller, whenever it is that they actually launch.

  • defunct32

    Exciting! Secret of Mana with a controller? Fascinating!

  • TJ

    I wonder why controllers aren't our yet... or at the very least provide us with a release date.

    • Alexis Ayala

      I'm betting we'll see a whole bunch about this at the October iPad event that's rumoured to be happening.

  • LCRyan

    Support from titles I actually care about kind of makes me excited for the controls, when they actually drop. Though I do worry for the case/controls for the ipad with so many 3s and 4s in the wild.

  • Mekklesack

    I loath controllers for FPSes and driving games on touch devices (full 3D games), but for fighting games (mainly) I wouldn't mind whipping out a pad to play MvC2, and Injustice (especially)... and Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter X Tekken.

  • iammane

    But... TWD touchscreen controls are really good... I... I don't understand 🙁

    Looking forward to more info about these though! Bastion is a great fit for controller support

  • theundertow

    I've been wanting to buy one, whenever the pocket sized unicorns are available.

  • shaver

    Bastion at least already has controller support for XBox and Windows, so more likely they finally got a unit and an hour to port the event names over.

  • Shadowking2214

    These controllers are getting me excited,can't wait for them-TWD will be much more fun to play since now I assume with the controller it won't be performing some actions for us and that'll add an extra challenge to some of the events

  • PresidentZer0

    If we only hat hardware.... And I hope they don't dare to release these only in us.

  • renatpl

    I can't to play on my ipad with a physical controller!

    • renatpl


  • Naraka

    They kept the sept event strictly iphone focused. The controllers and new ipad will most likely be introduced at an apple event in early October. But just speculating based on how apple usually behaves.

  • PresidentZer0

    Now I just hope for modern combat, nova and the gta games. Oh and dead zone of course.

  • http://blog.ademagnaye.com Ade

    It's weird though, because The Walking Dead feels perfect with a touchscreen while Bastion's touchscreen support is pretty novel.

  • Kyle

    Was it me, or was Bastion on iOS much easier than 360/PC? It seemed much more difficult to accidentally roll off (which also meant you could be super spammy with dodges), the proving grounds generally only took 1-3 attempts, and the dream segments even seemed easier. I wasn't sure if the iOS version just has much more aggressive autoaim or if they made the game easier to appeal to a wider audience. I wonder how it would play with a controller; super easy or just like 360/PC?

    I'd like to see controller support added to Dead Space as that game really made my arms ache.

    I hope Real Racing and Asphalt add support with proper analogue acceleration and breaking, but that might change their games so much that we'll have to wait for the next sequels. Asphalt in particular seems designed to just go full throttle all the time and never brake.

    • Bethany

      Nope. I've started playing Bastion on Steam because I want to play with Steam's New Game + Easter Egg and I'm finding it noticeably harder than it was on iOS (though not as hard as before I figured out how to switch from the default control scheme to one that used the mouse to walk).