We were excited to see a new mobile Final Fantasy game was in the works when Square Enix announced Final Fantasy Agito earlier this month, but were saddened to learn that it was exclusive to Japan and there were no confirmed plans to release the game in other territories. However, the game's director Hajime Tabata revealed in an interview that Final Fantasy Agito would definitely be localized for other languages, though that didn't necessarily mean it would release outside of Japan. My gut tells me that it will be, though, and with that here's a lengthy demonstration of Agito from this year's Tokyo Game Show first spotted by VG 24/7 if you want a deeper look at the game.

As has been stated already, Final Fantasy Agito isn't confirmed for release outside of Japan just yet, but I have a strong feeling that Square Enix recognizes the worldwide buzz for Agito and will eventually release it to everyone. We'll just have to wait and see, and if anything is confirmed we'll be sure to give you a head's up.

[VG 24/7]

  • PresidentZer0

    That music is kinda annoying

  • PresidentZer0

    Is mmorpg or offline?

  • https://www.facebook.com/DigitalDistillery Scot Damn

    Good bye turn based combat... The music sounds like it belongs in elementary school.

    • rurmel

      We need more turn-based RPGs!

  • Morgan01

    How bad is the Feemium IAP?

  • newjorg

    This looks and sounds bloody awful. What's with the pervy high school upskirt theme?

    • DCver3

      It's Japan? My guess at least.

    • Earth Vs. Me

      It's a JRPG. Sexualizing teen girls is practically a genre trope.

      I'm just glad iOS is finally getting an FF game where the characters don't look like toddlers.

  • Mark DeNardo

    If they can port Agito, why don't they port FF:Core Crisis? That had a US Release.

    • Peter

      *Crisis Core

    • xzeldax3

      Ever heard of console exclusives? PSPs are pretty cheap and there is a fair amount of awesome games.

  • anabolicMike

    Yeah um. No. Absolutely not

  • Lomyr

    Hm... Japan can keep this one.

  • chinito77

    What's with the AKB48 music all over this video? I hope that is not the games' BGM!! The game itself looks interesting but not to sure about the cast of high school girls.