IB3Chicklet_FThis might go down in history as the least surprising Game of the Week choice ever, but c'mon, how could it not be Infinity Blade III [$6.99]? Not only has the Infinity Blade series been graphical benchmarks for what's possible on the latest iOS devices, but it's particular brand of on-rails adventuring and one-on-one sword fighting ushered in a whole new era of "hardcore" gaming built from the ground up with mobile in mind. I've heard many people over the years question what the iOS platform's "Mario" would be, meaning what's the game that's synonymous with this platform, and its killer app. I don't know if I'd quite say that Infinity Blade is as massive as Mario is to Nintendo, but I'd definitely argue that the series is to iOS what Halo is to the Xbox. You practically can't think of one without thinking of the other.

The latest Infinity Blade game doesn't stray too far from the formula that made it such a hit, and why the heck should it? If it ain't broke, you're not supposed to fix it. What it did offer is a refinement on that formula, while at the same time adding in even more impressive visuals, an additional playable character, more upgradeable systems for your items and characters, and plenty more environments to traverse and battle in. Come to think of it, they actually did add quite a bit of new stuff into Infinity Blade III, it really is the epitome of a great sequel.

If you're somehow not yet sick of hearing so much about Infinity Blade III, or you just plain crave more information about the title, we've got you covered. We summarized the plot events that took place in the first two Infinity Blade games, as well as some of the more fleshed-out stuff that came from the two Infinity Blade novels. We stopped short of talking about anything that might spoil Infinity Blade III for you though, but it's a great way to catch up on what happens leading into the latest game. Of course we also reviewed Infinity Blade III, and took it for a lengthy spin in our TA Plays video, explaining a lot about how the various systems work while somehow not spoiling any juicy story details. Finally, just today we compared how Infinity Blade III performed on the iPhone 5 compared to the brand new iPhone 5s in terms of visuals.

  • hourglass

    Predicted it.

    • lepke

      Hey could you help me with my lottery ticket? 😀

    • Jake7905

      Hey, you're the same guy who guessed the combination to the lock on my luggage. You know: 1,2,3,4,5. Nothing obvious.

  • rewyan

    Too many good games this week.... we had Disney Infinty: Toy Box, which TA completely ignored, and then Angry Birds Star Wars 2. But of course, Infinty Blade wins.

    I also heard that this was the last Infinity Blade game?

    • Jake7905

      It's the conclusion to the trilogy. That doesn't mean it's the last though, there's way too much money to be made with the Infinity Blade brand.

      • http://ask.fm/MidianGTX MidianGTX

        Same goes for Gears, but new IPs are more exciting.

      • dariusjr98

        And Halo.

    • nini

      This week had GTA V, iOS 7 and IB3, everything got shifted to Wednesday and even usually big deals got blown out of the water so that things got skipped over isn't surprising.

    • Taclys

      Angry Birds shouldn't deserve game of the week, even if it was the only game this week.

      • TheGrimCreeper

        Angry Birds is boring and repetitive.

      • darkcheetah

        Don't forget uninspired.

    • Morgan01

      The Disney Games are all IAP heavy. Shame, they are targeting kids for these games and throwing heavy IAP at them. Break them while they're young!

      • rewyan

        And IAP makes a game bad? At least you can initially play it for free, unlike Minecraft, which I spent $27 on and played it for about a week.

        I get your point though about children and IAP. Hopefully, everyone can be responsible for their children.

  • C. Stubb


  • kaibosh

    You "can't think of one without the other"? Seriously? I certainly muster the strength to do so, the Infinity Blade games are tech demo rail crap and the constant fawning over them is nauseating. Whoopee, Fruit Ninja on the Unreal engine.

    • l3aper

      "Fruit Ninja on the Unreal Engine"? The only things they have in common are the swipe mechanics, I have yet to see a pomegranate in IB3. If we're going to make comparisons solely based on control schemes, we've been pushing buttons on console controllers for a decade doing anything from making Mario jump on a Goomba to touching a stripper in GTA.

      • Himanshu Modi

        Hey, maybe there's not been a pomegranate but there WAS a pumpkin helm. :p

      • rewyan

        I'm quite sure there aren't even pomegranates in Fruit Ninja.

      • l3aper

        Sorry. I was in a pomegranate mood

      • darkcheetah

        Fruit Ninja is more challenging than the IB series...don't forget that part.

      • http://ask.fm/MidianGTX MidianGTX

        On the same token, the games aren't automatically different to each other just because one features a pomegranate.

      • l3aper

        Meant to be a joke- but thanks for the comment. I was really trying to express the total difference between the games even though they use a same basic control, pomegranate or no pomegranate

    • lepke

      I love this game, GOTY candidate for me on iOS, seriously... It made me make less comment on TA

  • Himanshu Modi

    Infinity blade is a lesson in game marketing and new ip creation for games. Let's face it, it's not easy with every game looking great and every mechanic and gimmick already explored. IB series has grown tremendously from its conception. And I have to hand it to the dude or dudette who had the brilliant idea of having books for the series. I just loved the story of this game. Now on to ib3...

  • curtisrshideler

    Probably would have been a good idea to write an article about how IB3's latest update makes it ios 7 only and that anyone not yet on 7 should wait to update both because there seems to be a game stopping problem. I caught it as an alert to all gamers on Infinity Blade's own website. I'd be happy they were so upfront if I wasn't still so upset that there are chips and huge timers in the game. And no money cheat.

  • Wave_Rider99

    My GOTY so far