With iOS 7 officially out in the wild complete with support for MFi game controllers, it's not surprising that accessory companies are gearing up to unveil their own controller solutions for our mobile devices. Earlier today ClamCase unveiled their GameCase controller, which looks sort of like someone snapped an Xbox 360 controller in half over their knee and wedged an iPad mini in-between the two halves. Now Logitech is starting to hint over on Facebook that they're iOS controller is on the horizon, releasing this cheeky teaser image.


Now, you might remember back at WWDC and E3 this past June when official MFi Controller support was originally announced that Kotaku snapped a covert shot of what was apparently a prototype controller from none other than... yep, Logitech. Could that blurry image of the prototype be basically what we'll be looking at when Logitech does officially pull the curtain back on their iOS controller? We'll just have to wait and see, but if you want you can sign up with your email through this Facebook link to be "among the first to know" when they do unveil their controller at some point in the future.

  • Xissoric

    Well, the Logitech would probably be the controller I'd go for, Logitech stuff is usually affordable and quality.

  • lordyokomoto

    Yep used Logitech for everything and they never let down so far :)))))) cool news

  • iammane

    Yes, Terraria will be much better with a controller...

    • Chris Chaffin

      It is! Ps3 controller with blutrol

      • B3nlok

        And the last piece of the puzzle: Gameklip

      • Chris Chaffin

        I don't see an iPhone 5 version of the gameklip. It would be nice though. I mainly play on my ipad

  • Earth Vs. Me

    Awesome. Logitech makes the best third party controllers, consumers deserve an affordable alternative, and Apple deserves the competetion.

  • Karzay

    Looks like the fingers in are in the right place...

    • Troutmagnet

      That's what she said?

  • Rejera

    Does this mean terraria is getting controller support?!

    • Atomos

      I'd imagine you can't just a terraria for a promo for your controller if the dev won't support it. That, and since the guys who ported Terraria to the iPhone (505 Games), also made the console port and is porting it to the Vita, it's not a far stretch to think that controller support for Terraria is imminent.

  • Goggles789

    How do these things work? Will it just work with every game, or do we only get the likes of the iCade's paltry list of offerings? Will developers have to create support for the controller? I don't want to invest in something like the iCade again...that was a huge disappointment.

    • iammane

      The API is baked into iOS 7 so presumably all devs have to do is set up a control scheme to support the controllers that follow the standard. Ie, all of these controllers have to conform to Apples standards and devs only need to choose to support it.

      Unity for example is going to have this available for devs without even needing to access the programming instructions I'd bet..

      • Karzay

        In addition to what you have said, these iOS7 standardize controllers will also work on OS X Maverick. So the same controllers for all Apple products.

    • Karzay

      It's not like iCade. Support is already built into iOS7. All these new iOS7 controllers will work the same.

    • http://buzzabit.com/aaron/ Aaron Sullivan

      This is not going to be like iCade at all. This is the real deal and it's going to happen pretty fast. As a player and a developer I'm pretty stoked. I wonder if a new iCade is secretly on the way. Hmm...

      • Goggles789

        Thanks for the replies and clarification! Super excited, now!

  • ios7prouser

    That's horrible

  • ios7prouser

    The picture doesn't have ios 7

  • PresidentZer0

    I want I lightweight , sexy wraparound gamepad for my iPad 3/4/5

  • Wizard_Mike

    I'm hoping for a controller that is a stand alone piece of hardware, not something that snaps onto my device. Hopefully logitech will be the ones to deliver.

    • metalmandave83

      Yeah, I'd hate to see the controller that my iPad 3 snaps into lol

    • oddyoh

      Yeah I don't think I want to snap my phone into a controller either...stand alone is preferred.
      I'm sure the market will be littered with all kinda of controllers soon enough. Can't wait!

  • WarMachine

    Good. A hardware company who knows what the hell they're doing and will charge appropriately. Unlike those other idiot companies . . .

  • Benjamin Rodriguez

    Agreed, logitech gear isn't the cheapest generally, around 2nd to 3rd cheapest, but durable and reliable quality. Gets the job done, and does it for longer than the warranty 20x over.


    Please make an IPAD 4 one Logitech! 🙂

  • izhan97

    There's an awesome iphone game controller called iFrogz Caliber,you guyz should check it out